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first I was going to post that below 'simple questions' and then I realized it may be better to make a combat specific questions thread (maybe) and have them in there, especially as there may be more input generally?

my question: During the knowledge Domoth fight thing in the domoth realm, I was rather quickly out of any mood to continue, for a simple fact. There is some kind of ability ( I guess it's just a summon / beckon ) that manages to consistently pull me into large enemy groups. Had it happen at least 3 times in different combat situations and I'm not really sure what to do about it. Being pulled into a group of 8 people is not something am going to survive ( I tried, didn't ) and it working without giving me any counter / warning doesn't make it any better. I guess it has something to do with summoning resistance? I am at 'intermediate' currently and I feel like I've done everything I can to increase it. Does anyone have an idea / can give me some hints as to how to improve such situations?
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    If you can provide the line that you see when you get pulled, that'll help.

    Generally speaking, all forced movement skills have a form of counter and/or limits to their usage that can help you prevent it from being a problem.

    Just a few basic ones off the top of my head- there are a number of additional ones:

    -Lust/Empress. Pulls anyone across area. Requires lust, which can be rejected. No way to give ranged lust, so target needs to have been lusted in a previous fight.
    -Beckon. Pulls a target from one room away in, or pulls enemies from surrounding rooms in, depending on the syntax used. Countered by anything that prevents movement (icewalls, blocking, sitting down etc)
    -Rad. Magically moves a target into any random adjacent room. Can be thrown one room away, and thus can be used to pull someone to you, if you're lucky with the randomness. Stopped by monolith/magical movement blocking/shield.

    etc etc

    Edit: Summon resistance gives a minor chance to resist such forced movement skills. It's still a small chance, though, and more often than not, it won't proc. It's useful to foil enemies once in a while, give you the breather to know you're being targeted, and shield/move away if needed.

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    Monolith doesn't stop rad.
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    Yeah, it doesn't. I was mistaken about that.

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    TIL always sit. Or be paralyzed.
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    I have a kind of similar question... it seems like I just get separated from my group and get stomped but... sometimes I feel like maybe that wouldn't have happened if I got back in time..

    I have farscout but... well, is there maybe some way to get a direction instead? And... is there any way to get around walls..?
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    Buy a pig nose for 100 db and get a autowalker that works off the SCENT ability that it provides.

    Or learn to squint/glance/observe and move back manually.

    Leaping/tumbling/etc go through walls. You can also take them down via ignite and other means.
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    I've found abjure window has a fairly fast balance. Set a person to rally to whether your group gets separated, window him if you do and get back.
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    What are all the things I should highlight as a warrior and should I envenom. My hammers before all my attacks?
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    Hehe my question is quite off the topic
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    It's fairly on topic, since it is fairly combat related.

    As a warrior, you'll want to highlight lines that give you feedback about your attacks. Specifically, whether they hit or missed, and what the impact was.

    Whether your poisons were rubbed off or not.

    Did you hit rebounding.

    Did they parry.

    Which body part was it.

    What afflictions they got, or if it was a wounds attack.

    Highlight these, colourcode them based on a scheme you understand. Red = head, yellow = left arm etc. Or red = big afflictions, yellow = wounds etc. Up to you. Use patterns, shapes, even ascii art if you know how, make it so you can glance at it and understand what it means. Once you know what's happening when you hit your macros, you get a better idea of what to hit next.

    You definitely should give a poison every hit - if you have a strategy, good, if not, better something than nothing.

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    Yes, envenom before every attack. To ensure you have total control of the venoms you are using, you should wipe your weapon and then envenom before each attack. 
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    I never got this wipe before envenom thing. Last poison applied is the first poison off!

    Wiping is an unnecessary command and only needed if you spam your attacks so much that you hit the 50 poison limit or whatever..
  • CyndarinCyndarin used Flamethrower! It was super effective. Member Posts: 4,508 Transcendent
    You should probably spam a little, you are chasing balances. I spam like crazy, every fraction of a second counts!
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    So I have no idea how to kill people 1v1 as a TK aerochem. I have no instakill to work towards in my primary and secondary skills and there is no way I'll be able damage kill anyone so my only kill condition seems to be heartburst. My question is how do I work towards that?
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    Am I crazy?  I just coded something that counted poisons on / off using Keeneye, so it just reapplies when the poison comes off.  No need for wiping whatsoever.  Less spam, too.
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    I wouldn't know how to code that :(
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    dsdasdsd wrong place.
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