Looking for Wispy Feathers SOLVED

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Hello everyone, 

since Thyelleia is a Trill, I would love to get the Wispy Feathers curio for her. I'm almost finished now and only need the fourth and the eighth lock. I would be very happy if somebody would like to trade them. Here is what I can offer in exchange:

55569   Rare     Silver Spoon         Utensil      Etched Large Fern 
57043   Rare     Chestnut Hair        None         Base Of Chestnut Hair 
57277   Piece    Treasure Map         None         Northwest Map Piece 
57665   Rare     Crimson Bottle       Redgenies    Crimson Bottle Spout 
57668   Piece    Jade Moth            Flutter      Left Antennae 
57856   Piece    Silver Feather       Feather      Lower Center Plume 
57917   Rare     Long White Hair      None         Base Of Long White Hair 
58104   Piece    Jade Moth            Flutter      Middle Legs 

Edit: Is it just my mobile or did I totally butcher the formatting? 

Another edit: Matter solved. Can be closed now. 
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