Cooking with Fire

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We hosted a cooking competition in Gaudiguch!

(Gaudiguch): You say, "Who is ready to cook!?!"

(Gaudiguch): Steingrim says, "I'm ready to eat!"

(Gaudiguch): You say, "Perfect, you can be a judge."

A lavishly tiled kitchen lined with ceramics. (Capital City of the Grand Province of Gaudiguch.)
Throughout the location, small dancing flames flicker and spark. Pointed horseshoe arches greet traffic from the busy streets beyond, chiseled into the pink sandstone that forms this circular room. An intricately patterned tile mosaic, tinted in cool shades of blues and greens, covers the walls, pops of yellow placed sparingly throughout to break up the monotony in the tilework. Cabinets stained a flamboyent shade of turqoise provide storage to the many pots and pans that fill the kitchen, each piece of cookware stacked haphazardly within these cupboards, yet still decorative in their chaos. Jugs, jars, bowls and cups line the walls and counters, each brightly painted with a colourfully glazed pattern unique to itself. Within the myriad ceramics, spices and herbs provide the space with an aromatic experience that delights the senses, each waft of air delivering a new fragrance to the palate. Baskets filled with offerings of sweets innumerable surround a plinth of solid gold, atop which burns a soft flame. Rising to the ceiling above, a massive oven of salmon-tinted sandstone stands central within the room, a centerpiece of culinary construction.

You have emoted: Breandryn skirts the crowd to stand behind one of the counters in the center of the room. Her slight form leaves her nearly obscured and after a few moments you hear something scraping across the ground, before she steps upwards into sight, perched on a large pot. Beaming, she nods at the crowd.

Brightly, you say, "The contest rules!"

You say, "First, you will be given three ingredients to work with. Begin to make your dish - but beware! Two more mystery ingredients will be added as the contest...heats up!"

Everiine stands near the door with his arms folded over his chest, keeping the entrway in sight as he listens to you speak, a smile on his face.

You say, "Once all recipes are prepared, you will write them on a letter-."

Blushing, voice a mumble, you say, "....I forgot the letters...."

"Be right back!" you cry.

----// I go get letters \\----

You have emoted: Breandryn clears her throat, blushing as she ascends her pot stepladder again. "Right!" she continues, as if no pause had occurred. "Once you are finished with your design, you will write the details on a letter!" She proudly waves around a handful of flimsy letters.

Happily, you say, "To give an example, if the secret ingredients were berries and sugar and eggs, I might bake a cake-" She points over to the stocked shelves and pantry. "...pulling a few extra ingredients from there. Once I finish baking it, I'd write the details in my letter."

You say, "You can borrow my clipboard to pen it. Any questions about details?"

Bad Taxidermist Alaksanteri Elithysius, Dirge of Insanity asks, "Is there a deadline?"

You say, "You will have one day to work on the recipe. I will announce two new ingredients during this process, so do not get too fixed on your recipe as it may need to evolve!"

You say, "Any other questions? You can speak to me in TELLS for more intricate questions."

You have emoted: Breandryn nods happily. "Right, then!" she declares. "Let us begin!" With that, she adjusts her chef's hat, slipped rakishly over one eye, and blows her hair out of her face. Eyebrows raising, she looks to the grill before her, happily explaining, "...Since this is Gaudiguch..."

You have emoted: "We shall cook with fir--" Breandryn begins, lifting the lid off the grill with a flourish. A large gout of flame shoots up, nearly singing her eyebrows, and she topples off her perch with a squeak. A tendril of smoke trails up from her scorched hat as she weakly finishes, ""

Cyna takes a half-step backwards, a slight look of alarm upon her face.

The corners of Tirah's mouth turn up as she grins mischievously.

Coughing, you say, "The first ingredient is an open flame! Grilling, charbroiling, smoking - whatever you decide, your dish must incorporate fire as a heat source!"

Cyna stares implacably about herself.

And this is why Everiine stood near the door, with his feathers well behind him.

Rhi stares blankly into space.

Rolan stares blankly into space.

----// Half the crowd accidentially attacks the other half \\----

Lightly, you say to Rolan, "Please don't kill my father."

The Scarlet Lion, Captain Rolan Vessandril, Seneschal of the Rule frowns and says to Rhi, "Did you hit me with your music."

The Scarlet Lion, Captain Rolan Vessandril, Seneschal of the Rule smiles impishly and says to you, "No promises."

Rhi, the Poet says, "I had you as a personal enemy from the warm up."

Rhi shuffles her feet uneasily.

High Chief Everiine Silvermoon the Wise, Centaur Brother says to Rhi, "Indeed. I am afraid if I die here, I will only be moments away from one of the ingredients in this competition."

You have emoted: Breandryn gives the flame a wary stare as she pushes her pot sideways, scaling it to stand before an immense covered platter. "The next ingredient...." she teases, taking her time to lift the lid. "" She waggles her eyebrows, before finally raising the lid, revealing slabs of pink fish fillet. "...salmon!"

