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Ethereal Glomdoring fighting moved into Serenwilde - January 08, 2017


  • Do you gag a lot of other peoples attacks? I'm just trying to piece together whats happening and I see some people attack, some not, some peoples on hit procs hitting with no attack assigned etc.
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    I don't gag any attacks. I just gag people eating/sipping/smoking/reading/recharging from cubes unless they are my target.
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    Actually looking at the log again it appears some things were being gagged that should not be. I will have to see where that is happening.

    edit:: Well I can't explain it, you and Tarken have the odd attack gagged, but I went through all my gagged lines and none of them would be a reason for the missing lines. Mudlet has a bug too where any gagged line is replicated in the log multiple times, and the lines do not exist there either. The only thing I can think of is some effect of being drunk(IC) was blocking random lines.
  • Obliviousness?
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  • Turns out it was a script I have that deletes everything including prompt, so I don't get spammed with extra prompts. If something I was gagging happened at the same time as something I wasn't gagging, the something I wasn't gagging ended up gagged via the script.

    @Reylari I don't use system obliviousness. I prefer to be oblivious all on my own.
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    Hmmm I see some of my strikes being parried but no attack either. Odd. 

    Edit: saw your script bit. That was a fun fight... was weird trying to get used to 1h weapons over pureblade. 
  • Ya it seems to have gagged out a lot of the normal warrior attacks.
  • I think the highlight of that log is: 'You are too stunned to be able to do anything.' 

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  • No the highlight was.. yay pogo is getting me out of here! Wait... what? GODDAMNED MUTT CLAMP!
  • You are no longer immune from stun.
    Mnemosyne slams her forehead into your skull, the shock of which stuns you and makes stars dance before your eyes.

    The perfect chain stun. Who knew Mnemosyne was so pro :o

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