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So, Gaudiguch's event was last night and the guilds are gone! Further investigations are being made....

Summary here, from the Gossip:

PYRAMIDS TUMBLE! ARE NOW ONLY CUBES! --- Special report by "I-Really-Should-Be-Editor-In-Chief" Xirba "the Incendiary" Flamequill


The city stood transfixed in shock early last month as bellows from the Guardian Drachou pierced the sky. Rushing to the very tip of the Eternal Flame, the Templar's leader Vyell was first on the scene - and what met her eyes was truly horrifying.

"I've seen horses mate, once," the woman was noted to describe later, clearly still shaken by events. "Imagine that, but...use pirranhas instead of horses, and you're getting warm." 

Beyond warm, though, onlookers soon realized, for reports indicate that the city's butterflies had been driven mad and were slicing Drachou to ribbons in an attempt to make dragonflies. Valiantly, a half dozen notable residents - Skebralt, Breandryn, Bairloch, Steingrim, Malarious -  battled the butterflies until they stood knee-deep in tiny, winged corpses. 

That was merely the start, though - as soon as the frenzied wave had been felled, a loud boom rocked the city, both literally and figuratively, as the Minstrel's pyramid began to collapse. Screams filled the air and urgent orders were issued to evacuate from the lower city. As people scrambled towards safety, another explosion shook the ground - the Templars, this time, followed by the Pyromancers and finally, in a toppling tower of golden gilt, the ancient home of the Illuminati Order crumbled into rubble.

The city was left stunned, the loss staggering. A small contingent met at the Wasted Wakabi to commiserate over drinks, while others drifted off to privately mourn. Suspects are still at large. Some cite the shadowy figures of earlier months - upon pressure, they fled, dropping scraps of paper. Combined together, these messages hinted at some sort of timestream experiment, which many see as implicating Hallifax as the source of the attacks.

Counter to this, others point out that Hallifax is too obvious and the figures merely a ruse to distract us from the true criminals. Others cry out this is merely an expected danger, considering the city's proximity to an active volcano. More worrying is a softer whisper, one only heard in the backalleys and dark corners of taverns, the one suggesting that this is an inside job and that the Mayor no longer even has control of the city's guard watch.

Time will tell - but until then, the city remains vigilant and wary, while the ruins smoulder and the citizens wonder.


(Gaudiguch): Ziamu Firetail says, "Hey, yo! Who's in charge of this place, why we all lookin' so glum?"

(Gaudiguch): Enadonella says, "I don't know about in charge, but I am certainly here."

(Gaudiguch): Ziamu Firetail says, "Where's everyone else? Why we sitting around?"

(Gaudiguch): Kalikai says, "Ain't our city blown up?"

(Gaudiguch): Enadonella says, "Lady Kalikai, you are correct. This might account for some of the emotion."

(Gaudiguch): Ziamu Firetail says, "Yeah, ain't our city blown up?"

(Gaudiguch): Ziamu Firetail says, "I been reading the news posts."

(Gaudiguch): Enadonella says, "Ah, this reading of news. I am not so great at keeping up with current events until I need to kill someone."

(Gaudiguch): Ziamu Firetail says, "Well it sounds like killing someone is what we need to be doing a lot of!"

(Gaudiguch): Breandryn says, "Landmarks."

(Gaudiguch): Breandryn says, "Pardon that."

(Gaudiguch): Ziamu Firetail says, "Yeah, Landmarks have been blown up." (hahaha smartass :P)

(Gaudiguch): Ziamu Firetail says, "Like kaBoom, gone you know?"

(Gaudiguch): Enadonella says, "Honestly, I am in a little shock. I don't doubt those who have invested more of their lives within this grand city of ours are worse for wear."

(Gaudiguch): Ziamu Firetail says, "I'm in shock too! but I'm also angry."

(Gaudiguch): Ziamu Firetail says, "Like real angry right."

(Gaudiguch): Enadonella says, "Anger is good. Anger gets shi...things done."

(Gaudiguch): Enadonella says, "Let's do something!"

(Gaudiguch): Ziamu Firetail says, "It doesn't seem to be getting anything done."

(Gaudiguch): Enadonella says, "Well to achieve something, you have to envision it first. What do you want?"

(Gaudiguch): Ziamu Firetail says, "What does everyone want when someone jumps in and kicks them in the teeth."

(Gaudiguch): Ziamu Firetail says, "I want vengeance, I want justice, I want blood!"