With a hopeful smile, Cyna raises her hand high in the air.

You tilt your head curiously at Cyna.

Sister Kalas Cyna says, "I have a question regarding the first ingredient."

Tirah Mzithrei, the Soul of Fire says, "Can we ignore all the attacking now, or I will whack you all with a frying pan. Focus on the contest."

You nod your head at Cyna.

Rhi stares blankly at Tirah.

Sister Kalas Cyna says, "Can the fire be of a magical nature?"

You have emoted: Breandryn considers the question for a moment, before she nods, pointing at Cyna as she declares, "...I'll allow it."

Cyna nods her head at you.

You have emoted: "Fire and salmon..." Breandryn summarizes, before turning to another covered platter. "And the third ingredient is...." She does a little drumroll on the counter, before she lifts the lid, revealing a lush assortment of berries - strawberries, blueberries, cloudberries, every berry imaginable in every color under the Basin's sky, all arrayed in beautiful bushels. "BERRIES!"

Tirah Mzithrei, the Soul of Fire says, "I have a question as well."

You say to Tirah, "Yes?"

Tirah Mzithrei, the Soul of Fire says, "Can we add things in addition of the given ingredients?"

Cyna nods her head emphatically.

You have emoted: Breandryn nods happily. "Great question!" she exclaims, turning to sweep her arm out to indicate a large, well-stocked pantry of supplies. Fruit, vegetables, grains, binders, spices, everything a cook could want, all ready and waiting. "You can use any additional ingredients you wish, as long as you also include the main ones!"

Tirah nods her head emphatically.

With a hopeful smile, Cyna raises her hand high in the air.

Tirah Mzithrei, the Soul of Fire says, "Great."

Sister Kalas Cyna says, "I have a question."

You say, "Yes?"

Sister Kalas Cyna says, "Is actively sabotaging the other contestant's meals allowed?"

You have emoted: Breandryn lifts her hands to her mouth, smothering a smile. "Not today," she informs Cyna. "But....but if this is popular, I have a more....competitive version for another day."

You waggle your eyebrows comically.

Cyna nods her head emphatically.

Brightly, you say, "Now! You can make one comprehensive dish. You can make a main and sides. It is up to you, but the final entry should be a platter, plate, bowl, something for us to judge. Fire, salmon and berries - for now!"

You say, "Any other questions?"

"Shots shots shots shots," sings Rhi, playing a heated flame lute.

You have emoted: Silence says no, so Breandryn declares, "All right! Don't throw elbows when you run to get ingredients...but don't slack, or you may get the leftovers!" She grins widely, counting down, "Ready..."

Eyebrows raising, you say, "Set....!"

Happily clapping her hands together, you exclaim, "GO!!!"

Cyna calmly walks over to the ingredients table, grabbing a fresh cut of salmon and several bushels of berries, which she brings back to her station to hopelessly stare at.

You have emoted: Breandryn steps down off her pot stepstool, avoiding the potential stampede as contestants swarm for ingredients. "Fire!" she reminds. "Gotta use fire!"

Cyna pauses for several moments and looks around the room. It is clear she is watching the other contestants.

You have emoted: Breandryn skirts the counter to wander over towards Cyna. "What are you working on here?" she asks, rising on her tip-toes to peer at the cooking space.

Sister Kalas Cyna says to you, "Nothing, really."

Cyna pokes a bit at the fresh, raw salmon in front of her.

You have emoted: "Ever cooked before?" Breandryn asks, frowning at the salmon handling.

Sister Kalas Cyna says to you, "No."

Happily, you say to Cyna, "No better time to learn than the present!"

Everiine chuckles long and heartily.

You have emoted: "Don't forget to use fire!" Breandryn reminds Cyna before she continues wandering through the kitchen, coming next to Everiine's cooking station. "And what are you working on?" she asks, eyes wide as she studies the countertop.

Everiine blinks and looks around. "Me? I am not cooking anything. I came to watch," he answers, still leaning against the wall next to the door.

You stare implacably at Everiine.

With a slight pout, you say to Everiine, "I wanted to see what you could make."

Cyna carefully places a layer of raspberries and cranberries on top of the salmon fillet.

Everiine laughs and hooks a beaded and feathered charm behind his ear. "No, I do not think you would."

You have emoted: Breandryn wrinkles her nose, continuing her chatting with the contestants, coming next over to Rolan. "And you?" she asks. "What are you going to make?"

Rolan picks up a serving of salmon and raspberries. "Was watching too, but I'm too terrified now of your response if I try that. I'm going to try to make food."

You have emoted: Breandryn beams happily, giving a pleased nod. "With fire!" she reminds Rolan, before her steps next take her to Alaksanteri. "And you, miss?" she asks, craning her neck to try to glimpse what's being cooked.

