Alternative Weapon Nouns

I was playing Aetolia (but definitely still intend to move here, and not there, when MKO closes), and I realized that they have a TON of weapon nouns to choose from. I think it'd be cool if that aspect of Lusternia expanded, too.

Might be neat for people to list alternative options in this thread, I'm thinking.

For example...

One-Handed Swords: Backsword, Sabre, Yatagan/Yataghan, Shamshir, Smallsword, Falcata

Two-Handed Swords: Flamberge, Estoc, Falx, Rhomphaia

I'm sure many others could be thought of, too, and would add options to RP without requiring a great deal of work.


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    With the change to weapons, this is certainly a possibility now. It'd be nice to see more variety.
  • I really want to go Cav spec and wield a spear, for the Celtic aesthetic of it.
  • LuceLuce Fox Populi
    Bludgeon: Shillelagh, Club, Mallet
    Cavalier: Naginata, Mancatcher, Poleaxe, Bec-de-Corbin, Ranseur, Guandao, Warscythe, Pike, Guisarme, Partisan (so many wonderful spears...)
    Blades: Kukri
    Blademaster: Kukri, Machete, Butterfly Swords, Jian, Gladius
    Pureblade: Dadao, Khopesh, Ringsword
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    Do we have flails? And hammers? And maces? If not, definitely needed. I'm picking up forging when I hit 70m (1/7th of the way there!) so I am very supportive of this idea!
  • The bonecrushers use flails, hammers, maces, and mauls.
  • His is what we got:

    One-Handed Blades (cutting damage, used by warriors trained in Blademaster): Shortswords, Longswords,
    Broadswords, Scimitars, Rapiers

    One-Handed Bludgeons (blunt damage, used by warriors trained in Bonecrusher): Clubs, Flails, Maces, 
    Morning Stars, Battle Hammers

    Two-Handed Blades (cutting damage, used by warriors trained in Pureblade): Katana, Greatsword, 
    Claymore, Bastard Sword

    Two-Handed Axes (cutting damage, used by warriors trained in Axelord): Klangaxe, Greataxe, Waraxe, 

    Two-Handed Polearms (cutting damage*, used by warriors trained in Cavalier): Bardiche, Lance, 
    Halberd, Glaive

    Note some cant be master weapons.

    Please give me master weapon clubs its all I really want :(
  • LuceLuce Fox Populi
    I was about to ask why lances do cutting damage, then I remembered we don't have piercing damage. Of the list above, Shortswords and Clubs can't be Masterweapons. In fact, Shortswords aren't even considered swords, they're blades along with daggers and one handed axes.

    Full list looks like:
    Warrior weapons
    Pureblade (two handed swords mostly meant to chop) - Katana, Greatsword, Claymore, Bastard Sword
    Blademaster (one handed swords mostly meant to pierce or slash) - Rapier, Longsword, Broadsword, Scimitar
    Axelord (two handed axes meant to chop) - Klangaxe, Greataxe, Waraxe, Battleaxe (To my understanding, Klangaxes are short-hafted with two crescent blades, Greataxes are single-bladed with a traditional head but the blade is ginourmous, Waraxe has two traditional axe heads, and Batleaxes are single-headed crescent-bladed, but I've never even looked at many Axelord designs.)
    Bonecrusher (One handed blunt weapons meant to knock slobber) - Flails, Maces, Morning stars, Battle hammers (It's all about the head here)
    Cavalier (polearms meant to be used from a mount)- Bardiche, Lance, Halberd, Glaive

    Misc. gear anyone can use (technically)
    Blades - Shortsword, Dagger, Axe (woodcutting axes)
    Clubs - Club
    Shields - Kite Shield
    Scabbards - Scabbard, Frogge
    Standards - Standard

    Armour (anyone can use up to scale or chain, I forget which, only warriors can use the rest. Again, technically)
    Leather - Skullcap, Vest, Leggings, Sling, Bracers
    Chain - Coif, Shirt, Leggings
    Scale - Helm, Jacket, Leggings
    Plate - Fieldplate, Fullplate
    Greathelm - Helm
    Greatshield - Greatshield

    Monk weapons
    Kata+Masterkata - Jakari/Chain, Nekai, Shofa, Tahto

    Other tradeskills to note
    In Artisan - Violin, Lute, Lyre, Mandolin, Viola (bard "weapons", all other classes make their own without tradeskills)
    In Tailoring - Tabard, Coat (can be made into a sur coat or coat of arms easily enough)

    We'll probably never see:
    Mauls, Greatclubs, Greathammers, Sledgehammers - 2h bludgeons would need a whole new spec.
    Javelins, Pila, Shuriken, Chakram, Throwing Axes, Bows - Even though most of these exist in game, ranged weapon specs are a no-fly zone.
    Meteor Hammers, Rope darts, Katar, Monk's Spades, Sansetsukon/sanjiegun. - Too similar to pre-existing kata weapons whose skills rely on things the weapons don't have or have properties the kata weapons don't.
    Barding - pls2not add more maintenance costs to beasts. Some of us are poor.
    Rondels, Main Gauche, Kris, Knives in general - We have daggers which are already only used sometimes by a single spec, and everyone laughs at them behind their backs when they use it because poisons suck.
    Bucklers - We already have smallish shields, and aside from maybe not being counted as weilded, there's no reason for them aside from aesthetics? Though maybe as an alternate noun for 'shield'...
    Right-angled 'farming' or 'reaper' scythes - The blade's angle makes it completely unsuitable to the motions that Cavalier weapons use. It might be the traditional model, but the only reason warscythes might make it in (in our speculative world) is that the blade continues in the same direction as the haft, so the kinds of swings and jabs that halberds use work for it, too.
    Tessen, Cesti, and Hook swords would need a new spec, but I could see any of them as a Kata spec and we're missing two of those.
    I could see Falchions, Khopesh, Temple Swords, and Jian having their own Kata specs as well. Dervish, Temple-Guards, and Jianshu, respectively. Special note that Jian could be either a sword and scabbard style, or a two-handed sword style, since there IS a two handed form of the Jian.
    It occurs to me that we're missing a Warrior spec per Estarra, but not sure what that spec uses. Smart money's on an x-n-board style though.

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