Lady Miella and the Dreamcatcher

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Context: I noticed a dreamcatcher in Lady Miella's studio in the Windwhisper Gallery, didn't know why it was there, talked at Miella, and this delightfully unexpected bout of RP happened. Enjoy!


A cerulean parlour.
Banks of clouds roil about here. Miella Windwhisper stands proudly here, gracefully fluttering a 
cerulean silk fan. A delicate dreamcatcher has been hung from the canopy of the bed here.

p dreamcatcher
The dreamcatcher is in a circular shape, held together by a delicate silver frame. Fine strands of 
thread have been separated from a sturdy rope and wrapped tightly around the frame, forming an 
intricate pattern that spirals towards the centre. The pattern does not quite close, leaving a hole 
within the centre. Upon each strand are very tiny drops of a sparkling matter that climb up and down 
its length, occasionally beading together in clusters.
It has 13 months of usefulness left.
It weighs 10 ounce(s).
A delicate dreamcatcher is holding:
It has the following aliases: dreamcatcher.

Sylandra says to Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird, "An intriguing dreamcatcher you have here, Lady 

Looking up from her work, Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird beams broadly and dips into a 
curtsey. "Isn't it lovely?" she gushes enthusiastically, clasping her hands together around her fan. 
"I almost feel as if I don't need it any longer, but I've grown rather fond of it."

Nodding in agreement, Sylandra says, "Very lovely indeed. I must have been remiss in visiting the family's 
Gallery, for I confess this is the first time I've seen it. Is it your artistry?"

Sylandra tilts her head curiously.

Shaking her head, Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird says, "Nay, it was a gift.
Given to me to help protect me after - well, everything that happened with the sculpture."

Comprehension flashes across Sylandra's face.

Sylandra says, "That sounds like quite an ordeal. I hope I am not stirring up any dreadful memories by 
bringing it up?"

Laughing softly, Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird says, "Oh me, oh my. I do not think people 
shall ever stop apologising to me for mentioning it."

Sylandra gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

A faint blush in her cheeks, Sylandra says, "No, not at all! I wondered if it was wrong for me to bring it 

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird flutters her fan idly, smiling slightly. "My apprentices 
hardly know what to do with themselves about the whole thing." At that, however, she frowns. "They 
are still recovering themselves, to be quite honest. Even though it was all a dream, well - it did 
not feel like it at the time."

Sylandra says, "I am admittedly unfamiliar with the circumstances that led to you requiring protection."

Comprehension flashes across Sylandra's face.

Sylandra says, "Oh yes. Of course, that would..." She rubs her temples, sighing. "How very thoughtless of 

Taking a perch on the edge of one of the benches, Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird shakes 
her head. "It's quite alright," she says at once, with genuine acceptance. "It's my fault, really. I 
made a decision, during everything that happened, that they took very hard. Even moreso than the 
assistance I accidentally granted the Higher Gods."

Joining the Lady alongside her on the bench, Sylandra says, "Fault seems too strong a word, from my 
understanding of the situation. Circumstances as troubling as that are hard to muddle through in the 
moment, but inevitably seem clearer when viewed in retrospect."

The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird's lips.

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird says, "That's the funny thing about it all, Lady Shevat. I 
felt quite certain about what I was doing at the time; I still do, even now. But I couldn't explain 
it to them in a way they would understand."

You have emoted: Sylandra considers this with a purse of her lips, her wings beating gently behind 
her as she does so.

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird closes her fan with a quiet click and folds her hands 
around it in her lap. "When the city was evacuated," she explains, quietly, "I ordered my 
apprentices to leave on the aetherships that the Board were supplying. I...did not go with them."

You have emoted: Her eyes widening slightly, Sylandra regards the Lady Miella with faint 
astonishment, though her expression betrays no judgment.

Letting out a small, soft chuckle, Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird says, "As it transpired, 
I did not perish. I simply woke up. But I must confess that I was not certain that was going to 

Her voice soft and low, Sylandra says to Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird, "May I ask why you 
stayed, when all others fled?"

