A Name to Earn

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(The Nameless): You say, "Lady Welkin, I am not sure if it is the best time, but might I have a


(The Nameless): Czixi says, "Avarice."

(The Nameless): You say, "I mea-...thank You."

(The Nameless): Czixi says, "What do you require of Me, Tempered one?"

(The Nameless): You say, "I think I have found the name I will aim to earn."

(The Nameless): Czixi says, "Very well."

The Fulcrux of Czixi.

You are transported by the power of the Divine.

You bow respectfully to Czixi.

Hovering before the shrine, Czixi tilts Her head thoughtfully as She examines you. Beside Her stands Ruin, a near-permanent glower etched into her features.

Tirah rights herself up again and quickly raises a hand in greeting to Ruin, before focusing back on You. "My goal is to make the world a more wonderful place for those who live in it, and I believe that the name Artist of Beauty and Peace would describe the steps I would have to take to reach this goal of mine."

Ruin scuffs her foot against the cloudy surface beneath her.

"Then explain to Me," Czixi replies, rubbing one bare foot against the other, "what each part of

your Name means to you, and how it represents your Fate."

You have emoted: Tirah nods slowly and speaks at an equal pace. "The Artist part, would describe direct efforts to make the world better, artwork, new things, gardens and architecture created by me for others to enjoy. The Beauty part would be a single, incredibly significant effort to make the world more beautiful, or preserve beauty. Maybe strengthening the associated seal when it weakens or some other opportunity that has yet to reveal itself. The Peace part describes my efforts to bring people together as friends, when the odds would pit them against each other, to make them put aside differences and arms.”

Czixi listens impassively, no expression on Her features - the only change in Her face the constant shifting of Her skin as it changes hue from one moment to the other.

Tirah's eyes find Your face, watching Your unshifting expression carefully.

"You would tie so much of your Name, of your Fate, to a single action?" Czixi asks eventually,

raising a single eyebrow.

You say, "The two other parts of the Name are very broad, it seems wise to have one part that is

more graspable. I am not sure I could ever clearly tell when I have achieved, earned the two other parts, but that one has some sense of the absolute to it. A great act in the name of Beauty. To do something that influences a great part of the tapestry in a single action, surely that is worthy of being part of one's Fate?"

"It is a worthy part of your Fate, yes - but it is not how one earns a Name." Czixi shakes Her head, the long side of Her hair fluttering with the movement. "As to how you would know if you have achieved it, the entire point of your Name is that you shall never achieve it in this lifetime. It

is the legacy that will exist in the world after you are gone from it."

"If you make a single action such a large part of your Name, you undermine the infinity of your

actions. A grand deed as you describe is but a part of your effect upon the Tapestry. Do not do

yourself a disservice by reducing yourself to one moment," Czixi concludes, grey eyes locking

piercingly with yours.

Tirah looks down at the ground, averting her eyes from Yours. "I...I misunderstood, I had thought that the other parts would be the ones that bring issues with it and tried to have an anchor of certainty in the Name. I will try and find a better meaning for it."

Ruin's eyes dart between you and Czixi, their narrowed glare muddied by cloudy confusion.

"You are ashamed," Czixi states bluntly, Her sharp voice making the words all the harsher. "Do not be. You are attempting to define your own existence - many spend a lifetime failing to achieve this."

Tirah nods slowly, her head ending up higher than where it started, looking You in the eyes once more.

"Now," Czixi continues, the corner of Her lips turning just enough to be seen, "you know what it is you wish your Fate to be: to increase the quality of the world that others may live in it. You are

finding it difficult to give this a Name because you are spreading it too far apart."

Czixi tilts Her head again. "This artistry and beauty - it is a worthy goal, but it is a single part

of your Fate. A single facet to your life. But you are trying to make it more than one part of your


Tirah nods. "That makes sense, I should find a third aspect of me that can make the world better, then?"

"Or a different way in which you wish to do so," Czixi agrees, nodding Her head. "You are studying Healing, are you not? You have devoted your life to the wellbeing of others. When events happen around you, you think first of the people involved and how they will endure. And yet you have not made reference to that with your Name."

You say, "It is what first came to my mind upon hearing Your words, actually. Yes. I had not dared tie my Fate to it because I only so recently was able to learn of it, despite having wanted to for a long time. But maybe unfamiliarity is just the same as a blank canvas for potential to unfold upon."

