DC: The March 1/21/17

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Just in case anyone was intending to come and wants to meet up: after 8:30am gathering at Starbucks 433 7th St NW, leaving at 9:30am otherwise main rally/speeches/concert with other groups at 10am outside Native American museum at Independence Ave and Third St SW, and moves west from there. Closest metro stops are Judiciary Square (Red), Archives/Navy Memorial (Green/Yellow) and Smithsonian (Blue/Orange).  March begins around 1pm.

If going to 8:30 you will find yourself among Hallifaxians Harmony-minded people

Buddhists and people of other faiths/non-faith possibly wearing white scarves/sashes

The March has an app you can download and sign up with from their site, you can use a pseudo for name and email, you don't have to authorize it to use contacts for it to work. Mine will be Orventa Trueflight.

It's recommended but not necessary to have texts encrypted using Signal or fb's encryption option for messenger, whether you're in DC or a Sister March. There will be stingrays monitoring and police escort.

Also, Safe Space/Refreshment Pit-Stop point will be hosted by Fantom Comics in Dupont Circle

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