(Gaudiguch): Ziamu Firetail says, "I want to get back at those responsible!"

(Gaudiguch): Enadonella says, "Aye. Ziamu. I am right there with you. I don't have a name of one responsible."

(Gaudiguch): Ziamu Firetail says, "What about those shadowy fella that were lurking about."

(Gaudiguch): Enadonella says, "I must have been all too distracted by these butterflies!"

(Gaudiguch): Enadonella says, "Are you lot really going to leave me alone in this city?"

(Gaudiguch): Breandryn says, "I am here. How can I help?"

(Gaudiguch): Enadonella says, "Can Breandryn tells me of these Shadowy folk?"

(Gaudiguch): Breandryn says, "They were found wandering the city. When pushed back, we found scraps of paper, hinting at some sort of timestream experiment conducted by Hallifax. Some believe this means Hallifax was the culprint. Others think it a ruse."

--- Standing at city portals, Ena enters ---

Breandryn's mouth turns up as her face breaks into a smile.

Lady Enadonella laughingly says to Breandryn, "I have been tasked with building a...posse."

Head tilting in confusion, Breandryn says, "What is that? It sounds fuzzy."

Breandryn says, "It is like a homunculus?"

Enadonella chuckles long and heartily.

Confused, Breandryn says, "You said you are building one."

Lady Enadonella says to Breandryn, "It is a group of people with a loyalty to the one main common alliance."

Comprehension flashes across Breandryn's face.

Breandryn beams broadly.

Breandryn says, "I am loyal to the city."

--- Plans are decided, the pair take off to Hallifax. With disguises. ---

He is a nimble faeling and a scrawny, gawky man, his slender form clad in a bulky coverall suit. His features are obscured by a wiry mustache that looks like it's made from broom bristles, while stubble has been drawn on his chin in fingerpaint. In one hand he carries a box, painted to look like it's meant for tools, while his other carries a wrench made of wood, painted silver and coated in glitter. He is wearing a highly Hallifaxian maintenance staff coverall suit.

Ena didn't do a funny disguise, but she wore the suit, too.

The suit:

Cut to cover the body, this suit resembles something a member of a
maintenance staff would wear, the wide bib covering its chest slotted
with pockets for handy storage of important tools. Homemade patches are
arrayed like a decorated general's across the breast in a wobbly line,
each unevenly embroidered with shaky stitches to spell out a variety of
Hallifaxian landmarks, as if to certify the wearer is indeed certified
and officially allowed on those premises. Apparently designed by someone
who has only learned about Hallifax through hearsay and glitzy stage
shows, the piece is practically a caricature, with stereotypical
elements of the aerial city fashioned into trinkets to be sewn, glued
and welded on to the canvas coverall base. Fluffs of fleece form a
cloudy accent, affixed in a snaking circuit across the fabric, while
tiny flocks of origami birds folded from paperwork peek out in paper
peers and preens, all topped with generous handfuls of glitter. A
liberal application of gemstones finishes the highly Hallifaxian
garment, highlighting the badges in particular to glitter and gleam
blindingly beneath light.

Breandryn gruffly nods at Enadonella, adjusting "his" bushy, broom-bristle mustache.

Enadonella's eyes sparkle with amusement.

Trying to pitch her voice more masculine, Breandryn says, "All right. What are we looking for?"

Smirking as she does the same, Lady Enadonella says, "Shadowy lucidians."

Breandryn nods her head slowly in understanding.

Frowning, Breandryn says, "They WERE in the city. Perhaps they've returned to their masters?"

Lady Enadonella looks thoughtful and says, "They have long since left the city though, yes?"

Voice lowering to a whisper, Breandryn says, "Skebralt and I came through here before the attacks. Managed to pilfer a logic crystal right under one of the administrator's noses, went to Xion to get a reader, but we don't know the first thing about making one work with other."

Nodding, Breandryn says, "Yes, the figures fled after we pressured them for lurking."

With manly appeal, Lady Enadonella rasps, "We need to kill something, show that we care."

Chewing on "his" lip in thought, Breandryn says, "I have an idea."

Breandryn shifts her eyes suspiciously from side to side.

Enadonella tilts her head and listens intently to Breandryn.

Breandryn points vaguely at no direction at all. It's clear he-she doesn't really know the layout of the city. "Can you smell him?" she asks, eyes widening. Breathlessly, she whispers, "Their Chairman! He admitted he was part of that earlier plot, the explosion at the stairs..."

