Is it possible to restart a character to use same name?

PolyfimosPolyfimos Member Posts: 3 Inept
Greetings everyone. I hadnt played the game long, I was a conscript hallifax sentinel, but I had to be away on like 2 months or so and there are some problems that come with my absence. First a lot of the things I had, if not all, rotted. Not to mention I am almost certain I wont even have the cash to rebuy everything. Second I pretty much forgot a lot of what "tutorials" taught me and feeling quite lost. Is it possible to restart a character? I know I can start a new character on another name but would love to keep current name if possible. 


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    You can ask for help, where money is concerned. I'm sure there are plenty of Hallifaxians willing to set you back on your feet.

    Those same people can probably set you straight with the teaching stuff.

    If you do want to do the game introduction, you can also make an alternate character just to learn those stuff, just remember, you can't transfer gold earned from that character back to Polyfimos - though if the first point is true, you probably won't need to.

    At any rate, if you want to restart with the same name and don't want to ask for help etc, you can SUICIDE your character and make a new one. Do note that it may take some time before your current character's name is purged from the game's databases and becomes available to use again. Could take up to around 24 hours or so.

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    Can confirm. There'll be plenty people willing to help you get up to speed. If you see me around, feel free to give me a poke and I'll give you a hand.
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    We are generally speaking nice and helpful people. Lots of people are willing to drop cash on newbies (even "new people who came back after a long absence" newbies!). Hit up people with your questions, we don't bite. :)
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    It is possible to SUICIDE a character (if you haven't made it permanent with credits) and create a new one under the same name but you'll have to wait a few days after the suicide for the name to be released again. Character deletion isn't always immediate and can take at least a couple of days. It may be easier to have a friendly citymate help you get back up and running.

  • PolyfimosPolyfimos Member Posts: 3 Inept
    Awesome, thank you all. I do have a small amount of cash, I first thought you lose it if your backpack rots(I am new to MUDs in general to be honest) but lots of catching up to do. I dont remember even what I was supposed to do last time and need sure to bring the char up to date with gears and cures. I cant log much today but will do so tomorrow
  • KiradaweaKiradawea Member Posts: 1,750 Transcendent
    No. While a backpack can be useful for gold, you don't lose it if it isn't kept in your pack. Also, want me to give you a poke and offer you some gold if I see you around?
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    Hallifax has an OOC clan that you might also like to join. We chat about all sorts of things, but it's also a great place to find help getting back into things. Let us know if you'd like to join and we'll keep an eye out for you.
  • PolyfimosPolyfimos Member Posts: 3 Inept
    Thank you both, that could help a lot. I am currently at work for 6 hours more so not sure if I will have a chance to actually do something yet, but should do once at home. I did log however and from what I see I am lvl 15, almost 16 and got 11k gold but everything is rotted. Pretty much everything equipped has disappeared. I dont really remember what I should have equiped for Krokani Sentinel and what "cures" I should have with me but I remember I did have some difficulty in locating shops last time so it will be a bit of challenge at first. For the guild Lusternia lists me as "a Freshman Novice in the Sentinels " now 
  • KiradaweaKiradawea Member Posts: 1,750 Transcendent
    I don't recall what cures, if any, the Sentinels have as part of their novice advancements, but you should probably think about acquiring five vials at least. For healing, mana, bromide, restorative ice and fire potions. There are other cures that'll be good to get in time, but those five are the most common cures to use in PvE.

    You'll also want some clothes/armour. Armour provides more protection, but clothes have an extra slot for enchantment knots, making them a little better for influencing. We can get you both though.

    Regarding shops, Hallifax can be a bit difficult to navigate at first. But our shops are on the outer ring of the city. On the upper floors of the outer rings are various towers. There are two shops and a trade station in most of these towers. There's also a shop directory you can enter at the base of each tower. I'll show it to you.

    Lastly, you're gonna need a weapon. You should check to see if the Sentinel guild hall has a weapon locker for smaller weapons. If not, we'll simply have to commission one from a forger.
    Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
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