Moved. Meh.

I and my family now live in Ithaca, NY.  If I can find a decent house for less than $200/sqft I'll invite everyone to the house-warming party.  Until then you'll just have to continue through life w/o me.


  • SelenitySelenity My first MC to stay in Serenwilde
    Welcome to NY, if you weren't living here before. At least you're not looking for a house that cheap in NYC.
  • Woo! Welcome to NY. Ithaca is nice or so I have heard. I'm further east, just north of Albany.
  • I consider this area ``my backyard'', so I'm glad you're enthused but I am familiar with the area.  Maybe we can split the difference and drink up in Syracuse, but with a wife and children I'm not going to hold my breath.
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