Will Afflictions Move Over To GMCP?

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With the announcement that the Overhaul is going to be considered done, I'm left curious on if the other remaining afflictions will be moved over to GMCP and/or the new affliction system? I assume not in both cases, but the GMCP one is at least hopeful.

Also defenses maybe? I know we have the few, buuuut. :D

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  • SsalissSsaliss Member Posts: 3,575 Transcendent
    From what I gathered in that thread, all afflictions will be moved over to the new system when the overhaul is done. I believe @Ieptix stated that monks will make use of the new afflictions, anyway.

    I also asked about moving the rest of the defenses over to the new system, and I got the impression that it was likely to happen.
  • ZacZac Member Posts: 32 Apprentice
    I've been trying to find where it's been mentioned, but it's been hard to find, unfortunately. I'll take another stab at it later to see if I'm just searching wrong.
  • TylwythTylwyth Member Posts: 1,689 Mythical
    um, does restorative ice do anything, yet?
    FOR pposters who aren't steingrim:

  • MalariousMalarious Member Posts: 631 Gifted
    Only in overhaul arena, the changes will be out soon enough to the live server.
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