Mica attempts RP Pt. 2

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In which chitchat is accompanied by strange occurrences.

Golden Serenity Teahouse.
Banks of clouds roil about here. A chandelier of gemstones and platinum shines in its own light. An unassuming cedar tea table rests here, a humble exemplar of balance and utility. There are 3 low, cushioned chairs of beryl-hued cedar here. A painting of Tosha the Meditative serving tea beneath the cherry tree is proudly exhibited on a nearby wall, with an inscription on a plaque on its frame. You see a sign here instructing you that WARES is the command to see what is for sale. You see exits leading north and down (closed door).

You close your eyes and inhale deeply, absorbing the scent of your surroundings.

You have emoted: Mica walks over to the display cases.

Luas follows you into the refined space, taking in all the decoration and luxury with an appraising sweep of his grey eyes. "Never been in here," he confesses as he joins you by the display of wares.

You say, "This place is also owned by Lord Daraius. It is a good place to just sit and let your mind rest, I've found."

"Mm," is Luas's small sound of not-quite-agreement. He does look pretty rough and out-of-place among all the delicate furnishings and products.

Off to ensure harmony is kept in the city, a custodian of order leaves to the north.

Cold, clean breezes eddy through the air, driven indoors by the constant winds that buffet the city.

You have emoted: Mica turns back to the display, saying, "I'd recommend the smoked salmon tea sandwich." She adds with a grin, "Since these are mostly tea things, some dessert may be needed for sustenance."

You have emoted: Mica chooses a sandwich for herself with a practiced air.

You pay 150 sovereigns and receive a savoury smoked salmon tea sandwich.

Luas struggles to distinguish one sandwich from another--this sort of thing is clearly well outside his realm of expertise. He's quick to follow your example once you has chosen.

Luas gets some gold sovereigns from a black pouch of soft leather.

Luas buys a savoury smoked salmon tea sandwich.

Luas puts some gold sovereigns in a black pouch of soft leather.

You do not have enough gold to afford a delicate rosewater-whipped meringue.


You have emoted: Mica makes her way to the seating area, immediately sinking into a chair.

You sit yourself down on a low, cushioned chair of beryl-hued cedar and make yourself comfortable.

Gazing down her hooked nose, a city administrator enters from the north.

You have emoted: Mica lets out a contented sigh.

Again, Luas is content to follow your lead. The short distance of the seat from the ground puts the knees of his long legs a little too high to look comfortable or natural. He's still looking around like he's stepped onto a foreign plane.

Luas sits himself down on a low, cushioned chair of beryl-hued cedar and makes himself comfortable.

With a polite nod of her head, a city administrator leaves to the north.

Softly, you say, "If you are in need of company later on, perhaps we could meet up again in a place that feels more comfortable for you."

You eat a savoury smoked salmon tea sandwich with gusto.
You fastidiously pick up this sandwich with thumb and forefinger and admire the salmon-sculpted chrysanthemum on top, before nibbling at anedge. The smoked salmon's silken texture and mellow, slightly salty
savour asserts itself prominently upon your palate, pleasantly enhanced by the mild cream cheese and sharp, aromatic dill. As you bite through the crisp cucumber slice with a crunch, further notes of dill, parsley, and chives emerge from within the creamy herbed butter. The dense, faintly sweet pumpernickel bread beneath proves light but sturdy at the bottom, providing an earthy, rounded finish. With a second bite, you finish off this lightweight, but boldly flavourful tea sandwich, further enjoying the delicate, refined interplay of salmon, herbs, cucumber, and pumpernickel upon your palate.

Luas tenses a bit, a small frown descending onto his brow before he forces it away. Instead, he directs a reassuring half-smile across to you and promises, "I'm fine. But meeting again sounds fine too."

You have emoted: Mica nods, a smile spreading across her face.

Relaxing in her chair, you say, "So, about your reply to my first letter..."

Luas does his best to look more comfortable than he feels, mostly for your benefit. He tries a bite of the sandwich, chewing as he prompts you to continue with a curious look.

You say, "I was curious to know that there was someone who has influenced your character greatly in the past. I myself don't remember many details about the people in my life before entering the Portal. I can only remember that I had parents and that I was loved, but little else besides scraps of memories here and there."

You say, "I was curious if you remembered anything about the people that was in your life."

Luas swallows as he listens, then nods. "It's much the same for me," he confides. "Scraps that don't fit into one neat chronology."

Private Luas says, "I remember mountains and trees. Dirt and grass. Nothing like this city."

Luas sets the half-eaten sandwich down before continuing. "Of people, I don't recall their specific roles, but I do remember feeling a sibling bond. I think I had a brother or sister."

Curiously, you say, "Younger? If you can remember, that is."

Luas makes a kind of uncertain motion with his hand. "Quite close in age, I think. More likely younger than older, yes."