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird's eyes drift to the dreamcatcher where it hangs above the 
bed. Her voice equally soft, she replies, "The Logician forced me to become his spy. To betray the 
Collective, thinking that I was furthering my life's work." Briefly, her eyes flutter closed. "He 
took my free will. But I would not let him take me from my home."

Running one thumb over the handle of her fan, Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird says, "It is 
not that I wished to die, you see. I thought - given everything that he was doing - that my death 
was quite inevitable. I wanted to choose this one thing, this one final thing. I wanted to die free, 
in the skies, in Hallifax."

You have emoted: Sylandra moves as if to lay her hand upon Miella's, then pauses, letting her palm 
rest upon the bench instead. At length, she says, "I believe I understand. In my own small way." She 
smiles despite herself. "We Windwhisper women have never been ones to idly watch what we love be 
taken from us."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird offers you a shy smile, averting her eyes.

With conviction, Sylandra says, "What you did was a brave and selfless act, worthy of the Collective."

Her voice softening, Sylandra says, "Even if others do not say so."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird says, "My apprentices think it was grief. They walk around 
me as if I am made of glass." She shakes her head, wings trembling with the movement, and looks up 
at you with wide eyes. "But oh, I have never felt quite so strong! It is quite...quite strange."

Tilting her head back as she smiles, Sylandra says, "There is strength in being one with something, I 
think. Knowing that you stand for something far greater than simply yourself. That is the essence of 
the Beacon of Harmony, no? Of Collectivism."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird smiles softly.

Sylandra smiles and says to Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird, "Alone we are fragile, but together 
all can be accomplished."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird says, "A single feather will be lost upon the winds, but 
wings may make us soar into even the strongest currents."

Sylandra says, "Aptly stated, Lady."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird chuckles softly, flushing under praise. "It was your idea, 
Lady Shevat," she laughs. "I cannot claim all of the credit."

Sylandra waves her hand dismissively.

Sylandra smiles and says, "We are a Collective. All our ideas are in service to one another."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird hides a grin behind her fan, eyes sparkling over it.

Sylandra says to Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird, "You were chosen to serve the Collective as one 
of its premier Master Artists for a reason, Lady Windwhisper. Should you ever doubt it, let those 
events in that lost, dreaming reality remind you of your worth in this station."

Giggling, Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird says, "Oh me, oh my. You almost sound like Linny 
when she's giving me one of her pep talks."

Sylandra intones, "Obviously, in this, Linny is very wise."

Rising from the bench, Sylandra says, "But I am beginning to realize I have taken much of your time, Lady 
Windwhisper." She curtseys low. "Thank you for sharing your time and your wisdom with me."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird rises and dips into an equally low curtsey, smiling 
brightly. "Thank you," she says. "For taking up my time, I mean. It was lovely to see you again. If 
I have not mentioned it already, the city is brighter for your return."

With a disarming smile, Sylandra says, "Oh, I think I rather made a mess of things when I was last about, 
but I am glad to see things are more harmonious as of late. I shall simply endeavor to continue not 
to ruffle any feathers." She laughs brightly, ruffling her headfeathers with her hand. Her tone 
growing more sincere, she adds, "But it is lovely to see you as well. It has been a long time."

Almost mischievously, Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird says, "But if no feathers are ruffled,
 whatever shall the apprentices gossip about?"

Sylandra nods her head gravely in acknowledgement of the point.

Sylandra smiles impishly and says, "I will see what I can do on that front."

Miella Windwhisper, the Cerulean Skybird nods solemnly.

Curtseying once more, Sylandra says, "Fair winds, Lady."
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    Miella~ She's such a dear.

    Time to go let Linira's little nickname slip to the Cloudwalker apprentices, am I right? :-\" That'll get some feathers ruffled, I'm sure.
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