The ghost of a smile passes fleetingly across Czixi's lips.

Czixi gestures towards you with an idle wave of the short dagger in Her left hand. "You fear it

because it is important to you. Acknowledge that fear, and embrace it."

You nod your head emphatically.

"The Name you have chosen is very frank," Czixi adds, Her voice taking on a hint of curiosity. "It

is stark, and bears no metaphor."

Tirah nods slowly. "I was not aware that it had to have metaphors in it. I liked the honesty of the direct approach I took."

Czixi's lips curl into a smirk. "It is not a requirement, merely an observation. Those amongst My

chosen who have declared their Names seek Names that are not so stark. They aim to become the Vehement, the Concordant, Reflection."

You say, "Fancy words and plays on them are for the arts, one's Fate should be honest and true, not hide its purity behind the veil of metaphors. At least in my opinion, that is."

Czixi nods Her head.

"If that is your belief, then your Name should reflect it," Czixi states conclusively.

You nod your head emphatically.

You say, "Maybe, I should strive to be the Artist of Peace and Vigour, with the new part

representing my efforts to heal others and rid them of their suffering."

"Perhaps," Czixi replies, curling Her feet up beneath Her and sitting cross-legged on nothing at all. "It is your decision. When you are certain, I will be here."

"Why am -I- here?" interrupts Ruin bluntly, directing the full fury of her glare at Czixi.

Czixi tilts Her head curiously at Ruin.

Tirah had already opened her mouth to respond as Ruin speaks up, causing her to turn her head to the young woman.

Ruin gestures roughly with her empty hand in your direction. "This is her...thing. It's none of my

business. So why am I here?"

"Because I summoned you," Czixi replies, Her face returning to an impassive mask.

Ruin snarls viciously at Czixi.

You smile softly.

"Don't be so fu-" Ruin snaps, breaking off as the Goddess lifts a hand idly. A point of the dagger

later and the young woman is voiceless, struggling against an invisible force around her.

You blink.

You say, "Should...should I leave?"

"And there I was," Czixi remarks idly, staring at the struggling human, "about to instruct Eleesli

to start training you properly. What a pity."

Czixi shakes Her head at you.

Ruin's eyes snap wide, and she stops struggling. A moment later the force around her fades, the pointed dagger lowered, and she rubs over the scarf around her neck. "Training - proper - You -".

Tirah steps over to Ruin with a concerned look on her face. "Are you alright?"

"You heard Her, right?" Ruin asks, surging forward and grabbing you by the sleeve with her empty hand. "She said I can start learning to fight."

Tirah raises her eyebrows in a slightly concerned manner. "I meant more physically, but yes She said she would. Would have, rather, actually. So Her opinion might have changed." She turns back to You, giving a slight bow. "Has it, Lady Welkin?"

Czixi's lips quirk again, shattering the blank expression. "It has not." She flickers Her eyes to

Ruin. "You have already learned to fight. You have learned it in every moment that you have lived in Hallifax; in learning to read, in learning to interact with others, in learning the history of the world."

You smile softly at Ruin.

Czixi flickers out of existence, manifesting half a breath later directly in front of the two of you.

"Now you will learn wrath," She states, pressing the flat of Her dagger beneath Ruin's chin and

lifting it high. "You will learn to live up to that Name you have given yourself, just as you have

watched My Tempered one fight for her own."

The wind stills. It is as if the fulcrux itself has exhaled, and paused with empty lungs to

contemplate the inevitability of another breath.

"And then I will be free," Ruin declares, her face lighting up. "I will be free of You, and I will

be able to go to them. To hunt them. You will let me go?"

Tirah takes a step back as You close in on her and Ruin, to maintain a respectful distance.

Incongruously, Czixi smiles - a brilliant, broad smile that makes Her eyes sparkle as if the cloudy

sky had broken to reveal the stars. "And then," She replies, "I will ask one last thing of you. I

will not command you; I will ask. And that will be that."

Ruin frowns at Czixi.

You tilt your head curiously.

"And I don't get to know what it is, do I," Ruin spits, venom returning in an instant.