Cyna extends her hand towards the culinary mistake in front of her. A moment later, a blinding flash of light bursts from her station. Those versed in cosmic magic would recognize the cosmicfire that steams from her palm to encase the salmon and berries alike. A moment later, a squishy *POP* is heard as the berries rapidly heat and explode, covering the salmon, the station, Cyna herself, and anybody standing nearby. The workstation smoulders slightly, and the smell of burnt fruit fills the air.

You have emoted: Breandryn turns in surprise at the stream of fire, just in time to get an entire faceful of squished, burst berries.

The ever-stoic Everiine slowly wipes the goo from his face, none-too-pleased to have it stuck in his feathered crest.

Rolan expertly steps out of the way of the exploded berries.

After pausing for a beat, Sister Kalas Cyna says, "Behold! I have created, er... Salmon Surprise!"

You have emoted: Breandryn blinks rapidly, wiping away the berries. "Fire!" she happily cries, giving Cyna an appreciative round of applause.

Sister Kalas Cyna mutters, "The surp...e is th.. I'm ..ill getting ..edits for pa....ipatin. .. t...."

Rolan sets his salmon on a large metal skillet. "With fire, eh?"

---// At this point, Rolan produces a pyrocannon O.o \\----

The Scarlet Lion, Captain Rolan Vessandril, Seneschal of the Rule says, "Now. I don't QUITE remember how to use this anymore."

The Scarlet Lion, Captain Rolan Vessandril, Seneschal of the Rule says, "But it's fine. It's got switches, not that hard."

You have emoted: Breandryn look over at Rolan with a nervous stare, quickly darting behind the counter. Just her wide eyes and quivering ears can be seen above the countertop as she watches nervously.

You have emoted: Nothing has caught on Breandryn cautiously stands a bit taller behind the counter, although her stare still remains warily fixed on Rolan.

Alaksanteri assuredly cuts her ingredients and places some plates in the oven while humming and looking quite concentrated.

Cyna brushes away some of the burnt berry paste from her workstation. Underneath is a now-mangled fillet of salmon, parts of it charred, and other parts still raw.

Rolan points the pyrocannon at his salmon and flips a switch. A foot long flame shoots out of the front of the cannon, and he begins to sweep the fire back and forth over his salmon, expertly fire-roasting it while expertly setting the countertop on fire.

You have emoted: With a nervous glance towards Rolan - or, more accurately, Rolan's hand cannon and the now-burning countertop - Breandryn clears her throat, announcing, "Time for the next mystery ingredient!"
Everiine steps backward into the entryway, ready to leap away into the air if the fire should get out of control.

Cyna sighs and, with a single motion, dumps the contents of her workstation into the nearby wastebin. She then begins to move to fetch another set of ingredients, but pauses as the next mystery ingredient is announced.

You have emoted: Breandryn reaches across the counter towards another covered platter, unveiling it with a flourish. Oh boy. It's wriggling. Breathing. Pulsating. At first, it looks like something from Vortex, all slimy and fleshy, but...grey? With...tentacles?

Happily, you say, "Squid!"

Cyna stares implacably about herself.

Sister Kalas Cyna says, "Is it still alive?"

Helpfully, you say, "I think some may still be alive. I don't really know how to properly prepare squid, so you may need to clean them, too!"

Sister Kalas Cyna says, "Well. I don't really understand cooking, but I do understand biology."

Rolan picks up the sizzling skillet just in time for the rest of the countertop crumbles into ash. He then eats the raspberries he picked earlier, grabs a basked of cherries, crushes them with a mortar and pestle into a paste, and applies the sauce to the salmon.

The Scarlet Lion, Captain Rolan Vessandril, Seneschal of the Rule says, "Ew."

The Scarlet Lion, Captain Rolan Vessandril, Seneschal of the Rule says, "Squid."

You have emoted: Breandryn winces as the countertop crumbles, chiding Rolan, "If you eat all the fruit, none will end on your plate!"

The Scarlet Lion, Captain Rolan Vessandril, Seneschal of the Rule says, "I put berries on the plate."

Cyna grabs one of the squids. Drawing a scalpel from somewhere on her person, she expertly opens up the squid, removing most of its internal organs. She is especially careful with the ink sac, ensuring it does not rupture. She moves to dump the organs in the wastebin, then hesitates.

You have emoted: Breandryn bounces over to Alaksanteri, eyes wide as she asks, "You've been very focused this entire time - does the squid throw a crimp into your plans?"

Bad Taxidermist Alaksanteri Elithysius, Dirge of Insanity says, "Not at all."

Bad Taxidermist Alaksanteri Elithysius, Dirge of Insanity says, "I found a way to incorporate the squid quite nicely."

Alaksanteri nods her head emphatically.

Cyna glances around, then grabs a rather large pot from underneath her workstation. She fills it with water and places it over a nearby fire, setting it to boil. Then, she dumps the squid organs inside and grabs another fillet of salmon and another generous helping of berries.

