"I wish I had told you..." - Lusternia Edition

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I've been mulling over the idea of making this thread for a while, especially when thinking about past characters in Lusternia who I wish I could have said one final thing to before they retired and/or just stopped playing those characters. I'm sure that quite a few of us are not too in-touch with the OOC community of the game aside from the forums, and it's entirely possible that the players behind certain characters could still be here, under another name. If that's the case, I thought it would be neat if they came across this thread, perhaps seeing an old alt of theirs mentioned, and were able to see the messages we wanted to leave for them after all.

So please, feel free to post old sentiments and what-have-you! There's a chance that your message will get through, even if you missed the chance to send it before. :)

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    @Terentia, @Eventru : I'm sorry I was rude to you in-game. 

    @OldIsune: Our smallish chat about why Trill don't have a language is one of the highlights of my time in Hallifax as Entrias. I wish we had kept roleplaying about that.

    @Janalon: I wish you played more often. You were my favorite protege.
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    @myrkr I'm sorry I wasn't a better e-son. He was really cute and I loved the interactions and lessons we had. I hope you're doing well.

    @tau and @Janalon I'm sorry I was never able to find the proper motivation to continue helping the Nekotai grow. So much drama, and I always felt like I let you guys down. 

    @Pectus You and Jynx were awesome siblings to have. I'm sorry Dawneye didn't go farther.
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    @Pectus Sorry I never got to explain why I didn't like you and that we didn't get to work things out.
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    @Skye I'm sorry I never did anything with Monks of Hallifax. I really wanted to, but I never had enough faith in my own creativity or stamina.

    @Aeleon I messaged you, bro. We'll still totally adopt you, no questions asked.

    @Maellio I miss you and your uncanny ability to make Daraius uncomfortable. I don't think he or I was ever as good a friend as we should have been, but I enjoyed perpetuating the fiction of it.

    @Gadritan You made the few weeks I played in New Celest a blast. If I hadn't planned all along for that to be a temporary gig for Daraius, or if I'd stayed active on my Celestine long ago, I think we could have been buds.
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    @Elostian While I never had too many interactions with you, I definitely enjoyed the anomaly drills you conjured up for the Sentinels leading up to the release of the Institute. Also really appreciated how you humored my newb pestering about restocking the Ministry of Plenty when Orv was Magnificus (because I didn't know there wasn't an actual stockroom to take or add gems stock to). She still has [redacted] and will cherish it always. When the Conservatory and Opera House came out, I was sooo excited, and I still get giddy each time I pass through.

    @Rika You were Orv's first mentor as a warrior in the Sentinels, and even though combat didn't turn out to be a thing for Orv, know that she never forgot those first fencing lessons and always secretly looked up to you.

    @Sarella I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to know you as well as I could. But what time we did have together was lovely. I hope you walk in peace and beauty, now and always.

    @Arel/@Ileein Miss you! Orv was always caught between starstruck and hero worship when it came to you both. Just short of melting into a puddle of OMG. Science superstars! <3

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    @Lacostian I never appreciated you enough
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    @Janalon You're the best and don't let anyone tell you different, not like anyone would anyway!

    @Baden Not even sure if anyone know him, but one of my biggest mistakes. Bad parent RP and just took it to a poor place. If you're still out there, I'm sorry, bud.

    @Astraea/@Leiliadhe I'll always feel like I let you guys down by not carrying the Nightshade banner. I wish I had the creativity and stamina to make it work.
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    I should have already probably told that i have really enjoyed my time at Lusternia. 
    Not only have i evolved from being a novice at combat to a journeyman. I have also evolved as a roleplayer. Skanylla is by far my most thought out character yet and i wish to thank everyone who has played Lusternia with me. 
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    @Terentia I still think about my time in your order and it still pains my heart when I think about how I left Celest and your order the first time around. I'm sorry you took it so personally. Wish we could have continued to be friends.

    @Eventru Thank you so much for Meliashmora. Thank you for all the events, RP, and work you put into Celest.

    @Lyreth You were my favorite. I still have old logs of random interactions. I so cherish the memories I have of you. Miss you.

    @Haiden and @Sydney You got me through so much rough stuff. I will likely never forget what you've done for me. 

    @Casilu Come back. I miss you. Also I still have trademaster of your cartels after all these years. 

    @Elodres @Laranda @Zada @Calesta @Veralidaine  @Morvior @Otem and many others: thanks for the nights of aether hunting. I stilll remember you singing happy birthday to me. Thank you for putting up with so much bullshit from me.

    @Malicia Thank you for the kindness you always showed me. I have so many fond memories you.

    I could go on... but I'll leave it there. 

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