Kilian and his friend, Irk the Crow

@Kilian and my crow have been becoming fast friends while I practice my influencing. This is probably their 3rd meeting, and the bird keeps getting more friendly :)


The Moonhart Mother Tree.
Gazing at nothing at all, a daydreaming philosopher paces here, focused on some inner puzzle. Kilian is here, looking quite miserable. He wields a silver and emerald violin in his left hand. He is surrounded by two pale ancestral spirits.

Breandryn bends at the waist in a respectful bow.

Breandryn ponders the situation.

Barrin doffs the hood of great robes of the crystal orchid to you.

Oayllee Kilian says, "So, Mister Strongleaf... hmm, the woman who made my robes had the same last name, a relative?"

Oayllee Kilian says, "Anyway, what's a Serene Truthspeaker?"

Musingly, Breandryn says, "...I wonder where my crow has flown off to...."

Kilian gives Breandryn the once-over, eyeing her suspiciously.

Barrin Strongleaf, Serene Truthspeaker says, "Its a rank in Lady Maylea's order."

Kilian edges a little closer to Barrin.

Oayllee Kilian says, "Oh. I read about Lady Maylea a little bit, because she's our patron. Not sure what that means though. I'm sorry, this is all so new to me and I'm dumb."

Breandryn idly scans the treetops. Overhead - remarkably close above Kilian - a branch rustles ominously, but the young woman seems oblivious to the movement. She shrugs, turning her attention to the guards.

Barrin Strongleaf, Serene Truthspeaker says, "Very few would classify as dumb. I can guarantee that you are not dumb."

"Oh, I forgot my origami!" Breandryn mutters, heading off on a path towards the treetops. The movement in the trees does not follow her, but instead seems quite content to remain directly above Kilian.

Looking nervously at the branches, Oayllee Kilian says, "Someone's got to be dumb if anyone's smart, because that's what words mean, Mister Strongleaf."

--- Get origami ---

You release an origami package in the shape of a delectable sugar fae and it flutters into the air and around you, its wet fold origami charm dissolving into the air around you as the vellum disappears in tiny motes of dust.

Breandryn releases a small origami package - the vellum flutters upwards, dissipating into sparkling dust. A sound emanates from the treetops, something akin to a squawking sneeze.

Barrin Strongleaf, Serene Truthspeaker says, "Well well."

Barrin peers at Urdnot unscrupulously.

Urdnot pounces on Barrin, sending Barrin rolling head over heels with him.

Oayllee Kilian says, "There's another Mister Strongleaf."

Serenguard Urdnot Strongleaf says, "Strongleafs are awesome."

Brightly, Breandryn says, "Everyone here is awesome."

Barrin Strongleaf, Serene Truthspeaker says, "Anything is awesome compared to the South."

Edging even closer to Barrin for safety, Oayllee Kilian says, "Yeah, there's even more of those down there that try to take the little ones."

Peppering in conversation between her chatter with the guards, Breandryn says, "Fair enough. Still, there is something special about this place." Overhead, some branches creak, as if a very large bird were adjusting its perch. Blithely, the girl continues, "It's lovely, and the people are kind, and nobody kills babies just because they are innocent."

Barrin Strongleaf, Serene Truthspeaker says to Urdnot, "Staying long?"

Urdnot shakes his head.

Serenguard Urdnot Strongleaf says, "Looking at messages and news."

Barrin Strongleaf, Serene Truthspeaker says to Urdnot, "It seems at times you have abandoned me."

"I'm sorry!" Urdnot says to Barrin with a blush.

Barrin sniffles softly.

Barrin Strongleaf, Serene Truthspeaker says to Urdnot, "I am glad that you have managed to visit the Basin, nonetheless."

Serenguard Urdnot Strongleaf says, "I try to visit once a month."

Serenguard Urdnot Strongleaf says, "Not that I ever do anything."

Urdnot looks about himself suspiciously.

Increasingly nervously, Oayllee Kilian says, "That bird wants to do exactly that and I'm not a baby anymore, no matter how dumb I am!"

Again, the branches sway as the tip of a mottled grey feather briefly sluices through the leaves. Breandryn blinks over at Kilian, then laughs, matter-of-factly responding, "He wouldn't eat you because you're innocent, silly."

Kilian blanches and paws at the burn on his muzzle.

Chuckling, her attention turning back to chatter with the guards, Breandryn says, "He'd do it because he's hungry."

Oayllee Kilian says, "B-b-but I'm not innocent. I mean probably no one is totally but definitely definitely not me. I did something awful awful once."

Serenguard Urdnot Strongleaf says, "Anything happening?"

Barrin Strongleaf, Serene Truthspeaker says, "Well, aethersuits?"

Barrin Strongleaf, Serene Truthspeaker says, "Besides that, not much."

Kilian gnaws at his claw and stares up into the branches.

Attention caught by the frightened confession, Breandryn says to Kilian, "Oooh! What did you do?"

Oayllee Kilian says, "I can't say, I'm forbidden."

Oayllee Kilian says, "M-Maybe it'd be better if it did eat me."

Snorting in disbelief, Breandryn says to Kilian, "That sounds like an excuse to pretend you've done something."

