Kaylani's First Butterfly

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So Illuminati are mysterious and elusive, but I've been cleared to share this Not Secret log! It's just me getting my first protege as an Illuminati :blush:

Kaylani's messaged Breandryn about being her mentor, so I go to find her when I login (once I get permission).

She is a glistening mugwump and has slate-grey scales dotted with bright yellow spots, looking far more like a salamander than a frog, perhaps with a hint of dracnari in her heritage. The sheen that comes from her skin is not the glistening of moisture as it might be for a frog, but rather, the natural iridescence of the keratinous edges of her tiny scales. Her eyes are the same slate-grey as her skin, making them easily overlooked. She appears to have been quite well fed, being round of contour, even down to her bulbous, ever-moving fingers. She is wearing a canvas backpack, dazzling robes of the phoenix, brown woodsman's shoes, a ring of twisted iron and steel, a scented rubious cloak, and a twisting bloodstone band.

She is a nimble faeling and is all angular elbows and knees with a hungry, waifish build, her scrawny arms and gangly legs giving her an awkward, coltish demeanor; the impression is heightened by her rather tall (for a Faeling) height, hitting maybe four feet up if she stretches tall on her tip-toes. Long hair is swept up and held in a clumsy knot with a sparkling hairpin, her hair's bright (and apparently mecurial) hues contrasting sharply with her pale skin. Displayed proudly like a treasured prize, a soft red rose is woven through the tresses beside a curious feather, its barbs delicate silken strands which graze her cheek with errant breezes. A thick band of charcoal paint rakes across her face, outlining blue eyes in a dark smudge, her stare just wide enough to be vaguely unsettling. A set of bat-like, leathery wings unfolds behind her, membranes translucent and tinted with swirling purples and blues in the stained-glass patterning of a butterfly. She is wearing a choker of inner reflections, a flaming bracelet with trails of smoke, a colourful bracelet of woven threads, an artist's gown of floating gossamer and bejeweled thong sandals of soft leather.

--- At the Flame ---

You have emoted: Breandryn chews on her lip in thought.

Kaylani raises her hand in greeting to you and says "Hi!"

--- Defup spam from Kaylani ---

You beckon to Kaylani.

Softly, you say, "We don't do such things in public."

Chaote Kaylani says, "I need to go slumber somewhere else, yes. But there's all the food..."

A wry smile spreads across your face.

Shaking her head, with a smile, you say, "I meant the defensive spells."

Chaote Kaylani says, "Right, I know. I only just woke. I just need to get in the habit of going to slumber somewhere where, when I return, that won't be so noisy."

--- Guildhall ---

You have emoted: "Right now, you don't know anything very secret," Breandryn explains. "The early rituals are fairly public knowledge and other guilds even study them. But, later..."

You nod your head at Kaylani.

Pensively, you say, "We need a boarding house in the city, or an Inn for people to rest in."

Chaote Kaylani says, "Indeed, I am still a novice so I can't learn anything secret yet. I failed my first try at the examination, as I couldn't recall which of the lessons was Chum's."

Chaote Kaylani says, "Lolindir set up a room for me. I just have to remember to go there."

You have emoted: "Ah," Breandryn murmurs. "The goat. Let's review that, for now?"

Softly, you say, "Chum spoke of a goat who wanted to eat the stars - do you recall the story?"

You say, "What did you see in it? Any moral or lesson? If not, what did you see the story's intent as instead?"

Kaylani laughs and nods. "The goat. I'm afraid my first time through, with so many things to learn from so many people, I focused less on the specific stories and more on the lessons. Had he asked me about the story about seeking enlightenment, I would have known, but he only mentioned Chum, and the goat." She pulls off her rings, switches them to other fingers, and puts them back on. "I've had a little chat with him and reminded myself of the story."

Chaote Kaylani says, "For a moral, I'd say that enlightenment isn't a place you go and then you're done. It's an ongoing progress that does not cease."

With a nod, you say, "I apologize on his behalf. The Grand Cipher has not been a novice for..." She smiles fondly. "...for many long years. I've recently gone through the Collegium, myself, and I know exactly what you mean. I will speak to Faragan about improving the interviews."

A tiny, blue-feathered wakabi runs about in a madcap circle, coming to a sudden and abrupt stop inches from Kaylani. Grinning vapidly, a tiny, blue-feathered wakabi looses a cheery "Beepbeep!" right in her face.

Eyes widening at the wakabi, you say, "It seems you trained yours better in the schooling than I did, though."

Kaylani tugs at a loose scale on the back of her hand. "So you saw that too, did you? That's a relief, I suppose. No, perhaps it's not. Maybe it would have made more sense if it had been a fever-dream."

