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  • DeichtineDeichtine Member Posts: 1,610 Transcendent
    Rancoura said:
    Veyils said:
    Although if we use the wyrdling to squish a few guild halls and the black tower we can always put him back together again I guess :shrug: Just explosions are fun :D
    Not our Trade rooms! :s
    They should be in good natural caves or the hollowed out flesh of giant mutated monsters. All natural options, non of this silly civilised building with bricks! :p
  • DylaraDylara Member Posts: 1,287 Transcendent
    Wasn't the Tower built so the original Shadowdancers could be closer to Night? I vaguely remember something like that, but I could also be imagining it.

    Avurekhos says, "Dylara's a PvP menace in my eyes, totes rekting face."

    The eye of Dylara materialises in your hands and flings itself around your neck, tightening incomprehensibly until it is irremovable.
    Perfectly clean, this eyeball has been wrenched from the socket of Dylara. It has been animated by some unusual force, constantly looking around itself as if in shock or fear. It is bathed in a light covering of white flames that roll endlessly over its surface. A single chain of empyreal metal pierces either side of the eye, allowing it to be worn around the neck.

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    I'll admit that I haven't really been keeping up with everything in regards to faction development, but I had been imaging that the change to factions would be more like a shift in political power to whatever the factions represent and away from the guilds, not them imploding and being replaced. I think it makes sense on a both an IC and OOC level for the guilds to still exist, just not as the major political powers in their orgs anymore. 
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