Fair winds

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Okay, it might seem a bit pretentious to announce my retirement when I've only started playing a few months ago and don't know a lot of people outside Hallifax, but I do feel it would be better to say goodbye than just go poof forever without notice. 

It's been a wonderful IG decade. To everyone I've ever RPd with, thank you. You guys made my time in Lusternia great. And I am sorry to leave so suddenly, but it's time I headed out--too many things to take care of now. Though Mica's time in Lusternia will only ever be a memory from now on, it was a good one and I thank you guys once again for making it what it is. May fair winds and fantastic RP be with you as long as your threads remain on the Tapestry.

p.s. Mica's dying wish! Please please please post the bicentennial refounding festival log. Been curious about that thing for so long.

Be well, all.

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    :frowning:  We never got to have cousinly tea and plotting.
    (clan): Falmiis says, "Aramelise, verb, 1. adorn with many flowers."
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    Good luck in your next venture! I enjoyed reading your logs and I'm sorry I never stumbled across you in person!
  • KistanKistan Member Posts: 417 Expert
    Thanks for an afternoon singing
  • MicaMica Member Posts: 44 Capable
    @Aramel All the explored rp does make leaving painful, yea... Going to miss chatting with the Dread Lo--I mean my awesome cousin.
    @Breandryn Thanks, and I'm glad you enjoyed my clunky rp sessions :) I think we did cross paths a few times? Not sure, but anyhow. Hope things will go great for you too!
    @Kistan Forget thee not my magnum opus, now.

    Age: forever 28 / Sex: female / Location: where the Fates can't reach

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     :| Denied. Where the heck am I supposed to get another comparably awesome Mica-sister from.  
  • SylandraSylandra Join Queue for Mafia Games The Last Mafia GameMember Posts: 4,731 Transcendent
    Nooo. :C I never got to really get to know you, but you were always a pleasure to RP with!
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    "Oh yeah, you're a naughty mayor, aren't you? Misfile that Form MA631-D. Comptroller Shevat's got a nice gemstone disc for you, but yer gonna have to beg for it."
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    You'll be missed <333
  • MicaMica Member Posts: 44 Capable
    @Thayan Aww, you were an awesome Thay-sis yourself <3 
    @Sylandra Same, same. Thanks for being nice to me during my time here :)
    @Allyrianne Farewell, Opus! Thank you for your kindness as well. Hope the Hymn of Praise went all right.

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    My cute little e-sister. I loved talking to you and will miss you.
    I wish you all the best for the future!
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    I'll make sure that the Mica Memorial chamber @Mica design stands forever in aethermanse Dew you left to me :)   Anyone is welcome to visit. Door is unlocked.

    thank you!

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    edited October 2016
    Because she asked me so nicely to post them here, here were Mica's songs, written and performed by Mica.


    Walk the earth, my sweet Trill.

    Gnomes and Finks and Shrooms do kill.

    The world looks down, cold and stern,

    Grace and Innocence you shall spurn.

    Though death may come, fear it not,

    For in the web of Fate you are caught.

    Spread your wings, my sweet Trill.

    Take flight and your destiny fulfill.

    Take a stand, be killed or kill.


    On deaf ears our warnings have fallen.

    Our voices we cease, our arms we wield.

    The strength of the Collective is our shield.

    No longer myself, I am One,

    No longer themselves, they are One,

    So we come to punish, come to subsume.

    On this day winds shall howl,

    The wrath of the Father shall consume,

    And the voice of the One now sings your doom.

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    edited October 2016
    @Kistan Er...I actually wanted to see all the songs you've collected from people, not just mine XD (one's also cringeworthy...yeah.) I was curious about the kinds of songs others come up with.

    Age: forever 28 / Sex: female / Location: where the Fates can't reach

  • KistanKistan Member Posts: 417 Expert
    @Mica Oh you will have to keep playing for that!

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