Eyes widening, Breandryn says, "What if they are related? We should...escort him back to the city..."

Breandryn shifts her eyes suspiciously from side to side.

Voice pitched a bit too innocently, Breandryn says, "...for a nice, friendly chat, is all."

Breandryn says, "I bet we can sneak right up to the Matrix with these totally foolproof disguises."

Breandryn hooks a thumb through her coveralls, beaming proudly.

Enadonella's brow furrows as she glances all over the place trying to make sense of the geography. Nodding just the once she whispers, "Aye, you are right. Let's make them answer!"

With an encouraging nod, Breandryn says, "Lead the way!"

Enadonella wipes the back of her hand across her brow in relief.

Breandryn looks about herrself, rubbing her chin thoughtfully.

Breandryn peers down at her hand, wrinkling her nose as she sees half her painted-on stubble has rubbed off on her fingers.

After a moment of thought, Breandryn says, "Maybe I should lure him here?"

Breandryn says, "I can feign some toilet emergency."

Contemplating the dangers of the southeasterly direction, Lady Enadonella says to Breandryn, "That may be best."

Posing uncertainly, Breandryn says, "I look convincing?"

Lady Enadonella says to Breandryn, "You look gorge...ahem. Aye. You look convincing."

Wielding a crystalline pamphlet, Breandryn says, "There, now I look bureaucratic."

Breandryn nods her head emphatically.

Breandryn says, "Stay safe. I will return."

--- Sneak into the Nexus ---

Before the Matrix.
Banks of clouds roil about here. Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman is here. He wields a delicate crystal staff in his left hand and a functional steel spatula in his right.
You see exits leading northeast, southeast, southwest, northwest, and in.

Enadonella tells Breandryn, "Is he mindful?"

Breandryn tells Lady Enadonella, "Unsure."

"Chairman, I need your signature on this," a maintenance worker that is definitely not Breandryn in disguise briskly informs Luce, shoving what looks to be some random pamphlet into his hands. "Also, we've got word of a generator backing up over in Precinct Two. We're going to need your on-site approval before we can commence repair."
Shifting "his" weight from side to side impatiently, Breandryn says to Luce, "The whole city could blow at any moment, Chairman! We don't have time for dallying!"

Breandryn tells Lady Enadonella, "I think he is daydreaming."

Enadonella tells Breandryn, "Good. Let's kidnap him."

Enadonella tells Breandryn, "He 'dares to dream' hahaha."

Breandryn's facade begins to crumble as seconds tick by. "He" shifts "his" weight again, nervously chewing on a lip. "Helllooooo?" comes a soft whisper, followed by an experimental poke.

Enadonella tells Breandryn, "We won't kill him, but we should hold him captive. Perhaps in a shop cellar?"

At the continued silence, Breandryn lets out a nervous giggle. "For freedom!" the disguised woman mumbles, her eyes beginning to flash with an odd, silvery glow.

Breandryn hypnotizes Luce with her silvery eyes.

order luce follow breandryn who is definitely a maintenance worker and not breandryn
Breandryn commands Luce to do her bidding.
Luce begins to follow Breandryn.

Enadonella tells Breandryn, "Until he is more present and able to answer our questions."

Breandryn tells Lady Enadonella, "Indeed."

Breandryn shifts her eyes suspiciously from side to side.

With an anxious nod, Breandryn says, "Excellent. Just come along, Chairman...I promise no harm..."

Breandryn stares implacably at a saffron manticore with a lemony yellow mane.

A saffron manticore with a lemony yellow mane stands straight with taut shoulders before you, demanding the respect he deserves.

Sternly, Breandryn says to a saffron manticore with a lemony yellow mane, "No. Harm."

Breandryn's manticore lets out a disappointed snort, haughtily trotting off.

--- Escort Luce through the city... ---

Enadonella nods her head sagely.

Quietly, Breandryn says, "Asset obtained."

Eyebrows raising, Breandryn says, "To containment?"

Lady Enadonella murmurs, "Let's do this."

Breandryn blushes furiously.

Breandryn nods her head at Enadonella.

--- Take him back to a stockroom in Gaudiguch. SADLY we were unable to redescribe the room, but just use your imagination...---

Breandryn slips away from Luce, letting the hypnotized man stumble to a pause to stand slack-jawed and mindless in one corner of the stockroom.

