Titan and Demigod rp questions

MakaelaMakaela Member Posts: 435 Adept
1) Whar RP rammifications are ther yo becoming a titan? Do I have to rp as a Titan and what does that actually mean?

2) I heard Demi-god getz some rp abilities/effects, and again dows my rp have to cover that I am a demi-god or can I rp as a regular member of my race?

I ask as nothing really interesrs me in those two things and veing them would not fit with the rp I have planned, but if i dont have to rp as such I might be enticed by the rp related effects depending what they are exactly.


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    You're not -required- to RP as such, but people will treat you as a titan or a demigod, because of how publicly visible it is. Titan much less so, mostly because there aren't a lot of people who stay Titan over a long time (those who have the fortitude to reach titan will usually reach demi, quite quickly, as well).

    Titan 'RP' is a lot less developed for that reason. I haven't personally seen people who RP as a giant form of themselves. But well, it's possible. Old titan came with stat boosts, including extra size, so RP wise I guess the idea is that you become literally bigger.

    In both titan and demigod 'RP', you're still a member of a race. So a faeling demigod, or a merian demigod etc. Basically imagine a faeling demigod as a normal faeling, but with haloes of light and pulsating waves of divine power and a serene smile, nodding and touching you gently on the head as they bless you with their divine energy... Well, okay, not like that, but you get the idea.

    I'm sure there're demis who have chosen not to "physically" express their demigodhood. The flavour of your entry and exit messages is automatically changed to "exuding a sense of power" or something like that, though. But you're essentially still whatever race you are.

  • DaraiusDaraius Shevat The juror's taco spotMember Posts: 4,777 Transcendent
    Makaela said:
    Do I have to rp as [...]
    In general, no. You do what you find fun. Obviously others will have expectations of you/your character, and you ought to be prepared to accept the consequences of not meeting those expectations, but as far as RPing as a Titan or Demigod, there aren't any hard and fast rules. As for being a Titan, mechanically you get some regen and a power-refresh ability, but generally your only goal there will be to get to Demi as soon as possible. I don't know of any specific RP associated with the Titan level.

    When you hit Demi, the RP powers are mostly based around entrances, exits, and appearances, so you can kind of play with the physicality of your character in ways that wouldn't make sense for a non-Demi. For instance, Asmodea creating snowflakes and chill winds just by talking would strain believability if she were a newbie, but since she's a Demigod with an icy aura that everyone can see just by looking at her, it tracks.

    If for whatever reason you really don't like the idea of being noted as a Demigod in your honors, or you don't like the choiceentrances and such, there's a power you can buy that makes you appear as a regular mortal. It costs essence to upkeep, but it's an option.
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    Daraius said:
     It costs essence to upkeep, but it's an option.
    But on the plus side it's a very tiny cost! If you die a few times in pvp or whatever... that amount of essence is enough to cover it for RL months..
  • MakaelaMakaela Member Posts: 435 Adept
    if I do the thing that hides it in honours do I still get the messages or is it an all or nothing thing?
  • DaraiusDaraius Shevat The juror's taco spotMember Posts: 4,777 Transcendent
    Essence: 25,000+ (to activate)
               500+ (to sustain)

    Those with divine sparks often find it difficult to hide their power from mere mortals, who wish to 
    fawn endlessly over them. Ironically, by using your remarkable talents, you can make yourself appear 
    mundane to even the most stout observer. This ability is draining, however, and will constantly draw 
    upon your reserves of essence, even when you are not in the realms (should you wish to maintain the 
    masquerade while you are away). If you are a vernal demigod, it will be slightly more costly to mask 
    yourself. If you are an Ascendant, it will be slightly more costly again.

    My impression is that it makes you appear as if you were level 98 or below, both in honors and face-to-face.
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  • ShaddusShaddus , the Leper Messiah Outside your window.Member Posts: 8,210 Transcendent
    Imo, that's an incredibly useless power.
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    You also drain essence -A LOT- faster than you think you will. I'd be very wary about using it for prolonged periods.
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    Unless you don't want people to hunt you because you're a demigod and are counting on people honours-ing you to find out. That's the only use I see. Or you want to RP keeping your new power hidden.
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    Demigods are so commonplace that it hardly registers, except when I'm dealing with someone more than a couple of months old (RL time) and I see that they haven't hit demi yet.

    When Eldanien hit demi the second time, I decided to rewrite his description to imply a higher grade of perfection and power. Since he's Celestian, this was mostly an emphasis on vitality, personal serenity, qualities of warmth and such.  That change has definitely shaped how I roleplay him, but I don't think of it as 'demigod roleplay' per se.  Frankly, if I ran across him as a new player, I'd think Mary Sue.  But I just tend to think of Demigod as becoming more of what you already were, to a degree that there is a tangible change.

    Characters of different ideologies and powersets would naturally become more of those things representative or suggestive of their guild, org and personal beliefs.  That's been my take.

  • EnyalidaEnyalida Nasty Woman, Sockpuppeteer to the Gods Member Posts: 4,386 Transcendent
    Welcome to the demishop. Most if not all of the RP powers are kinda overpriced, overweighted, or both. Almost all of the newer powers like masquerade and dessicate are poor implementaions of much better player ideas. 
  • EnyalidaEnyalida Nasty Woman, Sockpuppeteer to the Gods Member Posts: 4,386 Transcendent
    Also just make the existant powers useful for... something. Like dessicate! There was even a report dedicated to making dessciate remotely worth bothering to spend weight or essence on. Also, all non-combat/pure flavour powers should cost no weight or close to no weight - the point of weight is to keep you from having too many powerful abilities, not making you choose between being effective or making the game interesting. 
  • MakaelaMakaela Member Posts: 435 Adept
    Okay, so by the sounds of it, Masquerade is an all or nothing thing. Either I hide everything , custom appearance stuff and reaction/move messages along with the honours, or I hide none of it.  Just going to stop at 998 as my only interest in combat really is for defense purposes and I feel this would contrast to much with the kind of rp I want. Thanks for all of the information
  • DaraiusDaraius Shevat The juror's taco spotMember Posts: 4,777 Transcendent
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    Just uh, keep in mind that Titans are worth a load of essence when offered, so you might be a high priority target.
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  • MakaelaMakaela Member Posts: 435 Adept
    I meant 98 not 998.. and I thought Titan was just level 99?
  • EnyalidaEnyalida Nasty Woman, Sockpuppeteer to the Gods Member Posts: 4,386 Transcendent
    Masquerade JUST reverts your HONOURS racial text and the racial prefix on LOOK <you>, I believe. 
  • DemartelDemartel Member Posts: 441 Virtuoso
    RP powers having weights is silly. Fear the almighty RP'er with his unlimited arpee flavour powers!

    P.S. Some PKers like to arpee too.

    P.P.S. Most of the Demigod powers suck too. I think I took Zap just so I had a ranged skill and have used it... thrice maybe.
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