New to Combat? I'd like your input.

SylvanasSylvanas Member Posts: 270 Expert
I've tried every class and just about every guild there is. Dabbled in a bunch of different things. Bard has ended up being where I settled, but I wanted to measure the interest of there being sets of triggers/aliases that would help with combat. It would maybe highlight some key lines that might be relevant to the class in question (like eating earwort, for example). It would also help you manage your demesne/song/similar things.

Thoughts? I'm thinking about posting one for bard and one for mage, with the hope that it might help people wanting to explore combat a bit more but not necessarily know where to start.
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  • AeldraAeldra , using cake powered flight Member Posts: 1,311 Transcendent
    Given there's so many things one need to be aware of, I think a general set of triggers, highlights, aliases, etc to use as a starting point would definitely help a lot of people.
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  • CenCen Member Posts: 234 Master
    I would eat something to help me make sense of combat right up.
  • TwytchTwytch Member Posts: 485 Expert
    I suppose I can do an Astrologer set, although @Shedrin might be better qualified. It's really a simple skill, once you get over the whole daily-changing alignments. With the astrology script in the forum that lets you know which spheres are negative or positive, it becomes really easy.
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