Lusternian music room is back!

MakaelaMakaela Member Posts: 435 Adept
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So with the fall of we lost the music room we had set up before. Well I have good news!  A new site has taken up the torch of and thus I bring you our new music hangout.  Join up have fun share music

Password: Estarra

edit: Ok trying to figure out how yot get it to queue from your playlist  but still music wheee


  • AyisdraAyisdra Member Posts: 1,347 Mythical
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    I'm not sure what you mean by the 'fall of' the site still seems up. And I can access the room we had, although I may have forgot my sign in, it seems you don't need an account anymore?

    Edit: On dubtrack, I can't seem to even enter the room, it acts like it is going to allow me to enter and given the password but then kicks me to the homepage. unless entering private rooms requires an account?
  • MakaelaMakaela Member Posts: 435 Adept
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    you do need an account I thought the same thing and it refuses to acknowledge my login which was my facebook before. It might require an account I do not know.

    Also Plug.Dj had made an official announcement when they shut down

    Edit: They are working on a relaunch however which may be why we can still see the site etc. However according to the last post on thier FB there is no concrete date but they will notify us
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