Czixi shakes Her head. "Not yet. Now go, Ruin. Go and find Eleesli, and tell him that I have given My permission. Go, and learn to be the destruction you have lived."

You flash Ruin a joyous smile.

For a moment it looks as if Ruin is going to retort - then she looks from Czixi to you and to the

gust of wind beneath you. Wordlessly, she leaps down onto it and vanishes from view.

Czixi watches the empty space where Ruin was standing for a moment, before returning her attention to you.

You say, "Lady Welkin, I think the Name is true, I have been thinking about it while You and Ruin

talked and it fits what I have done so far and want to do with my life."

"Sometimes," Czixi replies, the last of the sparkle in Her eyes still glittering, "it is only by

seeking others that we come to understand ourselves." Then She vanishes from view, even as She reappears in front of the shrine.

You have emoted: Tirah nods slowly at Your words, remaining silent.

"Artist of Peace and Vigour, then." Czixi turns Her daggers in Her hands, staring unblinkingly at

you. "Nameless one," She states, Her voice soft enough to be harder than diamond, "in your Thread I see the echoes of this Name, and I judge it worthy of your Fate. Swear before the Pyresmith, before Shanth of the Quiet Mind, and before the Temporal Conclave that it is your intent to pursue this impossible dream, and it shall be so."

Tirah drops to one knee and speaks with firm voice, while looking You into the eyes. "I swear to follow this dream that is my Fate and to leave this world a better place than I found


With a single swipe of Her arm, Czixi casts Ciela, Skean of the Empyrean Gale before Her. In its

wake flows mist, mist that envelops you entirely, rendering you entirely obscured for a moment. Then the mist contracts as a sudden breath, rushing in and coalescing into an object clutched in your lowered hands.

Czixi graciously grants you entrance into the Divine Order of Czixi, the Welkin. Congratulations,

and may you serve your God well.

In a flash of Divine power, a nebulous pauldron of trailing mist appears in your hands, marking you a member of the Divine Order of Czixi, the Welkin.

"Thrice you have sworn: once to the Thinker who gave you your craft; once to the Vernal who gave peace to the world; once to the medical knowledge of the Collective," Czixi states flatly, Her eyes gleaming with challenge and approval. "And Thrice you shall be Named, should you earn it. Do not disappoint those to whom you have sworn, Flutter."

"I shall not disappoint them or You, Lady Welkin."

Tirah rights herself up, only to bow to You. "I shall not disappoint them or You, Lady Welkin."

You have recovered balance on all limbs.

Czixi nods Her head.

Folds upon folds of shimmering mist entwine to form the surprisingly solid base of this pauldron,

which rests on the right shoulder in a perfect fit, held snug by a narrow band of cloud that crosses over the torso and runs up the back to reconnect. The curve of the shoulder is covered by a smooth patch of misty tendrils that occasionally drift upwards like rising heat; beneath that panel drift out ribbon-like strips of the same vapour, some trailing as much as a foot away from the shoulder. With every movement the splayed tendrils stir, defying gravity with their spiralling dance.

It is strangely weightless.

It bears the distinctive mark of the Divine Order of Czixi, the Welkin.

It has the following aliases: pauldron, mist.

You slip into a nebulous pauldron of trailing mist.

Mist curls around your fingers as you lift the pauldron over your shoulder, tucking the strap

underneath your ribcage and letting the armour settle against you. At first it seems not to fit - in

some places too loose, in others too tight - but a moment later there is a rush of power through the pauldron, like a sharp intake of breath. Suddenly it seems as if it were made for you, the tendrils of mist enveloping your body with a clammy touch and drifting with your every movement.

"Try, Tempered one," Czixi replies, Her voice softening, "and you shall never disappoint Me. Now go, and devote yourself to that core of your self: to the Artist within. Transform the world for the better with your craft. Prove to yourself that you can live the Fate that you have chosen."

The favour of Czixi has worn off.

Czixi, the Welkin lifts Her favour from you.

Czixi, the Welkin has bestowed Her divine truefavour upon you. It will last for 21 months.

Tirah bows again. "Thank You, again."


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    What a beautiful log from both of you! I know nothing about @Czixi, but She's captivating here just from Her sheer presence and the lovely emoting. @Tirah, this is awesome for you and such a fitting evolution to your character! :) <3
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