A way to make trading curios easier...

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Trading curios is frustrating. Dealing with numbers and lists and sorting is a lot of effort. People who have a lot of curios often cannot be bothered to search for the things other people need, and they just sit. A lot of people rub them away rather than deal with the hassle, which certainly sucks for those of us who are collecting.

While the third-party site has helped, the problem with it is that it requires a lot of maintenance on the users' part to keep lists up to date, and still requires that you catch the person who has your bits online, where you have to go through the manual trading and exchanging numbers, sorting, etc., not to mention basically bringing ooc information to an ic transaction.


Make a curio market. Allow people to publish their whole lists of curios, or manually enter those curios available for trade (or enter their whole lists, then manually delete those they don't want to trade).

Allow people to enter a list of curios they will accept for their pieces, as well as default options to accept "any," "any same curio", "any same collection," or "any same type." (Type being broad things like hair, cooking, bows, etc.) Allow these requirements to be set individually (per curio), or on their whole published list.

Build the trading hub at the Peak, and allow trades to take place there. Possibly also allow orgs to buy a trading hub for an exorbitant amount of gold.

Once a trade is made, the pieces are removed from the respective have-lists or need-lists. If the "accept any" option was set, the exchanged piece will go back on the appropriate "have" list.

The party who did not initiate the trade at the hub will receive a message (both a live message and an rmsg message if they are online, or just the rmsg message if they are offline, like the stockings.)

You will pay a 10000 gold transaction fee for every trade you initiate. This is a gold sink that curio traders will happily pay for pieces they need.

For every 10 trades that you make to satisfy another persons "want" list, you will receive 1 free random curio. This is to encourage use and the helping of others.

Trading with people who accept "any" does not count toward this total.

Curios can still be traded manually, but will need to be manually removed from the market first.


I'm sure others may have ideas for this, and a lot of this is very like @Rialorm's site (it's been a big help) - the main different being that it will be handled in-game to auto-update lists, and allow exchanges when one person is offline.

Adding some additional trading functionality in game is really needed given the volume of curio pieces and curios that exist. There's something like 50k pieces in the game at this point. This will also cut down on the number of reptitive market requests and ads devoted solely to curios. Please thanks.

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  • RiviusRivius Your resident wolf puppy Member Posts: 1,681 Transcendent
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    Yeah, I'd love this. Rialorm's site is amazing, but I'd like a way ingame to have the same functionality, especially with the ability to trade with people who aren't able to be online at the same time. So tired of spamming market for curio requests.
  • YarithYarith Member Posts: 997 Mythical
    So much yes! I imagine this would be prickly to code but it would be amazing. Also yes to the bonus gold sink. 
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    I completely agree to everything on the list, aside from the free curio from 10 completed trades. It seems to gameable to make good sense (find someone, have them put up a curio you have as wanted, and then trade it to them. Have them trade the curio back. Repeat ten times, and you both get a random curio). If the requirement is narrowed to 10 individuals, it'll just be the same, only slower. Same for limiting it to once per day. I completely understand the desire to reward people who trade curios to others, but I'm honestly not sure it's possible to design a system that does that and that isn't gameable.
  • ShaddusShaddus , the Leper Messiah Outside your window.Member Posts: 8,210 Transcendent
    Maybe there needs to be bound and unbound curio pieces.

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    People will be shelling out a minimum of 100k gold to get those "free" curios. I just thought it would be a nice perk. There are quests you can do in 5 minutes that generate a curio which can be rubbed into anything. It was just intended to be a nice little bonus.

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  • MarcellaMarcella Member Posts: 1,231 Transcendent
    Actually, 100k is exactly the price of 1 travel curio in the store on Mt. Avechna so...
  • LorinaLorina Member Posts: 157 Gifted
    Honestly, if more curios are going to be added into the game, I will cry. The current system is painful, and totally agree with @Talan!
    An official market system is needed, painfully. Pleeeeease with a cherry on top!? <3

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