Mica attempts RP Pt. 1

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My thanks to @Luas for keeping up with my clunky first rp, apologies in advance for severe clunkiness. 
Some parts cut out for flow.

In which Mica falls asleep on a day out.

*Lots of influence notices, all edited out*

Ino curtseys gracefully before Luas.

You get up off a cylindrical chair of transparent crystal.

You curtsey gracefully before Luas.

Aeromage Ino smiles and says to Luas, "Hello Private Luas."

Luas sends a nod and a polite, "Good evening, miss Ino," as he passes Ino, making his way over to stand before you.

You say, "I hope you have been well, Luas?"

Luas nods once in confirmation, then indicates the blue stationery in his hand.

Private Luas says to you, "I just received your letter."

You nod your head emphatically.

You say, "Well, off we go, then."

Luas can't help but release a small huff of amusement at the abruptness of their departure, but he steps into line beside you all the same.

You curtsey gracefully before Ino.

Luas gives Ino a respectful salute.

Aeromage Ino says, "Take care."

Luas follows you southeast. 

The Bridge of Aspiration.
Superimposed over this location, an ethereal forest reaches up to the sky. A painting of Shanthmark Trading Post is proudly exhibited on a nearby wall.
You see exits leading northwest and up (open door).

In little more than a murmur, Private Luas says, "Touch noisy in there."

You have emoted: Mica nods in agreement. "Yes, I thought we'd stop here and discuss plans for today before we move on."

You say, "So, have you heard of the new play by Lady Irillia?"

Luas shifts his weight from one boot to the other, relaxing. He drapes a hand over the pommel of the hammer at his belt and nods. "I was there for the latter part of the third act."

You say, "Good! So was I, but I came in late."

You say, "Well, since you've already seen that one..."

You say, "There is another play I have found that was quite entertaining."

You say, "Something about The Greatest of All Possible Triumphs, have you seen that one?"

Luas just gives one of his weary half-smiles and shakes his head. "I've only ever visited the Opera house the once," he confides.

You say, "I hope you won't mind visiting it again today, then?"

Private Luas says, "Of course. I'm up for anything, as they say."

You have emoted: Mica smiles up at Luas. "Well, let's go."


Auditorium of the Grand Hallifaxian Opera House.
Banks of clouds roil about here. The sheer opulence of this grand auditorium is stupefying, gold and crystal alternating and mingling together in carefully designed harmony to create an image of architecture and engineering unrivalled anywhere else in the world. A large stage fills one entire wall of the grand hall, in clear sight of any of the countless seats that fill the floor and four ornate layers of balconies. Sparsely placed arching pillars support the balconies as they climb toward the top, transforming into delicate statues of female trill whose widespread wings give off the illusion of supporting the ceiling above. The central dome of the ceiling is covered in detailed paintings of soaring trill and billowing cloud formations, the rounded shape providing a sensation 
of depth as well as completing the acoustic superiority of the auditorium. All of this is basked in the warm, soft light spread by countless strategically placed crystal orbs which add to the harmonic atmosphere and complete the pleasure that is experienced by many who witness the productions in this auditorium. There are 3 opera benches of elaborately engraved marble here. Soaring to a majestic height, a harmonious stage of crystal and gold stands here. 

You sit yourself down on an opera bench of elaborately engraved marble and make yourself comfortable.

You have emoted: Mica pats the spot besides her.

After only a brief hesitation, Luas shifts into place beside you, gathering the material at the knees of his trousers as he sits down.

Grinning impishly, you say, "If you ever have opportunity to visit the Opera House again, beware of Lady Sylandra and Lady Irillia's plays. So much romance in there."

Luas makes a sound halfway between a cough and a laugh, eyes crinkling at the corners. "I'll bear that in mind," he says with mock solemnity.

You say, "The one I've picked out is more of...a parody of a fairy tale, a comedy. Not terribly romance-centered."

There is a shimmering flicker in the air above an ornate stage of crystal and gold, as it readies itself to replay a recorded performance of 'The Greatest of All Possible Triumphs ~ Act I'.

The curtains part on an ornate stage of crystal and gold, heralding the start of the performance of 'The Greatest of All Possible Triumphs ~ Act I'.

*stuff goes on onstage*

Luas settles back into his seat a little more, some of the stiff posture easing away as he directs his full attention to the stage.

You have emoted: A look of subtle relief passes Mica's face as she too relaxes.

