Wildewood skills!



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    Sleepmists in a demesne are very nice to build tiredness on your target if you run around, forcing them to chase you around briarwalls. In a 1v1 anyway. If the bug gets fixed, you can probably sleepmist the entire area to get the same effect, but...

    Punctured aura is on the same cure as succumb, iirc, and both cannot be cured with focus. Two isn't very stackable, but it's theoretically an option.

    I assume you can wildecall as many times as you like within the hour, right? So you can get any pet you want, assuming you have the patience to keep doing it?

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    Where is the second bashing attack with a different damage type? I only see a 50% blunt / 50% magic attack from the initial garland skill.

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    @Lerad yes, RE: Wildecall. Right now I'm recommending the firefly to offeset destro damage.

    @Qistrel It's treehug, from what I can tell 100% blunt type. Woo!
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    That's odd though, cause I thought all caster guilds got attacks with differing types. But Wildewood has two blunt attacks, so if your target has blunt resistance, you just...can't get around it?

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    Few questions:

    Is Treehug to cudgel like chalice was to staff, in terms of "upgraded weapon"? I realise my phrasing is a bit off, but I'm not sure how to phrase it.

    The glinshari bit, is that just a ten power perk that you can change every so often, but have to pay for once an hour?
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    It also looks like it does less damage than the garland
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    The wildewood race is pretty bad. Very lopsided in terms of weaknesses vs strengths, and the stat line is bordering on tae'dae bad.

    The flavor of it all seems really cool. I just wouldn't choose that race ever.
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    @Qistrel, that's right. If they have blunt, you're pretty done in.

    @Shaddus No, going from cudgel to garland was not a buff. I now do (granted, without dmp tattoo, but that won't add much on top of my 30 dmp) about 700 damage less per attack, my attacks are slower, and my attacks do no bleeding. In exchange I have a small chance to stun for 2.5 seconds on my attacks. 

    That's more or less how wildecall works, yes.

    @Celina looking at raising con, probably cha (makes sense in the fluff), dropping fire weakness level down one, probably eliminating the elect weakness. Think that would do it? What do you advise?

    EDIT: Point of interest: My stag gore attack and stag headbutt gust skills do more damage than my primary damage attacks! This is my bodyscan buffs:

    **************************[ BodyScan - Buffs Brief ]***************************
    Type                                  Base DMP       Total DMP            Buff 
    All                                          0               0              0%
    Cutting                                     10              10             10%
    Blunt                                       30              30             25%
    Asphyxiation                                 0               0              0%
    Poison                                       0               0              0%
    Psychic                                      0               0              0%
    Magical                                      0               0              0%
    Cold                                         0               0              0%
    Electricity                                 20              20             20%
    Fire                                         0               0              0%
    Divinus                                      0               0              0%
    Excorable                                    0               0              0%

    Gore is cutting. No idea what headbutt is.
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    1. Everything should be brute magic sourced, not just plain magic sourced.

    2. Treehug should probably change to something like pure asphyx if it's meant to be your alternate damage attack. Also needs a type list  on the AB.

    3. 5p for manabarbs and succumb each is pretty dumb especially since you don't have octave or anything else to help stick it. My suggestion is to lower the cost or implement a way to stick or have it tick re-apply the aff repeatedly over time.

    4. The affs needed for a glinshari spore do not synergize well. They mostly have different cures. You should look into changing the affs needed into something that can be made into a stack to help keep them on an opponent. Furthermore, the affs given by the "mists" are odd to say the least. Vertigo and weakness? Really?

    5. Too many bark effects. You can easily combine many/most of these into 1 or 2 skills and open up the way for more "mist" type attacks. Why the hell would you devote 5 skills to something that only works when you're getting beat up?

    6. The race weaknesses are lovely. Haw haw.

    7. Seems like this spec is designed for DW, which is fine, but you'll need a way to remove your room motes so you can switch them around as needed. Also getting an eternalsleep kill is impossible until you figure out a way to stick your mana drains.

    8. There are maybe 3 useful animals called during a wildecall. For a trans ability, it's my opinion that they should all be useful during niche situations. For example, I can't ever see a time when you'd prefer to use a random poison over guaranteed damage reduction. Look into altering treefrog, sapling, and fawn.

    9. Is the chance for stun for the wildewood race meant to be something to rely on? Or is it meant for RP? Cause if so, you should bump it up. But then stun is dumb, so your mileage may vary.
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    Yeah that's what I would do. Just keep level two for fire and cutting.

     I just fear for their terrible dex. I mean, I get they are giant trees and all, but warriors are going to laugh at you. I'd definitely up their con 2ish points.Can even drop str a point to 16 and redistribute it. Scaling starts at 18 and you'll get 19 with bear.

