Justice Challenge



  • DeichtineDeichtine Member Posts: 1,584 Transcendent
    Hmm war goes over two days potentially. Any reason why not do the same thing with justice. Double elimination seems a good way to do it.
  • FalaeronFalaeron Jolteon Member Posts: 1,663 Transcendent
    edited February 2017
    So I asked about whether the resolution to increase max ego by 25% and the cannibalism scarves are allowed. With his permission, here are Ianir's replies:

    (Envoys): Ianir says, "As per the rules, any max ego or ego regen buffs outside the buff system are not allowed, so resolution would not be."

    (Envoys): Ianir says, "Cannabalism scarf, since it's not a full heal, is a bit of a grey area, but would probably fall under activated abilities and be disallowed."

    tl;dr: Resolution to increase max ego by 25% and cannibalism scarves are NOT allowed.

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