Happily, you say, "I have become used to oddness, ever since I joined the Illuminati. It's ever so nice all the lovely unique things I see."

The Most Venerable Shimotabi Xiim, Keeper of the Illuminati says, "The transformations of the outer often reflect the inner, even as a butterfly transforms from caterpillar."

You nod your head at the Most Venerable Shimotabi Xiim, Keeper of the Illuminati.

Chaote Kaylani says, "And it was Xypher who was administering my examination. I've never met anyone named Faragan. But it's not a complaint about the examination, it's my own failing for not having prepared according to the examination's description, which specifically mentioned Chum's lesson."

Chaote Kaylani says, "We had spoken already about the one Law, and the meaning of freedom. He was complimentary to my rambling exposition about it, saying many don't realize what I had, so not remembering which lesson was Chum's was, I believe, the only thing lacking in my first examination. I have since prepared for the second, apart from the matter of a mentor."

You have emoted: "Faragan is our Administrator," Breandryn quietly explains, moving slowly about the room to tidy it as she talks. Journals are stacked in a neat pile, while she gradually gathers up an armful of scrolls left in a curious collection of places. "The Archprelate. Xypher is the Grand Cipher, which is our-" Her words halt, and she frowns, crouching down to tentatively pull a scroll out from where it's lodged beneath Xiim. "Sorry," she mumbles, before nodding back at you. She keeps that scroll, in particular, in her other hand, held well away from her body.

Giving the scroll a cautious sniff, you say, "...Xypher is the Guild Master, so he represents us on the council." She wrinkles her nose, tucking the scroll into a saddlebag on her phoenix, and glances back over at you. "Chaote tasks, then?"

Kaylani makes a point of finding something on one of her fingers excessively interesting, so that she can have her eyes turned away from the scroll-gathering and not have to notice anything she oughtn't. She takes off a ring, turns it over, puts it back on facing the other way, then rotates it one third of a revolution. "I'd guessed which office was his and got it right on the first try, but he said the hunch I followed was incorrect. I've had a lot of those since I came through the Portal of Fate. I am wondering what 'random' means. But I suppose that's a different discussion." She turns the ring another quarter-turn and stops. "Yes, I've done those. Though the weave has changed so my power contributions have slipped into memory."

You have emoted: "Oh, power logs are retained for half a year," Breandryn blithely assures you, settling a final book atop the pile she's formed near the door. She studies the stack for a moment, one ear twitching, and then points out, "Our library is rather useful. For the fleshpots, there's some good books I read to learn..." She trails off, blushing - it seems at least some of the mess is from her. She tugs absently on a strand of sea-green hair, considering your throwaway question for a moment, before she assesses, "...And random is...Well, it's a fairly intricate question to consider, I think, given the nature of our study."

With a faint smile back to you, you say, "Randomness is, definitively, things happening by chance. A card drawn from a deck, or a number picked between one and one thousand."

Eyebrows raising, you say, "As you study and learn, I want you to consider the deeper thoughts about randomness - is anything truly random? Are things dictated by Fate? What affects random occurances?"

Kaylani slips a coin out of her pocket and tosses it into the air. "I was saying to someone earlier, you don't know," she catches the coin and tosses it again, "whether the coin will come up heads or tails," she continues to flip and toss it, "so it is random. But if you measured the coin, my throw, the wind, the temperature of the air... enough things, you could know. So maybe random doesn't mean what we think. Maybe it just means, 'decided, but we don't currently know.' Maybe it's not random to some other eye." She tucks the coin back in her pocket. "But none of this has to do with my tasks, I think. Perhaps we can continue talking about it another day? As my time is more limited than the topic might require."

You have emoted: Breandryn nods once, blushing. "Sorry!" she murmurs, tucking her hair behind one ear. "But yes, you've a good paradigm to begin studying from. Questioning. That's important." She clears her throat, redirecting things. "Chaote tasks - would you like to do the exam now?"

Chaote Kaylani says, "I would, yes. At least the first examination to end novicehood, but ideally, the next as well, as I've prepared. Though time may become a factor. And there's also the matter of the one task I've yet to complete, obtaining a mentor..."

Kaylani clears her throat delicately.

You blush furiously.

You say, "I would be honored."

You offer to take on Kaylani as your protege, and await her answer.

You are now Kaylani's mentor. Read HELP MENTORS to ensure you know what you are supposed to be doing for her.

Chaote Kaylani says, "So there's the last one completed!"

You smile and say, "I can't actually administer the exam, yet, but we've several people awake who can."

You say, "Let me get you one."

Kaylani nods solemnly.