    What's the balance like on the attacks? 

    edit: and yes, vertigo and weakness are bottom of the barrel afflictions. They really don't apply to combat at all.
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    Slow balances. I was looking at this for race changes:


    +2 con (16)

    +1 cha (12)

    -1 str (16)

    +1 dex (10)

    -1 fire weakness (2)

    -1 elect weakness (0)

    =Remove eq cost on Perspective. 

    =Add eq-less GLANCE GROUND when perspective is in trees.

    =Add emotes to the things heard from both elevations.

    EDIT: My formatting got wonky. Anyways, that brings them to the same stat number total as Elfen, and removes some of the lulzy weaknesses. Depending on how much the sleep penalty is, it may be up for going down a level?

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    I don't think the stun is meant to be relied on, really. I think it's meant to be used with treehug as our primary hindering method. I'd love an exact % chance to fire from on high, but it's looking low-ish. Took 22 attacks before I got one, but that may have just been a bad string of attacks.

    EDIT: I'm going to start a new thread for the (hopefully) incoming special report. This thread can stay for questions about how things work, I'll also be posting lines and starting to try and get tests done as kinks/bugs in skills get worked out.
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    @Shuyin To your number 3 about our spore attacks, I agree. Talking with Neos and other envoys, we all agree that these attacks are generally quite useless. Frankly, the group target part is wasted in combat, and the effects are quite costly for what you get. Finding some way to fix the 'adjuvant' type skills for both classes would be wonderful! 
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    The fireflies look like they're there to offset the fire weakness. How much player fire damage isn't magical? Are they dmp or a flat 10% reduction like they say? The second would be more than a level of fire weakness, I think.
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    After Aquachem, I was convinced I'd like our new skills...but, honestly, I'd rather stick to my cudgel and my demesne I can't use right.

    EDIT: The tree thing with a new race and 'Hey, we're ents' is really, really cool though. I'm just not impressed by the actual skills.

  • EnyalidaEnyalida Nasty Woman Member Posts: 4,384 Transcendent
    I don't think anyone really is! It'll get fixed though, it's got a really cool RP conceptual framework and is new ground!
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    Next question,how does the race work with: decap and other timed instakillls if you can basically perspective yourself to the other elevation but.. You're still technically in the room? Does this prevent you from escaping into trees?

    Does brumetower keep you from shifting up?

    If your perspective is up, can you be monkey-shoved down or seized if you are on bottom perspective?

    Are you able to mount? (If so, lulz)

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    Already jumped and flew on a mount.

    Someone with wildewood and ecology could have wings too :P
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    Flying giant treeees.

    Oh man, someone get some tainted monkeys up in your branches, and flyyyy awayyy...
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    Elfen druid, and Wildewood...can't seem to put images in my actual post...


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    Looks like an interesting skillset!   I'm glad to see it's mechanically similar to aquachem (and by extension I'll assume the yet-to-be-released specs).

    One reason I'm glad to see this similarity is that the flaws in Aquachem are also present in Wildewood.  Hopefully fixes to one spec can be adapted to the others.

    I'll start with a bit of a disclaimer... I love the new skillsets and the flexibility that they promise to mages and druids.   I just think that there needs to be a number of fundamental changes before taking aquachem or wildewood is a vastly inferior choice to going guardian, wiccan or bard for 1v1 combat (I think I read that enabling 1v1 combat is the purpose of these new skills).

    What are these fundamental weaknesses I hear you ask?   Basically, choosing Aquachem or Wildewood means you will need to fight with all the offensive disadvantages of melder tertiaries and few of the offensive and defensive benefits available to melders and the traditional non-melder casters (guardians and bards).

     - Lack of passive hindering.   

                 - Mists, sheens, spores and branches are* less effective than a meld - fair enough, this is intended in the design.   Mists, sheens etc. are* also significantly weaker than the passive disruption available to bards, guardians and wiccans (ents, songs, activated abilities with a passive tick like badluck and hypnotic pattern).   A monk, guardian, bard or artied warrior is* able to build to a kill quite easily against these new skillsets.


     - Poor active and passive defence

                - Illusions, Totems and their mage and druid spec defences were balanced around complementing a meld.   Compare what's available in Totems, Stag, Crow, Illusions and Phantasms to what's available to a guardian (cloak, timeslip, puella, puer, hermit, starleaper, hangedman, aeon, entire healing skillset, OhGodDontGetMeStartedOnRitualsAndCosmicSpecsOrIllBeHereAllDay), wiccan (drawdown, maiden, mother,nightkiss,full,drink), bard (maze, illusoryself, most of acrobatics).   These active and passive defensive abilities available to guardians and bards are what allow them to be competitive 1v1 and there is nothing comparable available in aquachem or wildewood.


