"Web-gameshow" thread (Quiplash, Drawful, other Jackbox games)

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I ended up getting a copy of Quiplash and Drawful 2 in the last Humble Bundle recently, which are both fairly fun games, but the issue is that they require a minimum of 3 people to get a game going at any one time (maximum of 8 people), so I thought I'd set up this thread for if anyone else also has these games (or any other jackbox games) and want to try to rope in other Lusternia players for a round.

Only one person is required to have a copy of the actual game, the other 2-7 players that join in only need a web browser or smartphone with browser that can connect to http://jackbox.tv (the latter is better, especially with Drawful)  The person running the games can, at their own discretion, require people to have a Twitch ID to make sure people are behaving and not posing as others.

Once a game is set up, the 4 letter room code should be put up in here - once a round has started, anyone else who enters the room code will join the 'studio audience' and can still participate by voting on what answers they think were best, things like that.

I will probably run a couple of games on Saturday US time, if anyone is keen to give it a shot.
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    I have Jackbox party packs 1 and 2 for PS4 and they are pretty fun. I'd be down for some Lusternian games.
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  • I'm in the middle of setting up a Lusternia themed Quiplash episode, but could always use more prompts to fill in questions (I can have up to 64 questions in an 'episode', which are randomly selected from, ala Cards Against Humanity)

    Examples might be something like "Terentia and Fain, sitting in a tree, _________"  or "Newsflash! Darvellan has sharded into __________" or "The title of a reality show set in the Divine Havens"

    If you have any ideas you would like to see me include, please send them to me in a PM so that I can add them (and they can be kept a surprise)
    Kiss of the Enchantress hisses eerily, "Let them fear, and despair."
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