*play goes on, crystal roses all over the stage*

You have emoted: Despite everything Mica gazes upon the rainbow-colored crystal roses with childlike delight.

Luas's eyebrows raise a little as he bears witness to the scientist's unpleasant fate. Apart from a quick glance cast to his side at you, he seems thoroughly absorbed.

Luas leans aside to you again, apparently unable to resist a touch of commentary. "Some parallels to 
be drawn here between the scene as it stands and the potential trouble with Serenwilde, hmm?" It's 
said in no more than a hushed murmur, but he manages to convey some humour in the undertone 

You have emoted: Mica nods, whispering back with a wry grin, "I hope, if Serenwilde does attack, they 
will at least make their attacks as beautiful as this one."

You have emoted: Mica turns her eyes back onto the crystal roses, taking in every hue and facet of 
the deadly flowers.

Luas shares a fleeting half-smile with you for the reply, then leans back and resumes watching the 

You clench your fists, grit your teeth, and banish all possibility of sleep.

You yawn suddenly and mightily.

You have emoted: Mica looks embarrassed for a split second, but her expression immediately clears.

*play over*

The curtains draw to a close on an ornate stage of crystal and gold, signaling the conclusion of the performance of 'The Greatest of All Possible Triumphs ~ Act II'.

You feel that the performance on an ornate stage of crystal and gold deserves some congratulations and you clap wildly.

The air above an ornate stage of crystal and gold flickers one last time and clears, as the recorded performance of 'The Greatest of All Possible Triumphs ~ Act II' concludes.

Luas joins in with the applause, sitting up a bit as he does so.

Sincerely, you say to Luas, "I hope you won't think I found time with you to be boring. I should have gotten some rest beforehand, but failed to."

Light glinting off his crystalline form, a custodian of order enters from the northeast.

You have emoted: Mica stretches slightly, barely holding in another yawn.

You struggle to stay awake as your eyelids shut repeatedly of their own accord.

Luas dismisses your concerns with a quick shake of his head, turning himself in his seat to better address you. "You should get some rest."

Ino arrives from the northeast.

Ino curtseys gracefully.

Shrugging slightly and glancing down, you say, "I hoped we could spend some more time together. Ah, well. I'll leave now, then."

You curtsey gracefully before Ino.

You get up off an opera bench of elaborately engraved marble.

Aeromage Ino says, "Please excuse me for interrupting, but are you watching a production by - ah."

Aeromage Ino says, "That answers my question I suppose."

You struggle to stay awake as your eyelids shut repeatedly of their own accord.

You say, "It just ended! It was a masterpiece by Lord Daraius."

Your exhausted mind can stay awake no longer, and you fall into a deep sleep.

Luas twists in his seat to see who had entered and rises once he recognizes Ino. He snaps into a formal salute to her.

Ino inclines her head politely to Luas.

A child is screaming, and you've a horrible headache. You make a sudden twist with your arms, your 
hands close upon something warm and soft. You feel rage subsiding but you look down and find your 
hands covered with blood. The child, a human girl with hair that would have been a strawberry blond 
if not for all the matted blood, is finally quiet.

Luas politely averts his gaze from the now-prone you, instead addressing Ino. "I noticed you stop by earlier, miss."

You groggily feel your incorporeal form lingering just beyond the Seal of Nature, quivering 
quixotically with a trembling power. The lingering voices of screaming mortals catch in your ears, 
defying the greatest of sacrifices that you have made. You turn your senses away from the First 
World, spreading your sight outwards into the vastness of an unbreachable prison. A dark, malevolent 
presence touches your mind and cripples your thoughts with its endless hunger, and you briefly 
comprehend the endless torture that will befall you.

Ino waves her hand dismissively.

The favour of Jadice has worn off.

A child is screaming, and you've a horrible headache. You make a sudden twist with your arms, your 
hands close upon something warm and soft. You feel rage subsiding but you look down and find your 
hands covered with blood. The child, a human girl with hair that would have been a strawberry blond 
if not for all the matted blood, is finally quiet.

You open your eyes and stretch languidly, feeling deliciously well-rested.

Luas just nods a little. With a small gesture of his head towards the stage in question, he says, "May I ask what it was you hoped to watch?"

Aeromage Ino looks thoughtful and says, "I actually did not have a particular production in mind. I was going to browse the list before deciding."

You have emoted: Mica gets to her feet, blushing once more.