Enadonella tells Breandryn, "Do you have a flame sigil?"

Breandryn tells Lady Enadonella, "I can get one, let me out?"

Lady Enadonella whispers, "Just in case."

Breandryn quickly scurries back into the stockroom, giving Luce an assessing stare. "Still mindless?" she asks.

Enadonella glances at Luce and with distaste she clicks her tongue and mutters a soft, "Aye."

Breandryn nods tersely. "We'll need to keep a watch here," she whispers. "Keep an eye for when he wakes, so we can begin..."

Breandryn pauses, looking over at Luce. Eyes widening, her voice drops to a whisper as she continues, "The I-N-T-E-R-R-O-G-A-T-I-O-N."

Breandryn nods knowingly at Enadonella, a nervous flush on her cheeks.

(Gaudiguch): Breandryn says, "Bairloch."

(Gaudiguch): Bairloch says, "Yes?"

(Gaudiguch): Breandryn says, "You can assist Enadonella with this task. We have a valuable package which needs guarding. Your singing could also be inspiration, should we need it."

Beneath her breath, Breandryn says, "Use his singing as inspiration to make the Chairman talk, rather."

(Gaudiguch): Bairloch says, "I'm only on for a few minutes, it's quite late here. Where do you need me?"

Breandryn holds her hand over her mouth, stifling a giggle.

(Gaudiguch): Breandryn says, "Ah, do not worry then."

Coughing, Breandryn says, "I must go for a time."

--- We took turns babysitting him until... ---

Breandryn returns to the holding area, adjusting "his" mustache. Clearing "his" throat, the speaker tries to pitch the voice low and gruff, as if aiming for extra masculine.

Briskly, Breandryn says to Luce, "Ready to talk yet, Chairman?"

Breandryn gives Enadonella a knowing glance. "That's ok," the disguised woman grunts, foot trying to deftly hook a chair from nearby. "I can be a chair man, to-" He-she fails, pulling the chair too close too fast to knock herself painfully on the shins.

"Oww!" Breandryn cries, all pretence of her disguise momentarily dropped as she hops around on one foot, clutching her other leg in agony. "Oh, GODS, that smarts!"

Enadonella gasps with concern at Breandryn's somewhat amusing one legged dance before turning on and snarling at Luce, "Patience isn't my strong suit."

Luce blinks.

Breandryn finally shakes her leg out, frowning as she limps off the lingering pain. Scowling, she drops into the seat, arms crossing over her chest as she regards Luce with a pout. "This one's pretty strong," she points out. "Look what he did to my leg!"

Luce coughs softly.

Breandryn straightens "his" broom-bristle mustache, unable to hide a gleam of excitement in "his" eyes.

Elbowing her, Breandryn says to Enadonella, "Hey! Maybe you softened him up!"

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "I'm actually not certain quite how I got here."

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "I am, however, certain I was at home, last I checked."

"Chairman!" Breandryn beams, mustache wiggling in excitement. "Oh, no, Chairman, you suffered an accident, must have. We're down below the generators, now-" The woman-in-disguise looks over at Enadonella with wide eyes. "We were...uhh refizzing the photons, yep, and we came across you, unconscious!"

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "Uh huh."

Gently, Breandryn says to Luce, "You fell and we think you bumped your head. Just take some time to recover."

Breandryn hooks a thumb through "his" coveralls, as if to prove "he" is definitely, totally a trustworthy part of the maintenance crew.

Enadonella watches Luce carefully. The hushed scowl at Breandryn's explanation barely hides her sudden hunger for answers, the tone barely level as she attempts to act the part, "Aye, take your time to adjust...all is well."

Expression melting into a worried frown, Breandryn says to Luce, "Thing is, though, Chairman, we've never had to refizz the photons before. Has that project...oh, you know, the one withe the timestreams? Did that get the photons out of whack somehow?"

Eyebrows raising, Breandryn says, "I definitely heard some rumors photons were involved."

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman asks, "What did you say your name was?"

Luce stretches languidly.

"Wispystache Skysewer," Breandryn promptly answers, quickly flashing a badge that appears to be made from cardboard and glitter. "Look, we don't have time for this, Chairman!"

In alarm, Breandryn says, "Haven't you heard what happened to Gaudiguch?! The whole city's in danger!"

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman asks, "And...this is different from the normal state of affairs..?"