Rolan picks up a squid with two outstretched fingers. He then cuts a thin strip of fatty meat from the squid and throws it on the sizzling skillet next to the salmon, and focuses his terrible gaze onto the squid meat. It cooks into something looking a bit like bacon.

You have emoted: Breandryn tries to peek at the dish and then bobs her head in a nod, leaving Alaksanteri alone to focus on her cooking. Her meandering steps bring her back to Cyna and her eyebrows raise. "Starting over?" she asks.

Cyna nods her head at you.

Sister Kalas Cyna says to you, "Yes."

Alaksanteri smirks.

Cyna gently stirs the pot next to her. Suddenly, it turns an inky black.

You have emoted: Breandryn's eyes widen at the color change. "Did...did you intend that?" she asks.

Cyna frowns slightly at the pot. "I'm not really sure."

Though Everiine remains silent, he follows the proceedings with great interest, constantly glancing back and forth between the contestants and the culinary delights being produced in front of him. He's just making sure he can get out in time if something decides to explode.

You have emoted: Breandryn dips one finger into the pot, digit emerging coated in something inky and black. With a nervous smile, she takes a taste, blinking several times as she forces herself to swallow. "Yu...yummy..." she says weakly, before rotating on towards Rolan.

You have emoted: Breandryn rises onto her tip-toes, trying to peer at the squid Rolan is cooking. "Did...did you shift your squid?" she asks in surprise, blinking up at Rolan.

Rolan grins wickedly. "Maybe a bit." He crumbles the squid bacon over the salmon covered with cherry sauce. He then opens his freezer and pulls a few bright orange peppers out of it.

Alaksanteri, ever so secretive and still humming, takes plates from the oven and carefully covers them from prying eyes. She then proceeds to cut some more ingredients for another step of her recipe.

You have emoted: "I suppose I didn't disallow it..." Breandryn muses, pursing her lips in thought as she heads back over to the counter with a bounce in her step, ascending her step-pot to clear her throat. Trying to get the contestants' attention, she raps on the counter, announcing, "Time for the final mystery ingredient! Are you ready?"

Cyna nods her head emphatically.

Rolan nods his head emphatically.

Alaksanteri tilts her head and listens intently.

You have emoted: Happily continuing onwards, regardless of readiness, Breandryn brightly states, "The final ingredient is....!" She pauses a beat for dramatic tension, before lifting the lid off the final platter, proudly revealing a mouth-watering spread of cake - spiced, sweet, sour, iced, carrot, bundt, angel, heavy, light, all types of cakes under the sun have been collected and arrayed, waiting for the contestants.

You have emoted: "Cake!" Breandryn announces, eyes shutting in a smile of utter, gleeful bliss.

Rolan stares blankly into space.

Cyna stares implacably about herself.

Alaksanteri gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

Sister Kalas Cyna says, "Sure."

Cyna heads over to the cakes and, slowly, samples each one.

You have emoted: Breandryn nods in agreement with Cyna, reaching over to fill each fistful with cake of her own. Happily munching away, she mumbles, mouth full, "'bouf time we got to thish ingredie'"

Everiine chuckles long and heartily at you.

Cyna takes several savoury cakes and meat pies. Taking the crust from the pie, she combines it with some uniced savoury cakes. With her hands, she crumbles the entire thing up into little bits, which she places in a bowl.

The Scarlet Lion, Captain Rolan Vessandril, Seneschal of the Rule says, "Hm. I could probably shift this into something more useful, but that just seems unsporting."

You have emoted: Cyna's sampling dislodges a few cakes from Breandryn's platter, revealing several savory options down at the bottom, meat pies and bready options buried beneath the sweets.

Comprehension flashes across Rolan's face.

The Scarlet Lion, Captain Rolan Vessandril, Seneschal of the Rule smiles impishly and says, "Idea."

Cyna grabs a ladle and tastes the black pot next to her. She winces, then rubs over to the ingredients. Without reading the labels or even bothering to inspect the ingredients themselves, she grabs an armful and dumps them into the boiling pot, which spills over. Black inky liquid pools around her workstation.

(Gaudiguch): Tremula says, "Are there any bookbinders around?"

(Gaudiguch): You say, "I am one, but I am hosting the cooking contest! After I can assist you."

(Gaudiguch): You say, "You should come help judge!"

(Gaudiguch): Tirah says, "Have you announced the additional ingredients yet?"

(Gaudiguch): You say, "Yes! They are squid and cake."

(Gaudiguch): Tirah says, "Hah! I had squid in it anyway."

----// Tremula enters with perfect timing \\----

You have emoted: Breandryn lets out a little squeak, dancing away from the boiling black overflow to retreat back to her step-stool pot. "Please do not destroy the ENTIRE kitchen!" she reminds the contestants. "We may wish to do this again!"

Cyna procures her scalpel once more and dices up several fillets of salmon. Then, in a bowl, she combines them with the assorted berries. She frowns for a moment, then heads over to the rack of herbs. She grabs a handful of herbs, again paying little attention to what they actually are, and after chopping them up with her scalpel, she combines them with the berry-salmon mixture.

