Caedir Aormeah Retells the Tale of the Sun

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Caedir Aormeah says, "Good morning. If that is still a phrase one can use without irony."

@Eistel tilts his head and listens intently to Caedir Aormeah.

There is little amusement in Caedir Aormeah's expression despite the quip.

You say to Caedir Aormeah, "The early morning is still good. I must keep my wings unfurled during the brighter hours due to the oppressive Sun, however."

Showing that he understands, Caedir Aormeah nods his head slowly.

@Avae asks, "Are you saying it is a good morning, or that it is a morning to be good on?"

Caedir Aormeah says, "I have stayed mostly within the thicker areas of the forest, but even those are beginning to falter in their sanctuary."

You frown at Caedir Aormeah.

You say to Caedir Aormeah, "We are not a jungle. We cannot survive such high temperatures for many years."

Avae creases her brow in a frown.

Caedir Aormeah nods his head in agreement. "Though I would note that the base temperature of the forest appears not to be drastically higher, at least. Though even the smallest increase will have considerable effects."

Avae ponders for a moment and says "Hrm..."

Fanning his broad silver wings again, you ask Caedir Aormeah, "Have you noticed anything else odd in the woods?"

Eistel looks about himself, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

Caedir Aormeah shakes his head.

Avae cants her head slightly to the side, ears twitching slightly as she listens intently.

Caedir Aormeah says, "Not beyond the effects of the Sun's sudden proximity, no."

Rubbing his chin, you say to Caedir Aormeah, "There is that, at least."

Rubbing at his forehead with a handkerchief, Caedir Aormeah says, "But for what it's worth, I have increased my patrols as much as I am able."

Avae idly twitches her tail.

Running a hand through his feathered crest, you ask Caedir Aormeah, "Do you think that others will try to attack while the woods are dry? Or are you worried about Sun fae?"

Caedir Aormeah purses his lips pensively, gazing off into the distance as he carefully gathers his thoughts.

Avae glances curiously to you, pursing her lips as her whiskers quiver for a moment or two. "Sun Fae?" she finally asks, tail twitching with a hint of agitation.

Piglet Druid Eistel, Llid y Pren says to Avae, "That happened a long while back, I read about them during some of my researching."

Turning to the aslaran, you say to Avae, "It is something I remember from a lifetime ago, when last Father Sun brought trouble to the world."

Avae says to Eistel, "I will have to find the book, or books, telling of it."

"The fae that assaulted the Nightmare's realm?" Caedir Aormeah asks, brow knotting together in thought. "Frankly, I don't know what to expect anymore. Father Sun should not be able to awaken, not to any considerable extent, given his enforced slumber."

With a mirthless chuckle, Caedir Aormeah says, "Though, as you say, he has before."

Avae asks, "Who was it that forced the slumber upon him?"

Eistel looks about himself, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

Avae says, "Perhaps if Their power has waned...."

Caedir Aormeah shakes his head.

Caedir Aormeah says, "I sincerely doubt that the power of the entire Sixth Circle of Elder Gods has weakened enough to undo his slumber."

Grimly, you say to Caedir Aormeah, "And yet, He does, despite the efforts of all to sedate Him." The old bird wipes his brow with the back of his hand. "This does not bode well. The prophecies in the Basin are... unclear. The centaur seers can find no answer. I have considered asking Brother Eagle, but do not know how much He can see right now, either."

Avae says, "...cripes."

Caedir Aormeah nods his head at you.

Caedir Aormeah says to Avae, "If there is a cause to it, it is not a fault in Their work."

Avae nods her head at Caedir Aormeah.

Piglet Druid Eistel, Llid y Pren says, "Unless another, either from another Circle, or a Soulless, is working to weaken the bindings."

"As for prophecies," Caedir Aormeah adds, stepping further into what remains of the shade, "I have never put much faith in them. They promise much and offer little."

Everiine holds his wings over his head, creating his own, extra shade.

@Neshca Myeras says, "Well, I'd like to meet his Sun Fae at least."

Avae says, "Times like this I wish I were born an age ago."

You say to Neshca, "From what I remember, no, you would not."

Caedir Aormeah reaches up and tucks a lock of hair behind his pointed ear.

Neshca Myeras says, "Maybe a pet."

Avae says, "Fae are not pets."

Neshca Myeras says, "Sun fae aren't sane fae."

Neshca Myeras says, "Not even taint."

Piglet Druid Eistel, Llid y Pren says, "I'd guess a Soulless, if anyone is trying."

Neshca nods her head at Eistel.

Avae says, "Fae are Fae, and it is our duty, regardless, to care for them as we can, even if that care includes the regrettable death for their good, or the greater."

You say to Eistel, "Count not out the stupidity of mortalkind."

A wry smile spreads across Caedir Aormeah's face.

Avae grins mischievously at you.

Piglet Druid Eistel, Llid y Pren says, "I don't think many mortals could undo the work of an entire Circle of Gods and Goddesses, no matter how arrogant the mortals can be."

Caedir Aormeah says, "And yet, it is only mortals who can defeat the Soulless."

Caedir Aormeah's eyes twinkle enchantingly.

Neshca Myeras says, "Exactly."

Avae asks, "What happened to the Spirit in the first place, what drove him to insanity?"

Eistel ponders the situation.

Caedir Aormeah says, "Do not underestimate the power of mortals, my friend."

His wings drooping in the heat, you say to Caedir Aormeah, "Such is the irony."

Piglet Druid Eistel, Llid y Pren says, "There is that.."

