2017-1-4 War Domoth Fight

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10031849/Lusternia Logs/2017-1-4 War Domoth fight.html
(Warning: Long. A few things got distorted in the copy-paste/autoediting)

@Falmiis, @Yarith, @Maligorn, @Gero, @Phoebus, @Bleuu, @Cassander, @Auriella, me
@Malarious, @Danquik, @Breandryn, @Lavinya, @Avurekhos, @Nefara, @Veyils, @Tambador, @Enadonella, @Shuyin, @Ixchilgal, @Steingrim, @Ixion, @Tremula, @Maethorn, @Pash

Numbers fluxed a little bit over the course, but roughly 2v1 the whole time excepting the very start.

4 meteor kills.
Burning out Avurekhos right at the start.
Barrier kill room.
Hunger attrition is still annoying.
Cassander got maggoted early on from butterfly. I got maggoted right at the end. Maggoting lasts 5 minutes.
Static doing a lot of work.
Very chaotic.
Cassander trying to decapitate me, whoops.


  • Good to know you were only on 665 hp when I mercy killed you. B)
  • All those kill steals right before meteor landed :(
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  • Your logs are thoroughly enjoyable to read. This was a lot of fun. Thanks. :)
  • TremulaTremula Banished Quasiroyal
    I was throwing together aliases and triggers as the fight went on, nothing like jumping straight in with a new class! I need to work more with Telekinesis and hopefully next time I'll get more than a lucky bleed kill.

    @Yarith is a tough melder to go against. :'(
                          * * * WRACK AND ROLL AND DEATH AND PAIN * * *
                                         * * * LET'S FEEL THE FEAR OF DEATH AGAIN * * *
              * * * WE'LL KILL AND SLAUGHTER, EAT THE SLAIN * * *

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  • Shedrin said:

    But I'll keep going for Meteors because I like big explosions and I cannot lie.
    Haha yeahhhhh.... Or because you're a merciless killhogger :wink:  I'll never forget when we used to raid godrealms, and we'd have someone aeonlocked, dying, and you'd be sitting there laying on spheres.
    Take great care of yourselves and each other.
  • Shedrin said:
    Reylari said:
    All those kill steals right before meteor landed :(
    Ultimately means I need to envoy shorter channel time on meteor.
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    Discord:    Rey#1460
  • ShuyinShuyin The pug life chose me.
    Why did you edit out the salty tells. That's the best part.

    Good log. Shango doing his own thing was lesigh but when we finally calmed down and holed up properly, the kills came quickly. Both of our target calling needs work though and I can't tell who is the primary on your side.

    Looks like you guys put up aeonfield too soon though so you missed quite a few valuable tics the second time around.

    Lol maggot too.

  • PhoebusPhoebus tu fui, ego eris. Circumstances
    Haha, over the first half of that, I forgot to wield my blaster, and realized as soon as we were about to fight that I didn't put my crystalplex up. I'm really not used to Institute skills. And there were a few moments where something weird would happen with my curing (wasn't curing damagedskull, and another time, my only non-arti pipe decayed! At least I got to laugh about that one before I died!) and I'd need to call a personal timeout and go stand somewhere without fighting to figure out what was going on. I'm such a mess. Hopefully I get my act together and learn how to do something besides be support aeonbot before the next fight I go to.
  • Phoebus said:
     learn how to do something besides be support aeonbot before the next fight I go to.
    Hey, just a few tips! You should loudly echo when your target gets aeoned (there's a universal 3p message) and loudly echo whenever the target smokes a pipe.  Will make it a lot easier to keep track of if they're aeoned.  With that in mind you shouldn't keep aeoning people that already have aeon.  You can spam asthma malefact then! Then, if you want to be further efficient loudly echo whenever the target eats dust (so you'll see when they cured asthma) to better time your asthma.

    Then you'll be the best aeonbot! No wasted balances allowed missy :)
    Take great care of yourselves and each other.
  • I got pretty frustrated at first because cmud kept crashing and crashing so I ended up ducking out without defs and just spammed butterfly. Chaos was with me! :smiley:
  • PhoebusPhoebus tu fui, ego eris. Circumstances
    Yeah, I am in dire need of some better highlights and echoes. I used to have more, but I lost most of them when I moved and my backup drive with half my stuff on it bit the dust, and I just never rebuilt things to an acceptable level. It was impossible to tell what was going on most of the time.

    Biggest disappointment: If we'd fought just a little bit later, I would've been able to use constellation to get people with asthma and aeon at the same time. :( Then I would truly have been the most annoying greatest support astro. 
  • I was mentally dying down there because I couldn't come with. But TIL I can radiate a lot of health auras.
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    This was my first time properly melding. 
    Buff aeromeld.

    (And nerf darkwater|buff cloudberry. I love getting 1shot by my own spells)
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    We were kind of rushing into your melded area for no reason other than to have a fun fight. We had the upper levels melded and trapped up but kept charging into your meld in the lower levels and getting our team split up. We should have just left you down there and you'd have had to push into us and fight in our meld more. Fun fight though you guys did well.
  • Ha! Sorry! I was trying to decap Shuyin I think. I don't really look, I just close my eyes and spin the sword around.
  • Static is 5 people on its own.
  • Bonds must be 10 :^)
    (I'm the mom of Hallifax btw, so if you are in Hallifax please call me mom.)

    == Professional Girl Gamer == 
    Yes I play games
    Yes I'm a girl
    get over it
  • I'd be happy if bonds was 1 person. It contributes nothing to a fight, it just stops making the fight move (can't pull people).
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