Tremula pauses midstep, eyeing the going-ons in the kitchen carefully as if judging whether or not she wishes to continue into the room.

Rolan collects a couple angel food cakes, and begins to carve them very very carefully into spherical shapes. He sprinkles them with powdered sugar, then a tiny sprinkling of cooking oil, which soaks into the angel food cake orbs. He then flips a couple switches on his pyrocannon and grins evilly.

Cyna then stuffs the entire thing into the prepared squid. She dips the entire thing briefly into the pot - again spilling a generous helping of black inky liquid onto the floor - then places the squid into the bowl of cake-crumbs. Turning it over, she has successfully (although haphazardly) breaded her squid.

Tremula tells you, " I going to be required to eat this?"

You have emoted: Breandryn lets out another squeak as the pyrocannon is recharged, grabbing a nearby pot lid as a temporary shield to peer out from behind. "Time is nearly up!" she cries, tone a bit nervous as her gaze remains fixed on Rolan. "If you need my clipboard for your recipe letter, let me know!"

Cyna places the squid on the counter once more. Without usage of any frying pans or cooking ingredients at all, she again extends her hand towards the squid, and a small mote of cosmicfire forms in her hand...

You tell Gaslight Tremula, on Wings Of Flame, "Yes! It should probably not kill you!"

Tremula moves behind you and pulls her shield to cover both herself and the small faeling, the spikes offering ample room for you to peek through if you so chooses still. "What have you pulled me into, Breandryn?"

You have emoted: Breandryn squeaks again, lifting her lid higher to shield both herself and now Tremula. "We are COOKING," she informs Tremula in a wide-eyed whisper. "With FIRE."

Everiine chuckles long and heartily.

You have emoted: Breandryn peers out from behind the shield wall to eye Cyna's forming fire with a worried stare.

Rolan sets the angel food cake donut holes on a skilled, points the pyrocannon at them, and flips the firing switch. Instead of a jet of fire to accompany the roar of the discharge, a pulse of nearly invisible heat radiates out the front and the donut holes begin sizzling.

Cyna extends the mote of cosmicfire, this time in a more controlled fashion. Mimicing Rolan's technique with the cannon, she runs her hand back and forth over the squid, slowly roasting it.

Tirah Mzithrei, the Soul of Fire says, "I forgot to sign my letter, is this an issue?"

Cyna turns the squid over, now cooking the other side. A scorchmark has appeared on the workstation.
Rolan continues to roast the angel food cake balls. The body of the pyrocannon begins to glow an alarming shade of orange, as the majority of the heat seems to be collecting in the body of the cannon.

You have emoted: Breandryn gradually relaxes - it seems the fire is under control this time around, and she slips out from behind the shields to approach the contestants again. "Not an issue!" she happily tells Tirah. "Just hand it to me, when you have your recipe written! If you need to borrow my clipboard, let me know!"

The Scarlet Lion, Captain Rolan Vessandril, Seneschal of the Rule says, "I'll need a letter and the clipboard, yeah."

With her free hand Cyna grabs a spoon and tastes the pot besides her. Apparently satisfied, she nods thoughtfully.

Tirah Mzithrei, the Soul of Fire says, "It is nothing special, I am afraid. There has been a distraction while I worked on it."

You have emoted: Breandryn skips closer to Rolan, studying his approach to roasting. "This is looking...interesting!" she diplomatically declares.

Rolan collects the round pieces of fried angel food cake, and places them on a plate with the fire-roasted salmon with squid bacon and cherry sauce.

Cyna grabs a plate and places the entire roasted squid upon it. A bit of berry mixture oozes out where she originally cut the thing open. She then grabs a teacup and fills it with the inky black broth, placing it next to the plate.

You tell Mayor Steingrim, "Can you bring a palm sigil when you return? We are nearly ready for judging."

Sister Kalas Cyna says, "I am finished. I guess."

You have emoted: Breandryn claps her hands happily as the final plating presentations are prepared, darting back towards the counter to study each finished dish with a bright smile.

Rolan drops the glowing pyrocannon on an empty counter, and the counter immediately burns to ash as he mildly applies ice to his badly burned hand.

You tell The Scarlet Lion, Captain Rolan Vessandril, Seneschal of the Rule, "Gave you clipboard and letter."

Rolan tells you, "We just write the recipe like it's it's going into a recipe book?"

You tell The Scarlet Lion, Captain Rolan Vessandril, Seneschal of the Rule, "Yep!"

Tremula hefts her shield and swings it over her shoulder, affixing it to the back of her armour before walking forward and standing near you. "So, have you informed them yet, or should I do it?"

You have emoted: Breandryn tilts her head in curiosity at Tremula.

Gaslight Tremula, on Wings Of Flame laughingly says to you, "That they'll have to impress my hook-in-cookie and orphan stew loving tastebuds as well."