Cold, clean breezes eddy through the air, driven indoors by the constant winds that buffet the city.

You say, "I don't know many people in Hallifax yet. Perhaps your sibling could be a member of another organization. Since you remember living in a place surrounded by...nature..."

You have emoted: Mica trails off for a moment before shaking her head to clear her thoughts. Her movement is a bit more vigorous than usual and a feathery pigtail smacks her on the chin.

You say, "Oh."

"Or they may not have made it this far," Luas notes, decidedly airy despite the morbid implications. He lifts a shoulder in a shrug. "Either way, I've more important things to be worrying over than digging through the past."

The sound of quiet, muffled conversation drifts through the air.

It is now the 18th of Vestian, 447 years after the Coming of Estarra.

You have emoted: Mica nods her agreement. "The past is like a rainbow. It's lovely, and you can draw inspiration from it if you wish, but in the end it's not something you can ever obtain."

Luas tilts his head, expression thoughtful as he considers both the analogy and his companion across from him. Eventually he murmurs, "Well said."

You say, "I would love it if I could find my parents. If not, I will simply found a family of my own!"

A smile reaches Luas's eyes at that declaration. He pops the remainder of the sandwich into his mouth and chews, swallowing before saying, "You'd have to come up with a suitable surname."

You say, "Perhaps if I had no memory of receiving love from my parents, I would need to go searching for my past before doing so. Trying to give love to a child without remembering anything about love would be foolish. But that's not the case with me."

You say, "As for the surname..."

Deep in thought, you lean your cheek on your hand.

You say, "There was...something I was thinking of. Something I could use as a suffix, since I can't actually found a family yet.

Luas consumes a savoury smoked salmon tea sandwich leisurely, seeming to enjoy every bite.

Smiling, you say, "I got the suffix idea from Junior Fellow Vanyel, actually. A smart way to assert your identity when laws prevent it."

Luas's features resolve into an expression that invites you to go on.

Smiling softly, remembering, you say, "I have slept beneath the stars for many a night while I explored the Basin. Many mornings I have greeted with a wet crest."

Dull chiming noises echo in the distance at regular intervals, the sound of hammers on crystal.

You say, "I wanted my name to reflect my nature as an adventurer, though not just in physical methods of it...of the arts as well, but I digress. I would like my surname to be Dewcrest."

Luas dusts breadcrumbs from his fingers as he says to himself, "Mica Dewcrest..." testing the sound 
of it aloud.

You have emoted: Mica blinks a bit faster than normal as Luas sounds out her name.

You say, "Of course, it's only a draft. I was thinking of others."

You say, "Hailsong, Mistfeather...There is plenty of time for me to decide."

At length, Luas gives a firm nod. "I like it," he decides, apparently giving little consideration to the mentioned alternatives.

Curiously, Private Luas says, "What are the requirements for founding a family? I know nothing about this sort of thing."

You say, "You either need to form a bloodbond with someone you are sure is your sibling, or you need to have a spouse. You can't officially have a surname otherwise."

Luas's brows lift in surprise. "Seems a bit odd. Enforcing marriage like that."

You have emoted: Mica looks surprised as well as she replies, "I didn't think of it as enforcing...well, anyhow."

You say, "There was a trill of the same age as me, and of the same guild. I wondered if we could be sisters for a while, but she just disappeared."

Luas gives you a look of mild sympathy. "That's a shame."

Thoughtfully, you say, "We are only a few months apart in age, and she looks very different from me, so I suppose the chances of us being twins were slim from the start."

You say, "Still, the idea of a fraternal twin sister duo sounded nice. What an act we could have made!"

Luas's eyes sparkle with amusement.

Unable to disagree, Private Luas says, "Quite."

Private Luas says, "For my part, I've been invited to join several notable families around the city, but... Again, it's just not a priority for me at this point. I have other things to concern myself over."

You say, "Goodness! Well, understandable, since you do so much for Hallifax. But...if you are not currently searching to join a family, what are you looking to achieve, if I may ask?"

Private Luas says, "To become a full member of my guild, firstly, and therefore better able to directly contribute. My progress within the Company is moving forward at a far steadier pace since the contest's conclusion. Which comes as something of a relief."

You say, "I am glad to hear you are advancing steadily!"

Luas nods his head in agreement.

You have emoted: Mica shifts slightly forward in her seat to ask, "What comes after the rank of Private in your guild?"

Private Luas says, "Well, next is NCO--Non-Commissioned Officer. From there, members are to select a Directorate to serve under."

Private Luas says, "This is what I've most been looking forward to. I've discovered myself to be rather a restless creature when left without direction."

Private Luas says, "It's a character flaw I intend to temper, but it's been difficult to bear at times."

You say, "It's better than being slow to rise, I'd say."

