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What are the reasons your characters have their moto?
The deep, rumbling voice of Weiwae says from within your heart, "I am so happy to hear of your progress, and I thank you for bringing my influence over more shards of My Brother Tae."


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    What motto?
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    Grand Monger Subotai, Hambassador of the Hungry (Male Demigod).

    His motto: 'Believe me, sweetie, I've got enough to feed the needy.'

    The deep, rumbling voice of Weiwae says from within your heart, "I am so happy to hear of your progress, and I thank you for bringing my influence over more shards of My Brother Tae."
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    Dar has the four principles that guide his decisions and interactions. 
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    Reylari Windwhisper (Female Timeless Demigoddess Changeling).

    Her motto: 'To entertain doubt, is to dance with death.'

    I thought it sounded fitting. It's a quote from Izaro in Path of Exile... Dude has so many good quotes. Entire quote is actually, "When the time comes to strike, an emperor strikes without hesitation. To entertain doubt, is to dance with death." - but the last part still rings true, even without the rest.

    Lots of chilling quotes in that game.
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    Her motto: 'Leave enshrined something immortal.'

    It paraphrases a section of one of my favourite poems, "Properzia Rossi" by Felicia Hemans:

    "May this last work, this farewell triumph be,–
    Thou, lov'd so vainly! I would leave enshrined
    Something immortal of my heart and mind,
    That yet may speak to thee when I am gone..."

    Taking both the poem and Zyphora's character into context, the rationale behind the motto is basically that what you create is the most likely to be what people will remember of you after you are gone.
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    "But She was lovely, and all She touched became lovely, too.
    And She touched the Architect's heart, a place that no other had claimed with their artistry."

    "Or if you pick up something a little too heavy for you, does it hurt?
    It is only a little pressure on the understood boundaries of yourself."

    - Sunshine, by Robin McKinley
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    His motto: 'Happiness is boring - let me spread sorrow.'

    The inspiration for my motto comes from here: (specifically, this page and the next)

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    "If one can't be happy, one must be amused" is basically Sylandra's approach to life. It's also a Nancy Mitford quote. For those unfamiliar, here's a Wikipedia snippet:

    One of the renowned Mitford sisters and one of the "Bright Young People" on the London social scene in the inter-war years, she is best remembered for her novels about upper-class life in England and France and for her sharp and often provocative wit. She also established a reputation for herself as a writer of popular historical biographies.


    During the 1950s Mitford was identified with the concept of "U" (upper) and "non-U" language, whereby social origins and standing were identified by words used in everyday speech. She had intended this as a joke, but many took it seriously, and Mitford was considered an authority on manners and breeding—possibly her most recognised legacy.


    In a spirit of mischief, Mitford incorporated the U and Non-U thesis into an article she was writing for Encounter on the English aristocracy.[114] Although this aspect formed only a small section of Mitford's article, when it was published in September 1955 it caused a major stir.[113] Few recognised the tongue-in-cheek aspect; Mitford received hundreds of letters from worried readers desperate to know if they were snobs or merely "common".[115] [...] Thompson notes the irony that the U and Non-U labels, perhaps Mitford's best-known legacy, were not her own but were borrowed for the purpose of a "tease".[115][n 13]

    Another figure who is snarky and doesn't take herself too seriously, but is often viewed as more uptight than she is. XD
    Fyler said:
    Sylandra has a very signature (and somewhat twisted) sense of humor
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    Something something service.
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    Orv's motto: "I know, I know, but you know, you never know!"

    Bit of a joke/song that arose from a April Fool's/St. Stupid's day celebration parade back in SF. 

    There are absolutes, there are paradoxes, in the end... Ish happens and life goes on. Just go with it.

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    Logic merely enables one to be wrong with authority.

    It's a Doctor Who quote from the Second Doctor serial "The Wheel in Space", said to Zoe when she tries to apply her logic to Cybermen. I just felt it summed up my direction for Aka's free-spiritedness, while not just being a reprise of "I am a leaf on the wind".
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    His motto: 'Burst thy cage asunder.'