Tirah Mzithrei, the Soul of Fire says, "Is...the stew for orphans or with orphans?"

Tremula winks conspiratorially at Tirah.

You have emoted: Breandryn blinks, voice uncertain as she echoes, "....Orphan stew? Like...for poor orphans?"

Tirah squirms uncomfortably.

Tremula reaches out and pats the top of your head with the flat of her hand, smiling fondly at you.

You have emoted: Breandryn gives a weak smile, absently snatching a stray piece of cake from the platter to stoically munch on.

----// Getting all the entries written down \\----

You have emoted: Breandryn returns, ascending her step-stool pot once more to get a better view of the crowd. "Just compiling all of the recipes," she explains with a bright smile. "Please be patient, before we begin the judging!"

You have emoted: Breandryn peers at each dish on the counter, eyes wide and hair a deep, inquisitive green. Her ears twitch, her nose wiggles and she licks her lips, but she resists sampling any of the food until everything is fully complete.

You have emoted: Breandryn smiles brightly at Tremula, then Milune, then Everiine. "Ready to start tasting for the judging?" she happily asks, voluntelling the spectators their new role.

Tirah leans on Milune seeking consolation.

Milune gives Tirah a peck on the cheek.

Alaksanteri nods her head emphatically.

Tirah's Entry
Ingredients: Salmon, clams, trout, cranberries, water, mushrooms, bell
peppers, squid.
Add all ingredients to a large pot and cook for several hour on an open
flame, keep the lid on the pot and let the ingredients slowly give off
their flavors into the liquid to form a hearty, slightly fruity Gumbo.

As a desert to the gumbo, a rich chocolate cake, decorated with an
assortment of wild berries is served.

Cyna's Entry
A generous helping of squid surprise.

This dish features a full adult squid, gutted and stuffed with diced
salmon, assorted berries, and a handful of herbs. No thought whatsoever
has been granted to exactly what berries and herbs are within. The squid
itself has been breaded with some sort of savoury cake and roasted
directly in a fire, offering the squid a nice crunch to the bite. It is
served with a teacup of a black inky broth with a surprising amount of
flavor, though the flavor is quite unidentifable.

Rolan's Entry
Rolan's Fire-Roasted Salmon with Cherry and Squidbacon Sauce and Angel
Food Cake Hushpuppies

This is a filet of salmon that has been roasted with a ridiculous amount
of fire just short of being actually burned to char. A sauce of cherries
and fatty squid meat cooked into something like bacon crumbles coats the
salmon. On the side are angel food cake spheres deep-fried and coated
with powdered sugar.

Alaksanteri's Entry
Dear Breandryn,

You will find my entry for your cooking eventenclosed to this missive.

a platter of cranberry salmon cakes browned in fire essence and whiskey

This large oval platter of dark plum wood is brimming with delicious
cake bites accompanied by portions of spinach, avocado and blueberries
salad. Tender and juicy flakes of salmon and crab flesh have been mixed
with crushed cranberries then shaped into patties. The cakes have been
browned to perfection within a glazed sauce of fire essence, whiskey and
a touch of squid ink.

As you breathe in the aromas of this platter, you are overcome by the
earthy, salty smells and whiskey laced with seafood.

You break a small piece from a cake that looked particularly
irresistible and place it on your tongue. The fiery spices within the
sauce pleasantly bite your tongue as you briefly savour the tender
salmon and crab flesh.

Flaunting utensils, you dive onto the cakes with a generous coating of
fiery sauce. As you eat, the fire essence burns your palate and you
taste the delicious combination of the earthy whisky mixed with the sour
cranberries. The tender salmon and crab flesh suits the sauce divinely.
Bites of the spinach, creamy avocado and blueberries sald provide
refresh and offer a short relief between each cake consumed.

Alaksanteri Elithysius.

You have emoted: Breandryn stares with saucer-sized eyes at the spread of food before her. "All right!" she gleefully announces. "Judges, dig in! Taste everything, and then we can discuss our thoughts on each dish!"

Tremula steps forward to stand before Rolan, looking down at a donut ball with no small amount of apprehension in her eyes as they quickly flick towards the pyrocannon still cooling on the floor. "What did you make, chef?"

You have emoted: Breandryn approaches the gumbo first, slurping down a spoonful of the seafood broth. Her head tilts to one side in surprise as the lingering fruity note, and she nibbles on the cake after she swallows. "Ohhh...." she moans, nodding slowly. "Oh, wow, what a pairing..."

You have emoted: Breandryn licks her lips, asking Tirah, "What was the trickiest part of this dish?"
Tirah ponders for a moment and says "Hrm..."

The Scarlet Lion, Captain Rolan Vessandril, Seneschal of the Rule says, "Fire-roasted salmon with cherry and squidbacon sauce, with deep-fried angel food cake hushpuppies with powdered sugar."

Tirah Mzithrei, the Soul of Fire says, "The cake, I think. Till I thought of making it a side dish."

