Tarot Minstrel Strategy?

So, what is my strategy as a Minstrel, both in how to go about a fight in groups, and how I should be trying to kill. From reading AB files and other stuff, it looks like in fights I should just keep up my song, and hinder/damage the main target. For solo, long term strategies I see are:

1. Soulless under shotnote
2. DiscordantChord into Drunkenfool

I assume you can only get Rave to stick in groups, if you're lucky, or solo against a non-experienced person.

Please let me know if I'm missing something obvious or if I'm on the right track.


  • Groups: Pfifth, aeon spam, empress when people scream for help.
    Known Aliases: Celina/Cyndarin/Fire Jesus/The Night/That Bitch who griefed us
  • I wouldn't rely on Soulless. You pretty much just hope your opponent makes a mistake to land it. Dchord is what you want, and if your magic damage is decent, dchord->minorsixth will kill.

    For groups, damage, spam tarot (hangedman, aeon, lust/empress) and p5. Scissorflip in big fights. You can sometimes sneak in dchords in groups as well, but it's not reliable with how much you need to move around/get force moved around. Manabarbs can be good too if you've got some decent mana pressure on your team.
  • Hmm, ok. I wasn't expecting a damage kill to be viable.

    Last time I played a bard, I couldn't get someone to sit still long enough in solo fights to stick aurics. Is that still the case, where running is a big issue to deal with?
  • It's a huge issue. Sometimes you can catch em with p5, but if they're on the ball and don't upkeep earwort all the time, just when they need to run, it's pretty much impossible for you to kill them. Basically just put up Octave, stick like a rock to that room and hope you can get the aurics on them fast enough before they can react to kill.
  • Solo you won't kill anyone with a decent clue as to how bards work. 

    But that goes for most classes, you aren't going to kill anyone that doesn't voluntarily choose to stay in the room and fight you to the death. The last class that really had that ability was Chokedancers. Lusternia's PK culture has definitely moved away from solo to group fights. 

    The good news is tarot bards bring a tremendous amount of utility and value to basically any group fight. 
    Known Aliases: Celina/Cyndarin/Fire Jesus/The Night/That Bitch who griefed us
  • Works for me. I just need to set up aliases and dive back in, I think. And make about 3,000 tarot cards...
  • It'll depend on whos with you in the group. Getting and keeping perfect fifth up on the target is a big thing if your the only bard around. Unenemy target;scisorkick;enemy target is pretty dam useful as well. Lust a target who starts to tumble and spam empress to get them back into the room.

    If you've two bards and your quick you can pretty much dchord a target in a few seconds.

    Honestly if in doubt you can't really go to far wrong with simply casting perfect fifth and then just chaos chord the target. Bard damage from just their chord damage is pretty scary in groups.
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