    I was designing tattoos for that hot minute I spent in Drocilla's order, and was really hung up on birdcages for a while. While googling birdcage motifs, I came across that line on someone's piece - it's an excerpt from the Hidden Words, the full entry reading as such:

    O SON OF SPIRIT! Burst thy cage asunder, and even as the phoenix of love soar into the firmament of holiness. Renounce thyself and, filled with the spirit of mercy, abide in the realm of celestial sanctity.

    As someone who loves digging into all sorts of faiths and observances, I was really pleased with how it kicked off what became a really fulfilling examination; it just struck a certain chord. And, of course, it fit in a rather twisted way with Eritheyl's own beliefs at the time, and continues translating in new and different ways to what his amalgam of beliefs has become.

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    As a person with a warcry, I'm feeling fairly discriminated against.

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    Mine used to be "the outcome justifies the deed", which was just another way to say

    The latest is one just an adaptation of Franz Beckenbauer's quote regarding winning - you don't necessarily have to be stronger than the other team to be the winners; it's the winners who are strong. It resonates with my pk philosophy.
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    No need to be greedy, I guess.
    The deep, rumbling voice of Weiwae says from within your heart, "I am so happy to hear of your progress, and I thank you for bringing my influence over more shards of My Brother Tae."
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    I've got alts by the layers, played by a single player.
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    Stratas's motto is "Beauty is power, and art is its sword."

    It's pretty straightforward in meaning. Stratas has always held that Beauty is the ultimate power in the world, for various philosophical reasons, and art is the means of getting beauty to people most directly. It justifies his career as a designer.

    The actual quote is "Beauty is power, a smile is its sword" said by one John Ray. I just changed it a little bit.
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    Eldanien's mottos have been:

    For we have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.  (Or rather, a condensed version because this one is too long.)
    The wings of hope bear me through darkened skies.

    Both of these come from Oldsune's Celest Order, circa forever ago.  The first was, IIRC, inscribed on the 'order pendant' item that she had us design for a contest.  The latter came up during Magnagora's early curbstomping of Celest, a reference to her title as the Wings of Hope.

    edit: I just remembered Elaria (no relation) also has that first motto.

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    Lynnie said:
    No need to be greedy, I guess.
    should be "gimme honeycakes" :P
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    "I am the Night" because I was the Night and you aren't. 

    As a Pyro it was "burn it all," or some similar throwaway fire motto. Because...lolfire.
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    Zitto said:
    What's the motto?
    ...nothing, whattsa motto with you?
    I have restrained myself from making this joke ever since the thread opened.
  • LavinyaLavinya Former Queen of Snark AustraliaMember Posts: 3,354 Transcendent
    Her motto: 'Never be content with your lot.'

    It's a deliberate subversion of the bible verse that says 'always be content with your lot', because Morgfyre and hungry and never be satisfied and always hunger for the next thing. As much a reminder to herself as a word to everyone else.

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    Something along the lines of 'Chin up and keep going'.

    Bad things happen, people you love will leave and die, and you'll make more mistakes than you know what to do with. In the end, though, only you can decide your worth, so keep your head high and know that while the past is set in stone the future is full of possibility.
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    "On the scale of nations."

    It's just gloating. There was a period when I had more published books on Portius than Gaudiguch had published altogether. I don't think that's the case anymore, since Gaudi has been publishing a lot lately, but it was valid at the time. I just haven't bothered to change the motto.
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    Trust not what you see, but what your heart tells you

    Really derived from the time when everybody was stuck in the dreaming, aeldra firmly believes that people need to stop trusting in merely what their eyes can see and listen more to what their heart tells them is the truth.
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    My motto: Die. Die. Just die. For real.

    I chose it..well honestly because I love killing things. Its lame, I know, but well, it's the truth!
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    It's just a part of my bard song
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