A wry smile spreads across Tirah's face.

Raising his hand in greeting, Steingrim says "Hi!"

Mayor Steingrim says, "I am very sorry for being delayed."

You have emoted: The word "squidbacon" has caught Breandryn's attention, ears perking up as her stare shifts towards Rolan's salmon dish. "Cake is always an excellent addition to a meal," she tells Tirah with delight, before she forks out a sample of the next dish.

Tirah curtseys gracefully before Steingrim.

You say to Steingrim, "We are judging the food! Taste it all and tell us what you like best!"

Tremula reaches down to the sheath attached to her leg and pulls out a dagger, reaching forward to slice a small amount of the salmon before spearing it, raising it to her mouth and gingerly pulling it free. As she chews, she picks up one of the balls and eyes it thoughtfully for a second before her eyes close and she hums a note of appreciation to the salmon.

Rolan doffs a dapper, fawn-banded black felt hat to Steingrim.

Mayor Steingrim says, "I see everything has a bit extra fiber."

You have emoted: Breandryn picks up a hush puppy of her own, dragging it through the sauce to scoop up as many squidbacon crumbles she can, before she piles a slab of salmon on top, popping the whole thing into her mouth to leave her small cheeks distended like a chipmunk's. "Oof's goo'" she declares through all the food.

Tremula pops the cake into her mouth and moves forward to stand before Alaksanteri, eyeing the platter before her as she chews thoughtfully. Once she swallows, she asks, "What would you recommend to put in your mouth first, salad or cake?"

Bad Taxidermist Alaksanteri Elithysius, Dirge of Insanity says, "I would recommend the cakes first."

Alaksanteri nods her head emphatically.

Rolan fishes his pyrocannon out of a smouldering pile of ash that used to be a countertop, inspects it briefly, then drops it back into his freezer.

You have emoted: Breandryn swallows heavily and then continues down the line, approaching Cyna's dish next. She smiles weakly and delicately cuts out a tentative serving of the "squid surprise" - taking a slow, reluctant bite, she does indeed seem to find the surprise, berries and herbs squishing out of the squid to smear across her lips.

Cyna nods her head at you.

Steingrim goes to say something, but with a full mouth thinks better of doing so.

Everiine laughs and flutters his wings.

You have emoted: Breandryn begins to swallow, an odd noise gurgling in her throat. She gives a weak smile, eyes closing, and tries to swallow again. It seems the squid is a bit slow going down. Nodding her head, she finally manages to finish the mouthful, and then beams at Cyna. "How creative!" she assesses.

Sister Kalas Cyna says, "I also made some tea."

Cyna gestures to the teacup, filled with broth.

Sister Kalas Cyna says, "This is how you make tea, right?"

Sister Kalas Cyna says, "I used squid organs in it."

You have emoted: Breandryn seems to have been hoping the tea would go unmentioned, her eyes slowly skating back to the cup. "Tea..." she mumbles. "Yay...." Her voice trails off into silence as she delicately picks the cup up, taking a teensy, tiny, as small as she can swig. "Mmmm..." The sound emanates from her closed mouth, a tight-lipped smile on her face.

Tremula reaches down and holds her knife over a cake before disregarding it and tucking it into a bracer. Carefully, she picks up a cake and pops it whole into her mouth, eyes widening with delight as she opens her mouth to take quick gasps of air between chews. "!!" Her tone is full of mirth, though, and it is clear she approves as she reaches down and quickly folds a few scraps of lettuce around blueberry and avocado before quickly stuffing them into her mouth to douse the heat.

Alaksanteri's eyes sparkle with amusement.

Bad Taxidermist Alaksanteri Elithysius, Dirge of Insanity says, "The salad should help if it becomes too spicy, especially the avocados."

Tremula smiles widely at Alaksanteri before saying, "An excellent job, chef." She moves forward to peek over Breandryn's head at the squid, raising her head to look up at Cyna before back down at the...surprise, repeating the gesture a few times as if making sure she is seeing what she is seeing.

Bad Taxidermist Alaksanteri Elithysius, Dirge of Insanity says, "Thank you."

"Well, I've eaten worse than a Nihilist's cooking..." Tremula pauses and says, "I've cooked worse as a Nihilist, come to think of it." With resolve she reaches down and pulls her dagger free once more, chopping into the squid and shoving a massive bite into her mouth, wincing in preparation before her first chew, but then slowly losing the pained expression as she continues.

Sister Kalas Cyna says to Tremula, "I have never cooked before."

Alaksanteri leisurely sips a cup of tea while observing the judges and the various platters.

You have emoted: Breandryn approaches the final dish, taking a deep sniff as her eyes close in delight. "Oh," she breathes. "Now this smells amazing!" She scoops up one of the cakes, piling a small portion of salad on top, and then chomps down on the entire bite, inhaling sharply at the spicy kick of the fire essence.

