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It has a big list of artifacts and similar things that it checks things against, if things are not found in that list then it will search them for keywords to assign a category. It's not perfect yet but it works fairly well. Feedback is more than welcome!
For items with commas in them, it ends up splitting it into two at some point in the code. Any where the first section is two words or shorter, it will reattach it to the second half. Ones with a comma further on the short name need to have the part before the comma added to the wort.bl table in the 'Wort Data' script. Also, things which are only two words long to begin with needed to be added to the wort.wl table to be processed properly. Very few items need to be entered into these tables, fortunately!
Here's the output on looking at @Tridemon
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    This is pretty amazing!
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    Fixed a bug where it wouldn't work if the person only had one item equipped, and expanded the artifact table a little.
    I want to add in curio masks and order stoles, so if anyone could get me a list of some of those, that would be wonderful!
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    @Kali I love this. 
    If you wanted an improvement idea, the only thing I could suggest would be ways to condense it. Either having multiple categories in columns, or maybe a way to suppress certain categories by config, similar to M&MF's MMSHOW HIDELIST? Probably too much to ask, but I would hide everyone's jewelry (or jewellery?) in a heartbeat.
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    @Ejderha Here you go, filter away!
    In addition to now being able to filter the table output, I added a thing @Aeldra requested. It now has a boolean thing in the settings script (wort.seperate) which determines if it'll put it back in the description or not. This has its own filter, so you could have a conventional description on looking at someone, but it'd filter out everything but their clothing, for example. Much goat floating to be had.
    Oh, the filters are little tables that need to contain each category you want to display with the correct capitalization.
    I don't think I'm going to add in columns, though, because some item names are quite long and probably wouldn't fit well side by side.
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    Aw it messes up on capturing my necklace.
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    Just grabbed this nifty script, Is it not supposed to work if you look at yourself?  It has worked on everyone I have looked at except myself
  • KayKay Member Posts: 15 Novice
    While this won't help fix things so it does work for you, I can confirm that it is supposed to work if you look at yourself, as when I look at myself it has sorted everything just fine.
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