Liquidating large, artefact filled manse. Discount price!

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Hello all.

I am packing up and selling my manse Stradivarius, and asking 600 credits for it. For this price you will get:

5 copse gems (Two field, 1 barn, 1 precious metal, 1 jewel).

Two outside rooms (Miniature of Billowing Winds)

A 16 room manse.

Furniture thrown in free, including doors, and some lovely paintings along with described rooms.

I've been generous on the valuing of the stuff inside, it is worth a lot more than what I am asking for.

An additional 50 thousand gold will be given as well to cover any room changing costs you may come across in redecorating the manse.

If interested, will also throw in two more copse gem worth 50 dingbats each for just 100 credits.

Please help! I need credits more than a manse, and I don't have enough to retire.

Thank you.

P.S: Depending, price is negotiable. Message me here or ingame to discuss details.

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