GMCP chat - a YATCO extension

KaliKali Member Posts: 176 Gifted
Another little project of mine, this uses GMCP events to catch chat instead of regular expressions
Stuff it does
-Gets chat!
-Can filter out says by talkers not recognized by NDB (Keeps chat from being spammed when doing things like turning in corpses. Can be disabled in the config)
-Highlights peoples names using NDB
-Preserves original color of the message.
Things it doesn't do
-It doesn't like it when the BG color is in the 9-15 range for ansi colors (The ansi escape sequences for that are weird and I couldn't find anything to explain their meaning. Those colors are an eyesore anyway)
-I couldn't find the cecho color code for color no 3 (the darker yellow) so it turns it into a similarish yellow color instead

This works as an extension to YATCO.( Credit for that goes to the original author, Demonnic) Without it, it won't do much other than throw errors.
It has a few configurable things: Which tab it puts each message into, and the denizen says filtering thing.
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