You stand up and stretch your arms out wide.

Aeromage Ino smiles and says, "If I may ask, what production of the Marquis' were you watching? He has so many."

You say, "The Greatest of All Possible Triumphs, or something like that."

Ino blinks.

Aeromage Ino says, "Goodness that is certainly popular lately."

You say, "Forgive me for falling asleep so unceremoniously."

Cold, clean breezes eddy through the air, driven indoors by the constant winds that buffet the city.

Aeromage Ino says, "I was just discussing it with Marquis Shevat the other day, and since then I've seen several people watching it."

Luas shares a small smile with you as you rights you self. "It's very well-done," he comments of the play.

Aeromage Ino says, "Is it a recent production? I was under the impression it was old."

You say, "I think it's been some time since its debut. Still, the play never fails to entertain."

Aeromage Ino says to you, "Don't even worry about falling asleep. I do it all the time."

Ino looks up into the air for divine inspiration.

You grin mischievously at Ino.

Luas lifts a hand to scratch at the stubble of his jaw as he opines, "I enjoyed it, though I found the ending a touch confusing."

Aeromage Ino says, "I have not seen it yet."

Aeromage Ino says, "But I am told that the ending is a twist."

Comprehension flashes across Luas's face.

Private Luas says, "Then I shan't spoil it for you, miss."
Aeromage Ino smiles and says, "Thank you for the consideration, Private."

You say, "I'd definitely recommend watching it. The props and stage settings are lovely."

Aeromage Ino says, "I do plan on watching it at some point. The botany is drawn from a set of experiments I read about that I found fascinating."

Aeromage Ino says, "Crystal botany, that is."

You have emoted: Mica's eyes brighten with interest.

You ask, "May I ask where those experiments were documented?"

Aeromage Ino says, "Lady Nihmriel Shevat actually conducted and then recorded her findings, and Marquis Shevat told me he drew part of his plot inspiration from them."

Aeromage Ino says to you, "Why, the Library of Universal Understanding of course. I'd be happy to show you, if you require."

Aeromage Ino says, "If I'm recollecting properly there were... at least one volume, perhaps two."

You say, "The next time I visit, I will make sure to look upon it. All those lovely crystal flowers..."

Aeromage Ino says, "Mm, and I believe her work had something to do with our garden that can be found 
in the Transcendental Aviary."

With a wistful look on her face, Ino touches a flower of silver arches.

You have emoted: Mica looks off into the distance dreamily.

Aeromage Ino says, "These unusual flowers."

Aeromage Ino says, "It's fascinating really."

You say, "Ah, the Aviary! I have not seen many crystal flowers in the garden there yet."

Aeromage Ino says, "You have to create them."

You say, "Oh."

You have emoted: Mica glances down at the rose on her shirt.

Aeromage Ino says, "There should be a plaque or perhaps some sort of holographic instruction plate."

Ino scratches her head in confusion.

Aeromage Ino says, "I'm forgetting."

Aeromage Ino looks skeptical and says, "And I also am uncertain of the correct term."

Shrugging lightly, you say, "Well, I can look it up anytime."

Ino nods her head emphatically.

Luas shifts his weight from one boot to the other at your side, hands clasped at his back. Having nothing to contribute to this particular strain of conversation, he nonetheless remains politely attentive.

Glancing over at Luas, Aeromage Ino says, "Oh, but do excuse me. I tend to chatter on."

Ino mutters and traces the glowing symbol of a rose before her. She smiles as the rose floats towards her and enters her chest, making her somehow look much more attractive.

You say, "Not at all, Aeromage!"

Dull chiming noises echo in the distance at regular intervals, the sound of hammers on crystal.

Luas turns to regard you, asking in a murmur, "Shall we leave miss Ino to it,then?"

Aeromage Ino says, "Well, Miss Mica, Private Luas, I have no wish to keep you captive further. Do 
take care."

Glancing discreetly at her companion, you say, "Well, we shan't keep you longer from your visit to 
the Opera House."

Ino curtseys gracefully.

Your mouth turns up as your face breaks into a smile.

You curtsey gracefully before Ino.

Luas draws up into a respectful salute of farewell to Ino.

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    Those two are cute together. :x If you ever want to talk theatre, particularly with respect to Shevat productions, Daraius is all about it.
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    That goes for quite a few of us. This was fun to read.
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    Glad it provided some entertainment, hopefully my next rps will be less awkward xD.

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