Lusternia 2017 Resolutions



  • MaligornMaligorn Windborne Member Posts: 2,765 Transcendent
    Oh. Addendum. Update a lot of scrolls in the Air Force clan <<;

  • PhoebusPhoebus tu fui, ego eris. CircumstancesMember Posts: 1,920 Transcendent
    Oh, and I want to finally finish designing the rest of my freakin' tattoos. I'm allowing myself to get a set in the meantime because, seriously, I've been without proper tattoos for way too long. But I do actually want to finish the designs...y'know, eventually.
  • ReylariReylari Member Posts: 367 Fabled
    Shedrin said:
    Acquire progeny.
    Hi. :3
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  • GartinuaGartinua Member Posts: 13 Novice
    Stratas said:
    I want this to be the year I finally learn to combat beyond "throw random attacks while blubbering in panic"
    That's my technique too and probably about as effective. I absolutely know there is a better way to do it but whatever it is I don't know it yet; perhaps 2017 is the year to do it.

    @Rhi you could go to the gym AND play Lusty but from experience its pretty hard to type well depending what you're doing.
  • KarlachKarlach God of Kittens. Member Posts: 3,825 Transcendent
    Have fun, and get back to doing things I promised to get done ages ago.

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  • RancouraRancoura the Last Nightwreathed Queen CanadaMember Posts: 1,372 Transcendent
    Gartinua said:
    Rhi you could go to the gym AND play Lusty but from experience its pretty hard to type well depending what you're doing.

    This conjures visions of Stairmaster Raiding. Do it.
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  • AeldraAeldra , using cake powered flight Member Posts: 1,139 Transcendent
    Finally fix all my lusty related code to not suck (Hello dear combat system), trying to actually play more when I feel like actually doing something. See alllll the quests ( Well those that make sense for aeldra)
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  • LuceLuce Fox Populi Member Posts: 2,427 Transcendent
    Git hitched.
  • EveriineEveriine Wise Old Swordsbird / Brontaur Three Lakes, WIMember Posts: 2,836 Transcendent
    I want to get Ev back into being a more active character. Not that being a source of awesome character-to-character RP isn't fun (it totally is), but Ev's the GA, he needs to start acting like it again.
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    Pony power all the way, yo. The more Brontaurs the better.
  • ShaddusShaddus , the Leper Messiah Outside your window.Member Posts: 7,761 Transcendent
    edited December 2016
    Actual resolutions:

    Find a wife for Shaddus since Ellowyn broke his heart :(

    Win the Beauty Seal with a Thaxian themed item.

    Open an aethershop specializing in sexy beds and naughty themed clothing.
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  • VivetVivet , of Cows and Crystals Member Posts: 2,223 Transcendent
    Niradnic said:
    Maybe a monk.
    Fastest way to make good on that resolution.

  • LehkiLehki Member Posts: 1,235 Fabled
    Finish building manse.

    Maybe actually develop Lehki's character and RP more
  • DylaraDylara Member Posts: 1,287 Transcendent
    Role play more, possibly break into the library stuff. 

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  • RhiRhi Member Posts: 75 Adept
    I'm going to bring Isune to Gaudiguch
  • DaraiusDaraius Shevat The juror's taco spotMember Posts: 4,321 Transcendent
    Acquire at least one new Gen2 Shevat (looking at you, Aeleon).

    Add at least one new lobo Shevat in any generation.

    Create at least one distinctly Daraian stage piece.

    Be executive producer on at least one play by someone else (I know Nihmriel has a script floating around).

    All of this dependent on my actually logging in for more than a few minutes at a time. :/
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