Eistel flops down onto the ground.

Avae says, "Yes, do not underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."

Caedir Aormeah tilts his head curiously at Avae.

Caedir Aormeah says, "You do not know the story of Sun's warping?"

Piglet Druid Eistel, Llid y Pren smiles and says, "Okay, so the whole hypothesis needs reworked."

You say to Avae, "If memory serves... He was given some of the forbidden elixir. I think. To see if it would make Him stronger and better able to defend the fae."

Avae says to Caedir Aormeah, "Unfortunately I do not. It has been long, even, since I've read about the Elders."

Neshca Myeras says to Avae, "Don't overestimate the divine that warped Father Sun to begin with."

Birds fill your ears with serenades of happiness and love.

Avae asks, "The elixir that the traitorous Elders used?"

Caedir Aormeah says to you, "Almost. He was wounded in an attack by one of the Soulless."

Neshca Myeras says, "Yes."

Caedir Aormeah ponders the situation.

Comprehension flashes across your face.

Avae creases her brow in a frown.

Caedir Aormeah says, "Zenos, I believe."

Avae says, "Climanti."

Tapping his head, you say to Caedir Aormeah, "Some tales are not as clear in my mind as they once were--forgive me."

Avae asks, "Has anyone checked Climanti for anything?"

Neshca Myeras says, "It was used to heal him from a grievous wound inflicted by a soulless."

Avae says, "I know that it's tied into the Eye of Zenos."

Neshca shakes her head at Avae.

Caedir Aormeah sighs heavily, resting back against a tree. "Lord Rahm insisted upon it, or so the tales from the scions of Lady Mugowumpois go. He had heard of this elixir that could be the key to defeating the Soulless...or so some of Them thought."

Caedir Aormeah says, "The Coterie fed Spirit Sun the elixir, and he...changed. It warped his very essence, the core of him. Where he had been golden and bright, he became fury and destruction."

Everiine fans his hot wings and listens to Caedir Aormeah retell the tale with greater accuracy than he could.

Avae listens raptly, eyes narrowed in contemplation as her tufted tail brushes up clouds of dust from the ground.

Eistel tilts his head and listens intently to Caedir Aormeah.

As he folds his arms, Caedir Aormeah's eyes grow dark. "That was when he went after Spirit Night. He was...driven by his desire to have her." He speaks the words carefully, clearly aware of their connotations. "It was only Spirit Lake's interjection that prevented him from harming her further than he did."

Avae says, "Spirit Lake....cannot save us again.. That's what that meant."

Everiine Silvermoon folds his wings for a moment. "I believe you are correct," he says to Avae in a troubled voice.

Caedir Aormeah says, "Realising what was happening, Lord Rahm attempted to control his creation - but to no avail. The Silent Lord rushed to defend his own. Eventually it was decided that Spirit Sun must be put to slumber for a thousand years, chained to the physical sun itself."

Softly, Avae asks, "And how long ago was this?"

Caedir Aormeah spreads a hand before him, before raising it to mop his brow. "I do not know - not for certain," he says, voice softening as if he were becoming aware of the number of eyes upon him. "The Books that were passed down by Lady Mugowumpois's shards were not given dates."

Everiine fans his wings to kick up the breeze, but the breeze is just as hot and thick as the still air. "During the Elder Wars, time is hard to judge," he says.

Caedir Aormeah nods his head at you.

Avae nods slowly, sighing as she lets her head fall back, gaze resting within the canopy for several moments, a hint of a nod towards you as she comes back to the present.

Shifting uncomfortably, Caedir Aormeah says, "So. That is how Spirit Sun became as he is."

Eistel scratches his head looking for an idea.

Everiine crosses his arms and furrows his old brow, twisting his lips in concentration.

Piglet Druid Eistel, Llid y Pren says to Caedir Aormeah, "Thank you for sharing that with us."

Avae runs her fingers through her mane, pausing to scratch at the back of her head before nodding absently, her thoughts already a jumble which shows clearly in the confusion upon her face.

Eistel looks about himself, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

Eistel doffs the hood of a stag robe cordially.

Piglet Druid Eistel, Llid y Pren says, "Be well, everyone."

Caedir Aormeah purses his lips pensively, gazing off into the distance as he carefully gathers his thoughts.

Avae coughs softly.

Caedir Aormeah says, "I should continue with my patrols."

Avae bows respectfully to Caedir Aormeah.

Avae says to Caedir Aormeah, "Thank you for explaining further."

Caedir Aormeah glances off through the forest with an expression of displeasure. "That is," he says with a hint of genuine humour, "if I do not drown in my own sweat in the process."

Giving him a salute by slamming his fist across his chest, you say to Caedir Aormeah, "Thank you for the tale, Caedir. We should all be as vigilant as you."

Neshca grins mischievously at Caedir Aormeah.

Neshca Myeras says, "Lose some clothes and you'll be fine."

Looking down at himself, you say to Neshca, "It does not help."

Upon receiving the salute, Caedir Aormeah pauses briefly, looking slightly awkward. A wistful expression fills his hazel eyes, and he slowly draws his fist to his chest in a mirror of the gesture, the movement having some weight to it as if it had more meaning than it otherwise might.

Avae turns, though catches you by the shoulder before moving off, a deep breath, a thought, and a troubled glance before her hand falls away and she stalks out.

Softly, Caedir Aormeah says, "...thank you, High Chief. I - I must be going. I will alert you if...if anything changes."

Turning on his heel, Caedir Aormeah strides north, making nary a sound.
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