Luas concedes the point with a dip of his head.

Private Luas says, "In any case, I've been working more closely with the Minister of Peace and Chief Superintendent. I'm not sure how much of that is due to the results of the contest, or just that they have more time now that it's done."

Private Luas says, "It's good to be getting something done, in either case."

You say, "Have you gone on many hunts, or raids since your collaboration?"

Luas doffs a feathered sable satin hat edged in ruched silk cordially.


Comprehension flashes across your face.

Luas shakes his head to indicate the negative. "Not really, no."

You say, "You have a hat?"

Private Luas says, "No... I don't..."

You say, "I...did not see that."

Private Luas says, "And that wasn't me."

You see the following people here:
Luas, Mica.

Luas rises from his seat, suddenly alert.

Luas gets up off a low, cushioned chair of beryl-hued cedar.

You say, "Odd, I sense no one here other than us."

You get up off a low, cushioned chair of beryl-hued cedar.

Light glinting off his crystalline form, a custodian of order enters from the north.

Luas performs a quick search of the surroundings.

Luas is no less confused for his search. He casts a concerned glance your way.

You have emoted: Mica looks around in utter confusion, though the look in her eyes indicate a hint 
of amusement as well.

You say, "What a day this is turning out to be."

Off to ensure harmony is kept in the city, a custodian of order leaves to the north.

In tones of mild disgruntlement, Private Luas says, "If you ever see me with a hat on, just slap it off my head, alright?"

Grinning mischievously, you say, "Oh, I don't know. Maybe you'd look quite dapper with a hat on. I couldn't really tell just then because it happened so fast."

You say, "But yes, if a hat suddenly appears I will make sure to acquisition it from you properly."

Luas pulls a face, unable to resolve the use of the word 'dapper' being applied to himself.

The sound of quiet, muffled conversation drifts through the air.

Suddenly remembering, you say, "Oh, I noticed you're not in your armor today."

Luas is steadily relaxing the more time passes without any further strange occurrences. He glances down at himself as if just remembering too. "Ah--er, yes." That's all the answer he's got, apparently.

You say, "Did you forge your armor yourself? I wanted to ask that ever since I heard you took up the trade, but forgot to."

Dull chiming noises echo in the distance at regular intervals, the sound of hammers on crystal.

Luas smiles softly.

Private Luas says, "Sadly I haven't the skill as of yet."

Private Luas says, "This suit was forged for me by Marquis Pejat."

Comprehension flashes across your face.

A series of chiming notes, distinctly crystalline, ring out in the distance in a slow, descending scale.

You say, "It is good that Hallifax has him. He certainly seems a generous person."

Luas nods his head in agreement.

Private Luas says, "The most generous I've known."

You say, "Do you still have the cookies he gave you? I think I do."

Luas lets his hand drift from where it had settled on the hilt of the hammer at his belt, having at some prior point unconsciously readied himself to act. "I used them all pretty much as soon as I had them," he explains.

You say, "Do the effects stack? I didn't know, so I've been rather stingy with my cookies."

Luas nods his head affirmatively.

Private Luas says, "Up to ten at a time."

You say, "Well, I hope there will be a hunt sometime soon, I'd like a chance to use those cookies properly."

Private Luas says, "Lady Ymuli holds them fairly regularly--perhaps even later this weave."

You say, "It's bizarre, but I've missed Astral hunts. I haven't gone on them for a long time thanks to my infernal quantum twin."

You say, "Perhaps it's the feeling of togetherness I get from slaying astral beasts in packs, I don't know."

You say, "Even if I don't contribute much, I still feel like I belong somewhere."

Luas spares a light half-smile for the sentiment. "There is quite a sense of camaraderie, isn't there," he agrees quietly.

Gazing down her hooked nose, a city administrator enters from the north.

Private Luas says to you, "For now, I fear I must relieve you of my company. Sleep is calling, and I'm ill-equipped to decline."

With a polite nod of her head, a city administrator leaves to the north.

You say, "Of course! It has been a long day."

You stand up straight.

Dull chiming noises echo in the distance at regular intervals, the sound of hammers on crystal.

Private Luas says to you, "Thank you sincerely for the play, and the conversation. I don't make time for those sort of things for myself. I enjoyed it."

You have emoted: A swirl of emotions appear in Mica's eyes, though she does not reveal anything on the subject. "I have enjoyed it too," she answers simply.

You curtsey gracefully before Luas.

You say, "Fair winds!"

Luas gives you a respectful salute.

Private Luas says, "And for you as well, Mica. Take care."

Luas grows still and his lips begin to move silently.

Luas is enveloped in translucent fire for a moment and is gone, his soul safe until he returns to Lusternia.

Age: forever 28 / Sex: female / Location: where the Fates can't reach



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