Rare Curios, I have them!

LorinaLorina Member Posts: 140 Gifted
Looking to swap out these rare curios for genie bits, specifically the Scarlet Bottle and Saffron Bottle. Here's what I have:

15818   Rare     Rough Crimson Hair   None         Base Of Rough Crimson Hair
24212   Rare     Red Heart            None         Heart-shaped Box
32456   Rare     Toothed Cog          Mechanical   Inner Center
32461   Rare     Disembodied Mouth    Face         Tongue
32463   Rare     Poteen Pot           None         Poteen Pot
32544   Rare     Brittle White Hair   None         Base Of Brittle White Hair
46150   Rare     Gem Rose             Flower       Bud
46582   Rare     Azure Bow            Indigobows   Azure Knot
49928   Rare     Onyx Gargoyle        None         Head
51442   Rare     Zombie Marionette    None         Head Of A Zombie Marionette
51502   Rare     Dragon Marionette    None         Head Of A Dragon Marionette
51569   Rare     King Marionette      None         Head Of A King Marionette
52572   Rare     Crystal Moon         Astro        Crystal Core
55103   Rare     Saffron Bottle       Yellowgenies Saffron Bottle Spout
57036   Rare     Blue Bottle          Cupcake      Empty Blue Sprinkles Bottle
57694   Rare     Glass Kitten         None         Amethyst Heart
57916   Rare     Ombre Updo           None         Base Of Ombre Updo
58988   Rare     Boa Constrictor      Snake        Head
64489   Rare     Steel Wrench         Tool         Screw
65114   Rare     Salsa Bottle         Fiery        Empty Salsa Bottle
65116   Rare     Dark Feral Mane      None         Base Of Dark Feral Mane
65123   Rare     Fae Knight Mask      None         Fae Knight Mask Head
65124   Rare     Scarlet Bottle       Redgenies    Scarlet Bottle Spout
65125   Rare     Panther Jewel        Catluck      Panther Jewel Clasp
65126   Rare     Bloody Horns         None         Base Of Bloody Horns
65182   Rare     Dancing Skeleton     None         Skull
65185   Rare     Dove-Grey Feathers   None         Base Of Dove-grey Feathers
65188   Rare     Pepper Bottle        Fried        Empty Pepper Bottle

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