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Wondering if anybody can help out here. I spent the last week trying to figure this out, and I am stumped.

I am using a UI that was working great with the version of M&M before M&MF was introduced.

My focus right now is on my wound tracker, and h/m/e displays. The UI draws just fine, but for some reason, when I change targets, assess, and attack, nothing is tracked anymore, AND my stat bars are not showing my current h/m/e. I assume this has something to do with an M&M change, as it only broke upon updating to M&MF.

Here is the snippet of Mudlet script I am focused on: (Note: I am setting target in an alias, and it is sending the value to the setTarget() function. The wounds are being set differently, and that I can probably figure out once I figure out the target issue.)

The expectation is that the window will update, but no update is taking place. The wounding I can probably figure out if I can figure out why it wont take my target and redraw the UI.

Targeting: Nothing
Health:    0
Bleeding:  0
Rebound:   false
Head:      no
Chest:     no
Gut:       no
Right Arm: no
Right Leg: no
Left Arm:  no
Left Leg:  no

function setTarget(name)
target = name:title()
targethp = 0
mm.echof("Target changed to: "..target)
tarstatsbleeding = 0
tarstatshead = "no"
tarstatsgut = "no"
tarstatschest = "no"
tarstatsrightleg = "no"
tarstatsleftleg = "no"
tarstatsrightarm = "no"
tarstatsleftarm = "no"
tarstatsrebound = "false"
tarstatshcolour = "DimGrey"
tarstatsgcolour = "DimGrey"
tarstatsccolour = "DimGrey"
tarstatsrlegcolour = "DimGrey"
tarstatsllegcolour = "DimGrey"
tarstatsrarmcolour = "DimGrey"
tarstatslarmcolour = "DimGrey"


  • ZiliasZilias Member Posts: 24 Apprentice
    My guess, since I have everything being set, and called properly is either M&M changed something in an Event Handler, or I am not using an Event Handler I should be using, but that is speculation.
  • YarithYarith Member Posts: 997 Mythical
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    I feel like whatever was handling the redrawing portion of your UI is no longer firing or is hitting a stump somewhere. 
    Is it rooted in geyser and do you know what it was firing off of?

    EDIT: If you're firing off of the prompt updating mmf shouldn't change this. If you're not updating off of the prompt that's probably a quick and easy fix. If you're worried about your code getting tangled with mmf you can always raise it higher in the side bar to ensure it fires before mmf triggers. Unless you have variable collusion it shouldn't be a problem -- and you shouldn't really have variables shared since mmf is neatly tabled almost in entirety.
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  • ZiliasZilias Member Posts: 24 Apprentice
    Thanks, Yarith!

    I actually did find out my target was being set wrong because I called the "set" function instead of the "update" function, which was totally my bad.

    The wounds I am still working on, but it is coming along. I also did add in isPrompt() and that made things a lot more smooth. 
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