     - Poor offensive hindering

            -  The steadily building offence available with runes, dreamweaving and the psionics specialisations works well in a meld.   Fighting a melder requires knowing when their offence has built to a point where you need to get out and them trying to hold you in place for the kill.   An aquachem or wildewood user has to try to secure a kill using the same tertiaries, however they have none of the hindering available to stop their victim from leaving.   If a tk aquachem gets me to 8 vessles I'll wait for trip stun to wear off, stand, plaugh and walk away to cure while they're waiting 6 seconds for superstratus to come back.  If they were using aquamancy, I'd have to deal with currents, jellies, tsunami, whirlpool, swimming etc.  Likewise for telepathy, dreamweaver tiredness or a runist working towards deathprophesy.  Compare these situations to a guardian who is ready to fling their death tarot, a wiccan who has you at low mana or a bard who has you loaded with aurics.  You have to deal with with ents, songs, carcer, aeon, hangedman, fall, tentacles, p5, etc. if you want to get away.


     - Predictable offence

            -  Another problem with the steadily building offence mentioned in the point above is its predictability.   Guardians, wiccans and bards tend to be a constant threat.   Thought needs to be given to each attack against them to make sure it isn't going to get you killed (e.g. attacking with speed down v.s. researcher using aeonfield, attacking at the wrong point of inqui against a celestine, with ecto against a nihilist, just before earache wears off against a bard).    When fighting against tp, tk, runes or dw, it's fairly easy to judge whether you need to stay in or bail out.   This means you can be far less defensive when fighting against the new specs.  


    * I've only fought with and against aquachem so can only speak with direct experience about it.   Applying these thoughts to wildewood is speculation based on reading the ab files.


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    You're gunna want to keep at least a little blunt in all of your attacks so you can take advantage of the passive racial stun.

    Magical physical attacks suck, sorry. They hit common racial resistances and resilience but don't build wounds or anything like that. The only thing they have going for them is that they bypass the dmp from robes and armor but by that point they are likely capped out anyway. It's kinda like the magic type damage hitting resistance from high/low magic and common resistances.

  • QistrelQistrel the hemisemidemifink Member Posts: 1,717 Transcendent

    Asmodea said:
    no 100% Divinus attack? :(
    If we're going by how Divinus attacks have been given out so far, we shouldn't get a 100% one. We should get a 50% divinus / 50% something else skill. Though I can't really think of anything that would give a tree-creature with a magical garland a divinus attack.

    (IIRC the divinus attacks go like so: Celestines have 100%, Moondancers have 50%, Cantors have 50%, Spiritsingers have 25%. Basically, we get half of what Celest does.)

  • DynamiDynami Member Posts: 112 Capable
    Symbol strike is 100% divinus and Radiance is 50% divinus/50% electrical.
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  • EllaElla Member Posts: 2 Inept
    I have a question about the perspective thing.

    When I shift perspective to the trees, I am bombarded with a constant stream of 'You hear from ground: health, mana, etc. prompt.' (Paraphrased) Like it ticks every single second constantly. It's so annoying. It happens sometimes on the ground too, where I'll get 'You hear from the treetops: prompt stuff.' but not as often. Now, I don't know what causes it. I thought maybe it's when someone is walking around below me, but it happened when I was on the ethereal plane when no one else was there.

    Is there something I can toggle or config or whatever it's called that will reduce this constant stream of spam? Because as it is, I can't stand to shift perspective to the trees and I'm only a little thing who can't really do any fighting or what not yet. I can only imagine if I was trying to kill someone or something in a tree and all that spamming, it would be crazy.

    I came here cause I though someone else would have the same issue and I could see what they were told, but I haven't seen anyone else mention it. Is it only me this is happening to?
  • QistrelQistrel the hemisemidemifink Member Posts: 1,717 Transcendent
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    It's a bug a believe. Shouldn't be doing that. You can BUG it.

    @Dynami: I was going for the highest amount of divinus each class can do.

  • CyndarinCyndarin used Flamethrower! It was super effective. Member Posts: 4,508 Transcendent

    I find the really poor, very broad comparisons being drawn between bards/wiccans/guardians and aquachemancers to be 1) horribly off topic and 2) generally misleading and in some situations, blatently false.

  • CyndarinCyndarin used Flamethrower! It was super effective. Member Posts: 4,508 Transcendent
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    Oops wrong thread.

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    I put together a little wishlist

    -Increase Wisdom's restock rate.
    -Make released sap appear as a volatile, unriftable comm for crafting. Hornedlily mead, anyone?
    -Make Moonhart bark worth getting. Maybe it could give us the utility skills back?

    And.. thematically, what kind of things grow on wildewood? We know moss, fungus, flowers and nuts by example. What about ferns and fruits? Parasite plants like mistletoe?

    Oh, and thank you. This whole thing is a pleasant awesome surprise!
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