Disease, Afflictions and Healing Regarding RP.

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So! Faeie wants to be a healer, it really is their thing. And now as part of Lord Weiwae's order as a Mender of Broken Hearts they're only more encouraged.

The question I have is not very specific, but I'm wandering about the RP potential involved in healing.

Obviously, as most of us are well aware, most afflictions are cured in a blink with riftables. Are there any that are more complex to heal?

And speaking outside of combat-related afflictions, are there any diseases or ailments in the Basin? If so, where could Faeie learn about them?

And if there's no such things to hold onto for RP reasons, any tips for healing-related RP? So far I've helped with a couple of defenses-related issues with MMF and such and RP'd it as a healer's aid. I suppose one can always pretend to have a minor affliction like a bellyache, or most importantly one can discuss emotional healing, which Faeie loves! I can't think of much else though.

Thanks in advance <3


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    The only disease in recent memory was that stone-skin plague I think, from eating tainted (not Tainted) chocolate bunnies.

    RP-wise it really depends on what you want to do, you could try out a loose plan for rp with someone or number of people. Some years ago, Orventa performed a checkup of @Daraius in the Institute with stethescope, sphygmomanometer and crystals. Though her form of healing is of course sciencey rather than say shamanistic like in the forests.

    There's actually some rp-advancement for the Institute I'd developed around the Natural Sciences dept Doctoral/Fellow degree that involves attending and teaching classes (making scripted stuff up as the teacher 'off-camera') which would be open to non-Institute attendees. But it's difficult as there simply aren't as many in Institute than when it first opened, and most people stop at GR3.

    I'm a consent-based roleplayer! Kindly ask first, and I will return the favour. Open to developing tinyplots.
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    Orventa said:
    Some years ago, Orventa performed a checkup of @Daraius in the Institute with stethescope, sphygmomanometer and crystals.
    That was very fun and unexpected. 10/10 would be examined by Orventa again. <3
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    Hahah that's great! I'm glad you can just make stuff like that up then, I was scared people would never be down for it. I'll see what I can get with a little planning then! Thanks for the tip.
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    Little bump in case it catches anyone else's eyes that might have some tips and also to say:

    Let me know if you'd like to set up some RP with Faeie regarding this!!! I'm more than willing <3
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    did a kind of diease thing on himself as well. Set up a ritual about curing it etc etc
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