Kaalak's Scifi Short Story Symposium

This is a general interest check. Who is interested in reading a short story a week or every two weeks.  My primary goal is to fill out my own knowledge of truly classic scifi and speculative/weird fiction, and bring truly kick-ass stories to other's attention.  

Some of these stories will tend towards the harder side of the scifi spectrum or ones with historical significance. 

Dreamsnake (McIntyre)
Something by Stanislaw Lem
Breeds there a Man...? (Asimov)
Whimper of Whipped Dogs (Ellison)
Repent Harlequin said the Ticktock Man (Ellison)
Roadside Picnic (Strugatsky brothers)
Stars My Destination
Something by Gregory Benford
The Girl with the Hungry Eyes (Leiber)

I will also be looking/choosing stories primarily in the public domain.  Some may even be narrated on Libravox, which is again, free. 

This is not to compete with Ilian's thread. 

Stuff like that. Post if interested. 
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