--- we wait a bit for people ---

You have emoted: Breandryn shifts her weight, blush deepening. "...Any minute now..." she mumbles.

Chaote Kaylani says, "I think that wakabi might have been sent on the behest of someone named, or so he purports, Sksez."

Holding her hand over her mouth to stifle a giggle, you say, "Oh, he's a fun one. Don't smoke any pipes he gives you, though."

Kaylani tugs on one finger, then the next, to no apparent effect. "Until they figure out a way to put pork chops into pipes, I'll leave them for other folk. I suppose we all have to have our vice. Might as well be one that tastes good, eh?"

2016/11/23 02:50:05 - Faragan advanced Kaylani's time for graduating novicehood for: passing novice tasks.
2016/11/23 02:50:05 - Kaylani graduated from novicehood.

You have emoted: Breandryn nods happily at that, her smile transforming to a brilliant beam. "Food and- oh!" she says, clapping her hands. "There we go. A start!"

Proudly, you say, "They trusted my assessment of you." She looks a bit worried at that, once it's spoken aloud, and repeats it in a more questioning tone. "...They trusted MY assessment of you...."

The Most Venerable Shimotabi Xiim, Keeper of the Illuminati says, "The quest for enlightenment is the most ephemeral quest of all. To become sand, or wind, or fire itself or to transform even as a phoenix in a fire."

The Most Venerable Shimotabi Xiim, Keeper of the Illuminati nods dreamily.

Hopefully, you say to the Most Venerable Shimotabi Xiim, Keeper of the Illuminati, "...or butterflies, someday, yes."

Chaote Kaylani says, "I selected Tarot for a tertiary skill thinking it was the best choice for providing utility other than strictly combat effectiveness, as the idea of fighting doesn't really raise my enthusiasm, but I might be better at helping others at it. And I don't want to pore over astrological charts."

You have emoted: Breandryn nods in agreement. "It's very useful for assisting others, hunting, exploring..." she lists off. "Plus, I hear you can read fortunes in the cards, though I haven't studied that much."

Kaylani smiles, almost a grin. "Indeed. Perhaps by some sort of random selection from the deck, eh?" she says, virtually smirking. "That fascinating question comes up again."

You have emoted: "One brief lesson before you get too lost in studying," Breandryn suggests, smiling gently. "This is more of a primer - randomness is a good lead into it." Lifting her chin, perhaps to make her small, soft form seem a bit more fierce and authoritative, she explains, "The concept of paradigms is vital to understanding our work."

Tone quiet and informative, you say, "Reality is more...fluid than most would like you to believe. That's secret number one, so do always remember that, if you remember nothing else. Reality is subjective. Knowing that helps you frame how you view it - these are called paradigms."

Shaking her head to bring her back to the conversation at hand, you say, "In any case, paradigms are the window through which you view the world. The very small-minded, or simply those who haven't been shown what is possible - myself, before coming here. You, as well - these people have narrow paradigms. They see the window itself and the view behind it as the full reality, instead of recognizing it's just a window."

The Most Venerable Shimotabi Xiim, Keeper of the Illuminati says, "Open one eye and not the other. Close both, open your other. How many worlds are created in the wink of an eye?"

The Most Venerable Shimotabi Xiim, Keeper of the Illuminati winks dreamily.

Simply, smiling, you say, "The view changes based on where you stand - if you even decide to stay inside at all."

Kaylani prowls indolently in a movement that might be called pacing if the steps were less sultry, or more intentional. "I have been pondering on the question of randomness in that light, in fact. Remember, I couldn't recall my intention of a guild to join, so chose this one randomly. Since then, I have randomly met people who happened to be the ones I needed to meet -- for instance, you were the first. Randomly chosen paths that were true. Randomly chose a skill that played into my interest... in randomness. I start to feel that I don't even realize as I am building a paradigm around me in which things happen as they ought, without direction or intent."

You have emoted: Breandryn smiles as you reflect, nodding quickly in eager bobs of her head. "It was the same for me!" she breathes. "I met Xypher when I was...well, things were a bit bleak, but then I met him and learned how much bigger the world - reality - can be." Her smile deepens as she suggests, "The next question you may want to ask, as you view the world through your new paradigm, is if Fate is guiding you? Does Fate even exist? Can Fate be circumvented or changed? Who are those old ladies anyways?"

You tap your nose knowingly.

You have emoted: "For now, though..." Breandryn murmurs, eyes closing. "We shall do a simple exercise - your first use of paradigmatics to shift reality into what it is you see. This will be short and...hopefully! painless. Tell me when you are ready."

