Rowena Nightshade berates her daughter, Dominique

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I was the only one to witness this, but it was well-done... all the feels indeed.

Pinging @Xenthos @Crek @Salome @Lysistrata @Indoril

CONTEXT: Damian Nightshade, brother to Dominique, was recently killed by our greev. Dominique was found grieving in the Halls of the Conquering Darkness (Shadowdancers guildhall).


Dominique Nightshade yells, "! No! Damian!"

A dimly-lit archives.
A sturdy chair of polished darkwood has been placed here. Carved from a dark, 
gleaming wood, this beautiful desk has been placed against a wall here, its 
drawers carelessly left open. A monolithic steel tower inlayed with upward 
spiraling slots is here, awaiting use. A sigil in the shape of a small, 
rectangular monolith is on the ground. Dominique Nightshade stands here, 
regarding her surroundings with cool detachment. You may use the BOOKSHELF 
commands here.
You see exits leading west (open door), down (closed door), and in.

p dominique
Dominique Nightshade is a stunning female shadow faeling, with her hair arranged 
in long tresses of dark brown which accentuate her pale skin. Her lips are 
sensuous, a light pink shade which glistens slightly as they pout, revealing 
immaculate white teeth beneath. She wears a simple black dress which clings 
lightly to her body, revealing a hint of a sensuous, curvaceous form beneath, 
although it hangs somewhat awkwardly on her back, as if caught on something.
Dominique Nightshade looks to be crushingly strong.
She weighs about 112 pounds.
She is loyal to the Shadowdancers Guild.
You cannot see what Dominique Nightshade is holding.
It has the following aliases: dominique, faeling, shadowcaster, nightshade.

Druid Crek Ysav'rai, Eye of Crow yells, "Grieve for him, Dominique! But do not 
grow lost in sadness."

You sense the piercing eyes of Xenthos looking upon you.

You tell Spirit Warden Xenthos An'Ryshe, the Ebon Strategist, "She is unharmed...

Xenthos tells you, "If she does not fortify herself, that will likely not stay 
the case."

"But why Damian? Why him?" Dominique Nightshade closes her eyes against the 
falling tears and stands still, trembling.

You tell Spirit Warden Xenthos An'Ryshe, the Ebon Strategist, "I have attempted 
to command her to, but she... is stubborn."

Shadows rise in the centre of the room out of which steps Rowena Nightshade.

You incline your head politely to Rowena Nightshade.
Rowena Nightshade exclaims, "Do not disturb my work. I am preparing for the 
ritual and must concentrate!"
Rowena Nightshade grumbles angrily.

p Rowena
Rowena Nightshade is a stunningly beautiful elfen woman. Her raven locks are as 
dark as pitch and her skin is as pale as bone. Her lips are bright red and 
glisten, parting to reveal perfect white teeth. Her almond eyes are dark violet, 
glittering coldly and cruelly, penetrating into all those before her. Clinging 
to her curvaceous form is a dark black dress that moves of its own accord around 
her body, made not of cloth but of animated shadows.
Rowena Nightshade looks to be crushingly strong.
She weighs about 118 pounds.
She has a moderate weakness to cutting damage.
She has a slight resistance to blunt damage.
She has a slight resistance to magic damage.
She has invulnerability to cold damage.
She has a great resistance to excorable damage.
She has a terrible weakness to divinus damage.
She is loyal to the Free Alliance of Glomdoring.
You cannot see what Rowena Nightshade is holding.
It has the following aliases: rowena, nightshade.

Softly, you whisper to Rowena Nightshade, "Lady Rowena."

Rowena Nightshade steps up to Dominique sharply and backhands her hard across 
the face.

"Fool. You pathetic worm." Rowena Nightshade spits in disgust, her eyes blazing 
with rage. "How dare you cry for him? How dare you be weak now?"

Dominique Nightshade cringes against Rowena's tirade, her trembling hand 
absentmindedly touching her face. "But..."

Rowena Nightshade slaps Dominique again, harder.

Rowena Nightshade's voice becomes a deadly whisper, "You think that you are 
strong enough? You think that you are going to survive this?"

Rowena Nightshade's eyes burn with shadowfire as she regards her daughter.

You have emoted: Rancoura watches in implacable silence, gazing from Rowena to 

Meekly, then growing in confidence, Dominique Nightshade says, "I ... what would 
you suggest, then, Mother? Hmm?"

Becoming more fortified, Dominique Nightshade says, "What is your will? You 
birthed us only to prove to the Lady of the Thorns that you are worthy to remain 

Still quiet, but a firmness to her voice now, you whisper to Rowena Nightshade, 
"Shall the Manifestation of our Mother offer her any sanctuary, my lady?"

Sneering now, shadowfire burning behind her own eyes, Dominique Nightshade 
hisses, "Do you think that makes you strong? Stronger than the rest of us?"

Rowena Nightshade's lips curl into a dark smile. "Very good, Dominique. This is 
what Damian lacked."

Rowena Nightshade places a hand against Dominique's cheek and allows the smile 
to infest the rest of her beautiful face. "When you feel yourself succumbing to 
that place of fear, remember --".

Voice barely above a whisper, Rowena Nightshade says, "The greev wants you to 
fear it. Why else would it target the only guild that can actually tend to the 

Simply, Rowena Nightshade says, "Rattle the foundations, and the whole building 
will fall."

You have emoted: Rancoura's features darken with the thought, considering Rowena 
Nightshade's words.

Pausing, her eyes lost in thought, Dominique Nightshade says, "And we are next, 
aren't we? Shake the foundation...and then cut off the people who bring wisdom."

You whisper, "Yet the Glomdoring is no building of stone. It is a forest, and 
its roots are many, spread wide and far."

Rowena Nightshade's smile becomes a fragment of what it was. "Indeed. Lady-Queen,
 prepare your witches. Show the greev -- show the wyrd -- that we will survive."

You have emoted: Rancoura bows her head to Rowena, a steely solidarity 
flickering throughout the flames in her eyes.

Rowena Nightshade whispers, "Ancient fae reaping though this may be, we will be 
strong, for we have the Dark Mother to guide us."

(Glomdoring): You say, "Glomdoring, the Lady Rowena has made a fair point. The 
greev wishes us to fear it -- thus its first target was purposefully those 
charged as tenders of the forest."

(Glomdoring): You say, "But our roots are many, and they run deep and widespread.
 We must come together, as the single entity that the Glomdoring is, and show 
our forest that our fear is but a myth."

You whisper to Rowena Nightshade, "Aye, Lady Nightshade. Fear is the web, yet we 
are the spider. The lessons of our Dark Mother are not so soon forgot."
Dominique Nightshade exclaims, "Mother Night's teachings are secretive. Why 
would I simply tell you what they are? Go and learn them yourself!"
Dominique Nightshade waves you all away in annoyance.

(Glomdoring): Athree says, "We shall raise above the fear and come out 

Rowena Nightshade nods her head.

Gazing also to Dominique, you whisper to Rowena Nightshade, "I go to prepare."
Nivn'falsia, the ephemeral umbravian looks at you in confusion, not knowing who 
that person is.

You incline your head politely to Rowena Nightshade.
Rowena Nightshade exclaims, "Do not disturb my work. I am preparing for the 
ritual and must concentrate!"
Rowena Nightshade grumbles angrily.

You incline your head politely to Dominique Nightshade.

Tonight amidst the mountaintops   
And endless starless night   
Singing how the wind was lost   
Before an earthly flight


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    Awesome read. Glom has wonderful atmosphere in logs like these. Very spooky and high magic and lovely.
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