Edging back to the clearing away from Barrin, Oayllee Kilian says, "Why would anyone want to pretend to be awfuler than they are?"

Sagely, Breandryn says, "To seem terrifying and mighty."

Turning to Breandryn, Oayllee Kilian says, "Is that working?"

Blinking in confusion, Breandryn says, "I'm not terrifying or mighty! I'm just me!" Again, the branches rustle, and finally the girl seems to notice, dragging her eyes upwards. "Oh," she flatly remarks, finally catching on. "Him."

Eyes rolling in exasperation, Breandryn says to Kilian, "Ignore Irk. He's never eaten anything worse than some fish heads."

Staring terrified up into the branches but still moving to a clearer space, Oayllee Kilian says, "At least that you know about. He's really interested in me."

Branches suddenly shake and leaves part as a crow's ugly head bobs downwards, his one malevolent eye glaring at Kilian, as if to warn the little Furrikin that Breandryn's comment about dietary restrictions is not from a lack of desire.

Kilian starts and almost jumps behind Barrin again, but steels himself and stays put.

Under his breath, Oayllee Kilian says, "Don't be such a coward. If this is the time then just as well. Maybe it's for the best."

With a loud rustle of branches and feathers, the immense crow launches himself from the tree, swooping about in a rapid, descending circle to land next to Breandryn.

A massive, dappled grey crow trots in with head high, butting you gently with his head.
A massive, dappled grey crow desperately needs food!

Breandryn stares implacably at a massive, dappled grey crow.

A massive, dappled grey crow glares angrily at Breandryn.

Breandryn says to a massive, dappled grey crow, "You are still ugly."

Kilian shudders violently.

Urdnot gives a massive, dappled grey crow the once-over, eyeing him suspiciously.

A massive, dappled grey crow nods his head at Urdnot.

Voice shaking, Oayllee Kilian says, "If it eats me give any of my things that are left to my mentor."

Breandryn shoves some slops and wriggling things into the bird's feedbag, before she goes back to ignoring the beast. The crow eyes Kilian once more, clear hunger in his stare, before he turns his attention to the food at hand. With resignation, he begins to pick at the gloop.

Barrin Strongleaf, Serene Truthspeaker says, "I hear crows like eating furrikins."

Nearly paralyzed with terror, Oayllee Kilian says, "Ones half that size took many of the other children from the cave and they weren't never seen again never!"

Barrin Strongleaf, Serene Truthspeaker says, "Its a good thing you are not as plump."

Barrin peers at Urdnot unscrupulously.

Attention drifting away from her conversation with the guards, Breandryn says, "He's a bit small, really, compared to what most of the Blacktalon ride."

Clearly on the edge of tears, Oayllee Kilian says, "It's hardly different here is it?"

Breandryn slowly seems to catch on to just how distressed Kilian is becoming. She frowns, peering over at the Furrikin, and quietly, but firmly states, "Hey, now. I won't let him eat you. Okay?"

Behind Breandryn, the crow tosses his head. He clearly has other opinions on the matter.

Staring at the tree full of severed heads, Oayllee Kilian says to Breandryn, "If it wants you can't stop it. It's the same here, no one cares if the weak get murdered, there's death everywhere, it's just greener."

Frowning, Breandryn says, "Well, that's how life works, kinda. We live, we die, we become mulch for new growth."

Urdnot winces in pain.

Breandryn points out, "Plus, it's not like we really die, right? We all come back, later, in another form. I read that in the library."

Smirking confidently, Urdnot and Barrin casually bump fists.

Barrin flashes Urdnot a joyous smile.

Oayllee Kilian says, "Some must die or we couldn't have ancestors."

In a tone clearly intended to be comforting, Breandryn says to Kilian, "So! Even if Irk here DOES eat you, you'll still come back. Someday. Somewhere. Maybe."

Kilian glances askance at the Strongleafs wholly unconcerned with all this, and then back to Breandryn.

In a tiny voice, Oayllee Kilian says, "Maybe what I did was precisely terrible enough after all."

Barrin Strongleaf, Serene Truthspeaker says, "Time to hunt."

Nodding, Breandryn says to Kilian, "Muguwhazits did an experiment. She killed a...err..." She pauses here, story stumbling a bit, before she rushes onwards. "A-furrikin-but-that's-not-the-point. Anyways! And she found that the same soul was reborn later!"

Oayllee Kilian says to Breandryn, "So why don't you get it to eat you?"

Breandryn glances over at the crow. The bird tosses his head, almost scornfully. She looks back to Kilian, reporting, "It seems Faeling wings leave little bits stuck in the craw."

Kilian bursts into tears at last and turns to run away. "M-maybe somewhere else isn't just Glomdoring but greener," he sobs.

Kilian leaves to the north.

A centaur hunter taps his forehead with his spear as Kilian leaves.
A centaur hunter says, "Be safe, wildeling."

Breandryn yells, "Oh, no, Kilian! He's not going to eat you. I promiiiiise!"

Breandryn stares implacably at a massive, dappled grey crow.

A massive, dappled grey crow glares angrily at you.

Breandryn says to a massive, dappled grey crow, "RUDE."

A massive, dappled grey crow glares around with his one malevolent eye.
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