How exactly do you solve maps?

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I got some advice on it but well the clues seem weird I drop it in one room and its red.

I move a few rooms north and its nothing, I go back to retrace my steps and its nothing again?


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    You had already found the location. It is this line:
    The ground opens up beneath you but there is nothing there.

    Compare it to the "nothing" line:
    The glow around the map immediately fades to nothing.

    You need to solve each map 3 times to get to the prize at the end.

    If I remember correctly, the colours mean something like:
    White = same area
    Blue = 15-25 rooms away
    Green = 10-14 rooms away
    Red = 5-9 rooms away
    Gold = 1-4 rooms away

    Note that blue to gold don't necessarily mean same area, just that you are within range of the location.

  • DeichtineDeichtine Member Posts: 1,583 Transcendent
    Ohh ok so I solve it three times for a prize gotca. Thank for the help
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