Sorry in advance - what have I missed?

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Looking for maybe a cliff's notes - I haven't played since shortly after Glom came to be, when Gaudi and Hallifax were just one broken janky quest.

I'm coming back to Lusty. It's been 5 or 6 years, maybe? I don't know anybody anymore. I'm probably staying in Celest, but I may not stay in the Paladins.

I'm looking for what is in essence, a returning player overview - What the Orgs are about nowadays, what the classes are about nowadays, what stuff I should focus my lessons on - I left the game at an ASTOUNDING level 35, and would likely just be RPing and bashing until I hit a high enough level to do some PvP.

Sorry for the short post - girlfriend is dragging me away to look at light fixtures, but I will respond to any probing questions post-haste!


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    I can't really answer your question, since I've only been a regular of Lusty for .. what, two months now? But I'm sure someone else will! :) Welcome back to Lusternia! I look forward to seeing you in-game.

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    First, welcome back! :)

    Second, there's obviously been quite a few events that have occurred in the time since you last were active. I'll try to highlight the big ones:

    1) New Orgs: Obviously both Hallifax and Gaudiguch are back and active as ever. Celest currently has good relations with Hallifax, not so much with Gaudiguch.

    2) New Guilds: Along with the three that you know, there are now Bards and Monks (except for Hallifax and Gaudiguch, they currently don't have monks).

    3) New Continents: There's now the Undervault, which is a higher-level bashing area, along with Icewynd and a few others. I'm more familiar with UV than the others, so I'll let others answer this one.

    4) New Races: There are now Kephera, Illithoid, Gnome, and Fink races (though the last two require artifacts to unlock)

    5) Aetherspace! I don't know if aetherspace was a thing back then, but now you're able to train up your aethercraft skill and go flying through space, shooting beasts. Pew pew!

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    The orgs feel much the same as they did--Serenwilde has gotten a little harsher, but is still advocating for pure nature. Glomdoring wants to spread the Wyrd everywhere, and Nothing Matters But Glomdoring. Celest and Magnagora are having their usual fights between religious zealotry and whatever it is Mag stands for. Hallifax has a wonderfully efficient inefficient bureaucracy, and Gaudiguch is always that crazy party place that is actually freakishly scary under the surface.

    Guilds have probably evolved a lot since you last played, but I can't tell you about that :( .

    And you'll find quality RP anywhere, if you look!
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    Mounts were retired, and you now have beasts, who are mounts++;

    We just finished baking a large batch of overhaul, and robes and armor no longer work like they did once upon a time. Your robes can now also be a suit, ask your local tailor how!

    We now have extra villages, Ptoma, Ixthiaxa, Rikenfriez, and Talthos. Two of these are in the undervault, previously mentioned, one is in the mountains by the Tosha monastery, and one is in Snow Valley.

    We now have the Collegium system, and Achievements, as well as Ikons, Curios, Dingbats, and Wonder Items. Ikons are used in a minigame, or can be consumed for bonuses or set up for different bonuses.

    Buffs and debuffs are now on their own system.

    There is now a rift for your liquids that works like the herb rift did, only better, and a built in curing system that works best when you are in the arena, and really only maintains vitals outside of it. Also Teleport got split in half.

    Alchemy and Enchantment both got split in half and given bard-only specializations.

    You can now be in one guild and have skills from a different one through class/skillflexing.

    As far as where to focus, review your armor/weapons, complete the collegium, and peek through the Achievements. Aethercraft is a solid choice for lesson investment, as is Influence/Dramatics and your guild skills, as always.

    At your level, I wouldn't dismiss the idea of quietly retiring the character and rolling a new one if for no other reason than avoiding having someone HONOURS you and look at you funny for being 350 years old. On the other hand, that's a pretty exclusive club these days.

    (Also, holy crap, Richter/Gwynevere have been engaged for longer than a large chunk of the playerbase has been around.)
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