You have emoted: Breandryn spears some more salad, cooling her tongue with a slice of avocado.

The Scarlet Lion, Captain Rolan Vessandril, Seneschal of the Rule smiles impishly and says to Cyna, "I'm not sure you've cooked yet! Kidding, kidding."

A wry smile spreads across Tirah's face.

Holding a hand over her mouth, Gaslight Tremula, on Wings Of Flame says, " is not awful, for a first time. A little chewy, but that is...uh...that is to come along with the ingredient."

Sister Kalas Cyna says to Rolan, "If nothing else, I have learned how to make a bomb from nothing but berries and magic."

The corners of Rolan's mouth turn up as he grins mischievously.

Everiine nods his head at Cyna.

Tremula swallows and glances around at the other judges before cutting off a second piece of squid and popping it into her mouth. "I'm actually rather fond of it, now that I've let the taste settle." She reaches down and takes a small amount of the 'tea' to sip at, and soon enough she cuts off the end of a tentacle and dips it into the broth, slurping it down quickly in obvious delight.

Cyna blinks.

Sister Kalas Cyna says, "Well, great!"

----// Steingrim spawns violent tentacles for some reason \\----

Mayor Steingrim says, "Even the Soulless want to taste these."

Tirah Mzithrei, the Soul of Fire says, "Now there is a compliment if there ever was one."

Tremula turns and continues to finally stand in front of Tirah. "And what is this delightful smelling dish?" She casts a last, lingering look at Cyna's squid before turning her attention fully to the dish before her.

Tirah Mzithrei, the Soul of Fire says to Tremula, "A simple gumbo with a little surprise and a side of cake, nothing special, but hearty and tasty."

Tirah smiles softly.

Tremula ponders for a moment and says "Hrm..."

Tremula reaches down and cuts a small slice from the cake, apologetically offering, "I'm not as much one for sweets, and I've eaten a fair amount already. More than I'm used to." With that, though, she gently pulls the cake off of its balanced position on her dagger and chews for a moment, her eyes sparkling. "Just like my grandmother used to make, only less...bloody!" She reaches down and pulls a ladle from the table to raise the gumbo to her mouth, forgoing etiquette to drink directly from it without spilling a drop.

You have emoted: Breandryn snags another cake to munch on, her expression turning pensive as she considers each dish before she leans in close, whispering with the other judges in a quiet deliberation.

You have emoted: Breandryn watches Tremula's final tasting with interest, one hand over her lips. It's clear she has thoughts on the dishes, and, after a few moments, is unable to contain them, tugging on Tremula's sleeve to direct her attention towards the deliberation, her voice lowered to a low whisper.

Tremula crouches down and continues to lean, making it easier for you to have access to her ear.

Alaksanteri hums a happy tune.

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    You have emoted: Breandryn raises her eyebrows at the other judges as the whispering dies down and then gives a nod. "We settled, then?" she asks the other two.

    Tremula stands slowly and nods at you and Steingrim before saying, "A bit too cutesy an ending, but a satisfying one altogether. I get to keep Cyna's, though."

    You have emoted: Breandryn grins broadly, nodding at Tremula, and then clears her throat and claps her hands. "The winners!" she declares, drumming on the countertop. "In third, with a delightful gumbo: Miss Tirah!"

    Alaksanteri claps her hands together merrily.

    "Awwwww!" Tirah says.

    Everiine politely applauds.

    Rolan gives Tirah a thumbs up.

    Tirah thanks you profusely.

    Gaslight Tremula, on Wings Of Flame says to Tirah, "A tough decision. We just needed a little more...OOMPH."

    Tirah Mzithrei, the Soul of Fire says, "I should have added chillies in addition to the peppers."

    The corners of Tremula's mouth turn up as she grins mischievously.

    Gaslight Tremula, on Wings Of Flame says, "That may have been just enough!"

    Gaslight Tremula, on Wings Of Flame says to Tirah, "You'll have more luck the next time we do this."

    Tirah nods her head emphatically.

    You have emoted: "In second, and this was quite difficult to decide," Breandryn continues. "We have a tie!"

    Cyna blinks.

    Happily, you say, "Both Cyna and Rolan come in second, which leaves Miss Alaksanteri as our winner! Well done to everyone, as all of the dishes were outstanding and delicious!"

    Cyna stares implacably about herself.

    Sister Kalas Cyna says, "I did not expect to win second place. Excellent."

    Rolan gives the world a thumbs up.

    Alaksanteri applauds for all the contestants.

    As you offers her congratulations, Tremula sneaks over to scoop up Cyna's dish in her arms, picking pieces off with her dagger and eating slowly, narrowed eyes daring anyone to comment on it.

    Everiine claps his hands together merrily.

    You have emoted: Breandryn cheers excitedly for each contestant, before saying, "Thank you all for coming! I hope to hold more of these in the future!"

    Cyna nods her head emphatically.

    You say, "Now go out there and make some beautiful designs for Beauty!"
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