"Things exploded REAL bad this time, Chairman," Breandryn says, disguise slipping a fraction as a pained, earnest look crosses her face. She coughs, twitching her fake mustache and continues, voice deeper. "...Real bad. Another timestream bad."

Enadonella stands by silently, her watchful glance broken briefly with glints of restrained contempt. LIstening to Wispystache Skysewer she barely manages to maintain a straight face at times. The conflicting emotions tangling her lips into a smirk of sorts.

Gesturing at what appears to be a cardboard simulacron of a generator, Breandryn says to Luce, "Just look at it, Boss! The thing's on the fritz!" It's true. Someone's painted bright red flames and glitter-ringed warning lights all across the fake device. "It could blow at any minute!"

Luce rubs the bridge of his nose. "If I promise to look into it will you let me out? Honestly, I can't do anything about it from halfway across the Basin."

Holding up a hand, Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "And before you ask, you aren't fooling anyone, but I don't care."

Enadonella's body jolts and her fingers begin to flex impatiently. Glancing at Breandryn, she shakes her head subtly.

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "If it's a temporal anomaly it's our job to investigate and contain it anyway, and I'd rather not have to press formal charges."

Breandryn looks absolutely crestfallen. Her mustache droops as her gaze goes to the fake generator. "But..." she protests in a stammer. "But but but, we had props and everything!"

Levelly, Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "Craftsman don't have familial names."

Breandryn glances over at Enadonella, expression confused. "Why didn't you warn me?" she hisses, a blush blooming on her cheeks.

Gaze darting back to the Chairman, Breandryn says to Luce, " was a pretty good name, though, right?"

Breandryn gives a tentative smile.

Softly, Lady Enadonella says to Breandryn, "If I could understand their ways, I am certain I would only hold more contempt for them."

Breandryn lets out an exasperated sigh. "But he seems genuinely clueless," she murmurs, eying Luce suspiciously. "I...I wonder..."

Lady Enadonella snarls, "I just want to know where the shadowy lucidians are."

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "The moustache was a bit much too. More than half of our administrators are female, and most of our employees are either Lucidian or Trill and wouldn't even HAVE facial hair."

Breandryn's blush deepens. "Oh," is all she is able to squeak.

Very softly, Breandryn says to Enadonella, "Take note of that for next time."

Enadonella whips out her journal and scrawls a messy not inside the front cover before tossing it back into her backpack.

(Gaudiguch): Enadonella says, "If anyone, and their posse, would like to question the Chairman of Hallifax. I would ask you to come find me."

(Gaudiguch): Breandryn says, "As a note, a posse is neither furry nor built from flesh I have learned."

After a moment of conflicted thought, Breandryn says, "I...I think we should show him what happened. Even the coldest diplomat will have a reaction - we can gauge his."

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says to Enadonella, "I woke up this month with an emergency evacuation plan delivered to me by carrier sphere. That is the extent of what I have been informed about the ongoing crisis that is permissable to be shared outside of my security clearance at this time, and even if it were a dire emergency, kidnapping me is not like to endear you to Hallifax."

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "Impress, perhaps, but not endear."

Simply, Breandryn says to Luce, "We do not care about endearing ourselves to Hallifax. We are trying to decide if Hallifax deserves to be blasted from the sky."

Raising an eyebrow, Lady Enadonella asks Luce, "What makes you think I am seeking endearment from the city of Hallifax?"

Breandryn bites her lip, cheeks flushing bright, and then blurts out, "And we'll do it, too! You aren't helping clear suspicions."

Enadonella nods her head at Breandryn, showing her acceptance.

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "You're seeking information from Hallifax."

Roughly, Lady Enadonella says, "There are many ways to torture information from someone."

Eyes rolling skywards in exasperation, Breandryn says, "I feel like we are doing this wrong. Isn't HE the one who is supposed to be tortured?"

Clearing her throat, Lady Enadonella says, "Acquire. I meant."

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "And I will remind you that the last time anyone 'blew Hallifax from the sky' it caused an extinction event and three split timelines."

Luce seats himself on thin air and steeples his fingers.

Breandryn crosses her arms grumpily over her chest as she lets out a frustrated sigh. "Well, no, we don't want that," she reluctantly admits.

Breandryn sighs again, abruptly standing. "Let's show him the guildhalls," she insists to Enadonella. "Make him promise not to run and guard him just in case. If he's telling the truth, he needs to see what happened."