Kaylani purses her lips thoughtfully. "I never met any old ladies. Perhaps I didn't have enough coin to afford the first class seat. I just got to kick an orc and that's it." She moves her rings to different fingers again. "I haven't even finished my study of the cosmic arts yet, so I might not be ready to do anything with paradigms other than talk about them just yet. Perhaps you're getting ahead of me?"

You have emoted: Breandryn shakes her head. "Again, this is a primer," she explains, voice quiet and happy, her eyes still closed. "We will simply ease you into a simple adjustment. This will make the rest of your studies a bit easier."

Kaylani nods and stops her sauntering to pay full attention.

Softly, you say, "When you are ready, close your eyes. Clear your mind and think of nothing-" She bites back a giggle, admitting, "...That's mean. And close to impossible. No, think of something simple and beautiful and wonderfully representative of us: a butterfly."

Kaylani closes her eyes and almost immediately starts to sway very slightly.

You have emoted: "Imagine its wings and their flutter," Breandryn's voice murmurs across the chamber towards you. "Use your mind and imagination to paint in colors - give it bright reds and sunny yellows and blues like the ocean and greens as vibrant as a forest, all those shades and more. Paint it like a rainbow." As she speaks, her voice seems to recede, as if reaching you from somewhere much further away.

Kaylani purses her lips as she thinks. In her thoughts, though, the butterfly isn't a rainbow at all. It's stripes, in red and blue, but the colours shift. The red becomes yellow while the blue becomes purple; with each flap of the wings, the butterfly has changed colours, seemingly at random, while the patterns themselves remain maddeningly consistent.

You have emoted: The butterfly begins to take shape in your mind, bright as the Flame in its dizzying, shifting spectrum and as delicate as eggshells. "Now imagine that those colors are made from light, pure motes of nothing but shine and glimmer - and slowly tell yourself, tell the world, tell reality itself that this butterfly exists." Breandryn waits, patiently, falling silent as she watches.

Kaylani's imagining stumbles at the idea of the butterfly being made of light. The image in her mind sputters and starts to unravel, but only for a moment. With a little shake of her head, she simply rejects this part of the vision. Her butterfly is made of parchment, she decides -- though it feels more like the decision chooses her -- and ink flows through its porous substance like blood unconstrained by veins. The flapping wings rustle like pages in a tome. She draws in a deep breath of the air of the back stacks in the farthest recess of the library, then reaches out her hand for the butterfly to perch on, her eyes still closed.

You have emoted: The musty scent of mouldering parchment meets your nose as the rasp of vellum sliding against itself drifts past your ears - wingbeats, hesitant, as you feel the small creation crawl across your hand with a skitter like the pages of a book being turned. Somewhere nearby, you can hear Breandryn inhale slightly with pleasure, as she murmurs, "Oh, that's beautiful-" but her voice is barely audible. Reality, for you, for now, focuses on this moment and your creation, the imagining you've brought into brief, fleeting existence.

Though she doesn't open her eyes, or even realize the vision has manifested, the butterfly on Kaylani's hand shifts and gathers itself to launch gently into the air. It wafts on seemingly-chance breezes and finds its way to the scroll still clutched, all but forgotten, in your outstretched hand, where it slips into the rolled-up tube of vellum as if preparing to make a home there, or simply folding its own being into the parchment, soon leaving no trace. Save that some of the scribing on that scroll later proves to have more saturated colours than it seems to have previously had, in imperfect, unreliable memory.

You have emoted: Before your eyes can even open, the creation has fluttered off. You hear a faint sound - perhaps laughter - from where you recall Breandryn standing, but nothing beyond that. No trace remains to mark the creature's existence or passage - perhaps it was never even there at all, perhaps you imagined the entire moment - and Breandryn is little help with discerning the distinction, the woman simply smiling brightly at you and nodding.

Kaylani opens her eyes, smiling a little, and then yawns. "That was nice," she says in a sleepy voice, "but now I'm suddenly come on all tired."

Gently, you say, "It's tiring, using your mind that way. Like swinging a sword before you have muscles for it."

Quietly hopeful, you say, "Another time, we will practice more, if you like?"

Kaylani scrunches up her nose distastefully. "Swords are so inelegant. Whose idea was it to make a stick out of metal and then flatten one side, anyway?" As she rambles she lies down on the floor, just barely not in the middle of the traveled way, and slips into torpor in that way that salamanders and their kin do -- not stopping, just slowing until you aren't sure when it became stillness. "I think I'll need an extra breakfast or two tomorrow," she muses as she slips into slumber.

You have emoted: Breandryn hides a grin behind her hand, depositing a dish beside you as she tip-toes away to leave you to your rest.

You drop a bowl of lobster curry.

Kaylani suddenly scoops up a bowl of lobster curry.
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