"workaround" for lusternia rooms not having areas out there.

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Have this problem that mudlet mapper shows every room to be in an empty area (displayed by a ? ), no matter what or where you use it? The piece of code below might fix it. DISCLAIMER: This goes through EVERY room in EVERY area of the map. It does so in the mudlet data only, nothing is sent to the game at all. this will FREEZE your mudlet for SEVERAL minutes. Use at your own risk.

</code></div><code><br>You need to run this once per map update. I am unsure if there's a real fix out there by now, but I thought I'd share it for other people having that problem ( I thought I had shared it before, but oh well).<br><br>If you are at mudlet 2.1 or 3.0 <= -delta, you do NOT need to run this!<br><br>

<p>for id, _ in pairs(getRooms()) do<code> <p> local area = getRoomArea(id)</p> <p> resetRoomArea(id)</p> <p> setRoomArea(id, area)</p> <p>end</p> <p>cecho("\nDONE. BEHAVE NOW MAPPER.\n")</p>

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