Tone dropping to a soft, tenuous one, Breandryn says to Enadonella, "I...I know you don't like Hallifax, but their city is large. Many would suffer..."

A saffron manticore with a lemony yellow mane tenses slightly before emitting a low, threatening growl.

Enadonella stretches out her limbs and cracking each knuckle she wraps her hand around a fist before leaning over Luce and asks politely "Will you accompany the lady?"

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "I need to leave to investigate. It's not as if I weren't going to anyway, the Sentinel's entire raison d'etre is contianing temporal anomalies. You say echoes of Lucidians who are not Mirror armies are attacking, and that's sufficient for me to start an investigation, but honestly, the only reason we're talking and I'm negotiating for release instead of praying for preservation and exodus from the realms is this is a stockroom."

Breandryn sighs a third time. "On one condition," she demands, a pleading note in her voice. "If it wasn't you - tell us who did this, if you find out?"

Enadonella growls menacingly.

Voice dwindling to only a whisper, Breandryn says, "...they've destroyed it all, everything is gone..."

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "I will, but shadows sounds...particular to me."

Breandryn titls her head curiously.

Breandryn says, "Particular towards what?"

Luce shrugs helplessly.

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "It's easier to shape a shadow than to summon a temporal distortion."

Breandryn chews on her lip thoughtfully.

Breandryn nodes her head slowly in understanding.

Softly, Breandryn says to Enadonella, "We can always kidnap him again later."

Firmly, Lady Enadonella says to Luce, "I need answers, I need a name. I need someone to pin this on so I can destroy them and everything dear to them."

Breandryn apparently doesn't realize she's bad at whispering. She smiles over at Luce and gives a friendly wave.

Enadonella pets Breandryn's hand down tenderly and smiles at her softly before turning back to Luce with a temper, "And I don't want any of this wishy washy science crap."

Voice raising, Breandryn says, "We may, oddly, have a common foe. They implicated your city in the attack."

Breandryn says, "...or, at least, we thought. Perhaps your city was a second target."

Breandryn chews on her lip, lapsing into a troubled silence.

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman asks, "It wasn't a gnomish gadget, was it..?"

Breardryn stares implacably at Luce.

Pointedly, Breandryn says, "Not THIS time. I have not forgotten the last."

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "Wasn't MY gnomish gadget last time. Someone managed to hypercharge the blasted thing."

Breandryn shakes her head. She hesitates for a moment, before she blurts out, "...We found notes. Photons and timestreams were mentioned." Her hand lifts to her lips and she blushes at her impulsive slip of information.

Enadonella glances at Breandryn worriedly and murmurs a little nervously, "I just want to kill someone, and this isn't looking to end in murder..."

Soothingly, Breandryn says to Enadonella, "There's always Serenwilde. That usually makes you happy."

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "Forward me a copy, but we don't deal with light much."

Shaking her head, Breandryn says, "Only scraps. Letarne would know best. I will put him in contact with you."

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "Well, beyond illusioncrafting and some neat tricks with focusing lenses."

Luce Shevat, Jade Chairman says, "The Observatory may have, once upon a time, but they...well."

Luce suddenly shouts, "POOF!" and waits as if expecting something.

Comprehension flashes across Breandryn's face.

Luce glances pointedly at the door.

"Let's let the nice Chairman get back to his furniture," Breandryn finally agrees. She levels at finger at Luce, sternly adding, "...But you better not be lying or timestreams and extinction be damned!"

Flushing, Breandryn says, "Bye."

Belatedly, Breandryn says to Enadonella, "Oh. We should unlock the door."

Luce takes the Quintessential Mandala of Resplendent Harmony in both hands and bows his head. Swirling ribbons of colour race outwards from the mandala, wrapping about Luce as he begins to break down into an infinite number of small, fractal shapes before flaring outwards in a fractal swirl, dissipating into the air.

Blinking, Breandryn says, "...oi. How- What- When-."

With a sigh, Breandryn says to Enadonella, "We need more practice at this."

Enadonella tells Breandryn, "I will endeavour to craft a better holding cell."

Breandryn tells Lady Enadonella, "I will work on my disguises."

Enadonella tells Breandryn, "If it helps. I thought you were very convincing."

--- the end. FOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---


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    I had further conversation with Ziamu Firetail in between all that too. 

    (Gaudiguch): Enadonella says, "I must have been all too distracted by these butterflies!"

    You whisper to the Guardian Drachou, "Eat the damned butterflies if they come back. Good for your health."

