Books reading experience needs improvement

DakuanDakuan Member Posts: 18 Novice
I absolutely love web client IRE created. So Im not sure why they dont use its features to make reading in libraries more pleasant experience.
For a noobie in muds its so annoying and hard to go through all those browsings, check-ings, more's and other commands. And god forbid if book is long - you'll have to spam "more" over and over. And then chat might break pace. Etc. etc..

We have help instructions fit in beautiful scroll interface. Put books content in it also! So we could scroll the text instead of spamming "more".
Books list browsing could be vastly improved if it also was put into scroll interface with scrolldown.
Checking in and out would be much easier if it had interactive button. If you click on scroll/book you borrowed and "check in" option pops up. Its not there for some reason. Sometimes you have several books and then you cant just type "library checkin book", you have to point number, which is again unnecessary difficulties for noobies.


  • RancouraRancoura the Last Nightwreathed Queen CanadaMember Posts: 1,494 Transcendent
    CONFIG PAGELENGTH might help you with the "more"'s problem.

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  • DakuanDakuan Member Posts: 18 Novice
    Nice, didnt know that.
  • YehnYehn Member Posts: 282 Master
    With a little help I put together a trigger to help with this...


    but I agree, it's really... it could use improvement...

    And pagelength seems to have a max of 250, but some stuff is longer than that...

    A client with split screen scrolling also really helps keep place when chatting or other stuff is spamming..
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