The Screaming Masquerade Ball!

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Ok! Here it is! It took a bit longer to get up than I expected. You know how it is, real life things. Plus, the ball itself was so colorful... it felt an injustice not to have it presented in the same colors via HTML, which I'd never edited into a decent log before now. Definitely a learning experience. I edited a couple of things for readability, got rid of most of the market/clan/deathsight/etc spam, as well as pruned various irrelevant background goings on. As usual, I left in all the mistakes because none of you people are perfect little buttercups and it makes me feel better about my own glaring typos. 

Be aware, this log is a bit on the lengthy side, but it was oh-so-very fun. A big, massive, yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge thank you to all the Admin who helped out with this, and of course to Pectus and Vatul for the creation and development of the whole thing!

From the PoV of Rideta:
(Magnagora): Thax says, "My truest favour to the soldier that brings me the weave of Neos."


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