    Ziamu Firetail says, "Hey, you the one I been talking to."

    Ziamu Firetail says, "Where is everyone else?"

    You say to Ziamu Firetail, "Aye."

    You say, "I do not know. They are an illusive lot."

    Ziamu Firetail says, "Bloody bastards sitting by, why us normal guys are getting blown up.

    You chuckle long and heartily at Ziamu Firetail."

    You smile impishly and say, "Welcome to my life."

    Ziamu Firetail exclaims, "Ain't much of a life!"

    Ziamu Firetail says, "Now is the time to be strong, and smash some heads in you know?"

    You smile impishly and say, "To be fair, nine times out of ten. I start it."

    You say, "I do. I get it. I want to rally the city, I want to see us providing security 
    and demanding action."

    Ziamu Firetail says, "Well, I think those shadowy fellars started it this time."

    In every corner, glazed vessels illuminate with licks of flame, while red embers spit and glow within hanging censers.

    You ask Ziamu Firetail, "Shall I scour the city for them, slay them as they stand?"

    Ziamu Firetail says, "If they're still around, then yeah."

    You nod your head sagely.

    Ziamu Firetail exclaims, "But if they aren't, we need to be bringing the fight to them!"

    Ziamu Firetail says, "But we need to be smart about it."

    You ask Ziamu Firetail, "And where do you be thinking they are?"

    Ziamu Firetail says, "Ain't they those Lucidian guys?"

    Ziamu Firetail says, "You not read the news Lady?"

    "Nope," you say with finality.

    You say, "I am terrible, as I said."

    You say, "I rely on my people to keep me informed."

    You say, "I like that they can relay the information to me, lets me know they are 
    invested in the welfare of the city too."

    Ziamu Firetail says, "They seem to be doing a bad job."

    You say, "Indeed. I guess I should take into consideration that I have been distracted on Dramube."

    You smile shyly, averting your eyes.

    Ziamu Firetail says, "You should let the other important ones know, the people want 

    Ziamu Firetail says, "We want ta see some heads cracked in."

    Ziamu Firetail says, "Alright, I'm going to go back to mourning by pa, he was walking by the Templar Pyramid when it was blown sky high."

    Softly, you say, "Okay, I'll search the city, check on Drachou. And then I'll read the 
    damned news. Then we will get your vengeance."

    Ziamu Firetail exclaims, "But the people are angry, and we don't see anything happening, it's been a month already!"

    Ziamu Firetail says, "I might have to round up my own posse."

    You say to Ziamu Firetail, "I will attempt to do the same."

    You laughingly say, "Posse. Ha!"

    Ziamu Firetail says, "What's wrong with a posse?"

    You smile impishly and say, "Nothing at all!"

    You say, "It is just, endearing to me that you should say so."

    Ziamu Firetail exclaims, "All I know is there's a whole lot of them, so we need a whole 
    lot of us!"

    You look thoughtful and say, "I am good at upsetting people, I just need to get them upset at...well..not me. At the shadowy folk..."

    Ziamu Firetail says, "Yeah."

    Ziamu Firetail says, "That's exactly who we need to be angry at."

    Ziamu Firetail says, "Someone has to answer."

    You say to Ziamu Firetail, "For your Pa. For our city. For Freedom!"

    Ziamu Firetail exclaims, "Yeah, for Freedom!"

    Ziamu Firetail exclaims, "For my Pa!"

    Ziamu Firetail says, "I'm going to go get my posse, we'll go crack some heads."

    With one last, sharp-eyed scan of his surroundings, Ziamu Firetail struts off to the east.
  • BreandrynBreandryn Member Posts: 1,521 Transcendent
    edited April 2017
    To our divine - people definitely ARE reacting, but I think a lot of the RP has been private. We've been having a lot of fun imagining the rioting that was described at the end of the event and the fallout from that, especially since we've lost things like the ability to command guards ("Who can we trust?!" and "A military coup?!?!").

    A more large-scale response spun up today stemming from some of that RP and I actually was in the middle of setting that up when this happened (hint: read the latest gossip!), so sorry if I seemed disinterested! I was just distracted and did not want to derail. We are definitely inspired, though! :)
  • LuceLuce Fox Populi Member Posts: 2,465 Transcendent
    FWIW, I wouldn't have been so terse and short if I wasn't trying to log out at the time ^^;
    Remember not to forget your Lusternia windows, folks.
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