Factions, to wait or not?

TarukhanTarukhan Member Posts: 10 Apprentice
Hey folks!

So, I've been keeping an eye on the Factions thing for a while now, though I haven't been playing for a long time, and I was wondering; Would it be advisable to hold off on making a fresh character to start playing again until Factions are released? I understand it will be quite the shift in RP and fluff, so I'm not sure whether it'd be worth starting now or not. If it helps, I intend to play in Magnagora, and the Society faction sounds perfect for my character, whereas none of the existing guilds do. Opinions and advice welcome!


  • SsalissSsaliss Member Posts: 3,575 Transcendent
    Well, one other approach would be to create a new character with the sole purpose of getting your feet wet again and get a feel of the land, and then when factions roll around you create the Magnagoran you want to create.
  • TarukhanTarukhan Member Posts: 10 Apprentice
    Hmm. Maybe, but I'm not a big fan of multiple characters, or just making one to tide myself over until I can make the new one. Kinda kills the enthusiasm for the temp one, you know?
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    Start now, get involved in the city, learn the ropes, you'll be established and be able to make more of a mark on the new faction.

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    There's also not yet a released timeline for when factions are going to be released. The planning is still going on, though coming to a close. There's a lot of coding to be done. I'd start a new character now, as you still have plenty of time to develop them and get accustomed to the game.
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    Well that's fairly unanimous! Thank you very much for the input, folks, I'll get around to making a character when there's more people about. Timezones are always a pain with stuff like this. 

    Magnagora, here I come. 
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