Everiine Finally Meets Caedir

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An air of quiet confidence can be seen in the bearing of this tall elfen, whose stands with shoulders in a slight, permanent hunch. His thick brown hair is cropped at his nape and left loose, the front strands falling attractively into his eyes, which are a warm hazel flecked with gold. Weathered lines of wear and tear mar Caedir's olive green skin and give him the appearance of an almost permanent quirk to the corner of his thin lips. Clearly dressed for a life out in the forest, he sports a rough pair of dark brown trousers with a similarly coloured leather coat that swings down to his knees. His black shirt tucks into his pouch-laden belt and hangs open at the neck to reveal wiry hair over well-defined muscle. A single shortsword hangs at his hip, secured in an elaborately etched scabbard of green leather.
Caedir Aormeah looks to be crushingly strong.


Everiine flaps his wings slowly through the mist, which catches in his feathers to glisten like tiny glass beads. "Hail, Ranger Caedir," he replies, putting his fist to his chest.

The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across Caedir Aormeah's lips.

Gesturing to the mist, Caedir Aormeah says, "It becomes something of a sauna when the sun's up, but it's refreshing during the night, at least."

You say to Caedir Aormeah, "Such refuges are uncommon of late. I have even heard talk of taking shelter under the ground." The water drips from the old bird's wings as they flutter. "I would not wish to be cut from the sky, however."

Caedir Aormeah's nose wrinkles up in mutual distaste. "I've never gotten the hang of finding my way around underground," he confesses, brushing a lock of hair out of his eyes. "Too used to using the stars and the mountains to see by."

Tilting his head, Caedir Aormeah says, "I spent some weeks in the Undervault one time I was away from the forest. Not an experience I wish to repeat."

Rubbing his hands in distaste, you say to Caedir Aormeah, "It is an unpleasant place to be sure."

A wry smile spreads across Caedir Aormeah's face.

Caedir Aormeah says, "To put it mildly, yes."

Settling his wet wings to his back for now, you ask Caedir Aormeah, "So, Caedir--who are you, and who were you?"

One eyebrow quirks on the ranger's face. "Not a man for subtlety then," Caedir Aormeah remarks, with just enough amusement not to be rude. "I'm afraid I'm not quite as interesting as you're hoping. Just someone who comes and goes - or used to, at least." His jaw tightens slightly at his final statement.

The trill shakes his head. "I can be subtle, but I feel as if you have remained subtle out of habit, and matters that concern the Serenguard I prefer laid out in the open," Everiine says. A frown crosses his features as he makes note of the uncomfortable grimace. "And I see that something is indeed wrong."

Caedir Aormeah sighs, his hazel eyes flickering away to rest on nothing in particular. "You want to know why I left the 'guard," he says, quietly. He pauses, as if mulling his words over; when they come, they have a forced bluntness. "It was a long time ago. And - it's...personal. I'd rather not discuss it."

Everiine studies the elfen ranger with his deep, emerald eyes. "I respect that, if that is your wish." Great silver wings open again, catching more of the  mist in their feathers. "I want you to know, however, that if it were your wish, the Serenguard would welcome your return. No Serenguard should have to wander the woods alone," he says.

A visible look of relief crosses Caedir Aormeah's features before he shakes his head. "Thank you, but - the reason I left hasn't gone away. It's nothing you can fix. Nothing anyone can fix, really." He looks away again, and mops at his brow with his handkerchief. "If it weren't for the Maiden's insistence that I stay, honestly, I would have gone again by now. I've always found it simpler."

The old bird purses his lips, his eyes reflecting both sadness and sympathy. "It was truly a grievous hurt, then," Everiine says. He folds his wings to his back, dripping water in a rivulet down to the last feather. "For my part, I am glad you have stayed. Running is simpler. But it is not always better."

The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across Caedir Aormeah's lips.

Caedir Aormeah says, "I don't like being away from my home, High Chief. But there are some things I like even less, and - well, for a long time, being here has been one of them."

Everiine shields his eyes and glances up at the sun. He shakes his head, then returns to the conversation at hand. "Why did you come back?" he asks.

Caedir Aormeah's lips part, and he takes a shallow breath - then attempts, but fails, to conceal it with a cough. "I owed someone a debt," he replies, at length. "They called it in. I came back, and when I tried to leave again once their task was done, Miakoda asked me to stay." He spreads his hands before him. "So here I am."

It's obvious that Everiine wants to probe further, as he shifts his weight from foot to foot. "Then again, I am glad for the Maiden's wish, and that you decided to honour it." He claps a hand on the elfen's shoulder and searches his eyes one last time. "A friend to the Seren, and to the Serenguard, is a friend to me, Caedir. I hope that you will stay with us. I will even instruct the guards to open the gate for you if you wish to take refuge in the Lodge."

"Thank you, High Chief, but I don't feel able to as long as h-" Caedir Aormeah breaks off midsentence for the briefest of moments, before quickly continuing. "...things are as they are. But there's nothing you can do. Please, don't...trouble yourself over it."

Removing his hand, you say, "Caedir, I am the High Chief of the Serenguard Lodge. It is my job to to trouble myself over these things." Curiously, he makes no comment on the slip, letting it pass. "Nevertheless, the invitation will remain open."

Caedir Aormeah inclines his head in acknowledgement to Everiine, and stands as Gabriella enters. "Thank you. I should probably return to my rounds, now that the sun has finally set."

Slamming his fist against his chest, you say to Caedir Aormeah, "The Three Warriors go with you on your paths through the woods."

Shifting his attention to you, Caedir Aormeah powerfully slams a fist against his own chest in a tribal display of respect.

Caedir Aormeah says, "And you, High Chief."

Turning on his heel, Caedir Aormeah strides east, making nary a sound.
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