Drawing with Foehn

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@Foehn and Selenity were asking Lalenna some questions. One Lalenna did not answer in depth enough for Selenity's liking, which had to do with the layout of the camp. As such, that's where this little log begins.


Secluded grove by the river.
The area is bathed with argent light as a thrumming power in the ground resonates from a war shrine 
of Lisaera nearby. A screech owl is here, surveying the surroundings. Reaching up as high as the eye 
can see looms the awesome presence of a living totem. Glowing gently with a soft blue light, a 
delicate dreamcatcher has been permanently hung here. Hackles risen, a fierce timberwolf prowls 
about here. Covered in bone armour, watching you warily, a silver-furred vixen sniffs the air. An 
oak sapling clings tenaciously to the ground here. A core of abyssal metal lies here, the only 
remnant of a massive weapon. A large raven with antlers is perched here, preening his ruffled 
feathers. Her figured squatting low on her haunches, Lalenna Hhuhur idly draws lines into the ground 
with her athame dagger. Shrouded by an aura of mist and modulating stars, a winged unicorn stands 
here with a serene countenance. Foehn is here, nodding her head. She wields an ancient oak cudgel in 
her left hand and a briar vine whip in her right.
You see exits leading north, south, and west.

You have emoted: Selenity finds a stick and picks it up. She starts etching into the dirt what looks 
like a variety of triangles in a circle, with an opening on one side of the circle. In the centre, 
it appears she is trying to draw a crude fire of some sort.

Birds fill your ears with serenades of happiness and love.

You have emoted: Selenity tilts her head a little at her own drawing, to the left, then to the right.

Shadows grow longer in anticipation for the return of their dark mistress as Father Sun's chase 
brings him closer to the world's edge.

Foehn ponders for a moment and says "Hrm..."

You have emoted: Selenity says with a small, contemplative frown on her face as she looks at her own 
drawing, "Guess we'll see eventually."

Foehn nods her head.

Lalenna Hhuhur, the Reincarnated nods her head in agreement too. "We will."

Lalenna Hhuhur, the Reincarnated offers a toothy grin.

Foehn grins.

You nod your head.

Foehn uses the end of her cudgel to draw in the sand, forming a large dragon approaching the camp 

Wodewose Foehn, Druidess of the Branch says to you, "Need to watch out for thsoe dragons."

You give a horrified gasp.

You have emoted: Selenity quickly tries to draw stick figures with spears. "No no no no," she 
repeats over and over, as if concerned for her little doodle-tribe.

As the sun passes below the horizon's edge, Mother Night unveils her terrible, shadowy beauty, 
spreading darkness across the land.

Foehn shouts "ROAR!", as she turns to an antlered raven, urging him onwards.

A large raven with antlers begrudgingly hops towards the drawing and pecks at the stick figures.

Foehn smirks.

You have emoted: Selenity gives a mortified gasp at a large raven with antlers's actions and the 
accompanying roar by Foehn. "No, bad dragon!" She continues putting more stick-people with little 
spears in the ground, surrounding the dragon. It is becoming evident as she doodles there are more 
stick-people than there are triangles to house them.

Wodewose Foehn, Druidess of the Branch says, "Housing shortage."

Wodewose Foehn, Druidess of the Branch says, "Looks like we've got a real opportunity on our hands, 
if you ask me."

Foehn smirks.

Across the heavens, the stars and moon challenge night's dark reign, revealing familiar 
constellations that tell the tales of myth and legend.

You have emoted: Selenity lets out a little 'eek' and quickly goes back to drawing triangles to 
house the new stick-figure tribe, abandoning her stick-figure spear-wielders surrounding the cudgel-
drawn dragon for the moment.

Wodewose Foehn, Druidess of the Branch says, "Well that's hardly a camp, Selenity. Nearly a city, 
you've got there."

You flail about helplessly.

Foehn draws a bank in the middle of the camp drawing.

Wodewose Foehn, Druidess of the Branch says, "Far more dangerous than a dragon."

The corners of Foehn's mouth turn up as she grins mischievously.

You have emoted: Selenity starts drawing grass near the triangle camp with little short lines, and 
trees as well. "It's not a city, it's just a very populated tribe!" she argues, puffing out one 
cheek in a pout.

Foehn gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

Foehn gently pats a stick figure with her fingers. "Good Wodewoses" she says softly.

Wodewose Foehn, Druidess of the Branch says, "It is a good camp."

Foehn beams broadly at you.

You have emoted: "They are good," Selenity agrees. She looks over the drawings in the ground now. 
"Oh... but there really is a lot of them, huh... they did keep the dragon back from destroying their 
homes though." She draws another stick figure, making it larger than the rest. She puts an L over 
that stick figure. She draws a little bird with antlers next to another stick figure, and puts an F 
over that one. She draws one with two circles on its head and long squiggly lines coming from the 
two circles, and some sort of crude winged four legged creature that has something coming out of its 
head. She puts and S over its head. She smiles up at Foehn. "... it is a good camp," she agrees with 
a bright, happy smile.

You have emoted: Selenity looks back at her picture, and draws one with a round blob with four 
little legs next to one of the stick figures, and puts another S. She draws wings on another, and 
puts an E over that one.

Midnight shadows coalesce around a new day, and Mother Night embraces the land in utter darkness.
It is now the 12th of Juliary, 472 years after the Coming of Estarra.

Foehn tilts her head curiously.

Wodewose Foehn, Druidess of the Branch says, "Everiine?"

Wodewose Foehn, Druidess of the Branch says, "Who is the E?"

You have emoted: Selenity nods eagerly. "Mhm! And you're there, and so's grandma Sarrasri, and 
Lalenna, and I'm there too," she says, pointing to each of the figures with her stick.

Comprehension flashes across Foehn's face.

Grinning, Wodewose Foehn, Druidess of the Branch says, "Quite the artist."

Honestly, you say, "I'm not very good, but I get the point across, I think."

You smile broadly and say to Foehn, "Thank you for drawing with me."

Wodewose Foehn, Druidess of the Branch says, "You do indeed."

Foehn gives a trillingly melodic laugh.

Wodewose Foehn, Druidess of the Branch says, "Thank you for such vision."

Foehn winks conspiratorially at you.

Wodewose Foehn, Druidess of the Branch says, "I must go gather my thoughts before I write this 

You giggle happily.

You nod your head enthusiastically.

Wodewose Foehn, Druidess of the Branch says to Lalenna Hhuhur, the Reincarnated, "Thank you for your 
time, as always."

Glancing down at the drawing once more Foehn curtseys.

Lalenna Hhuhur, the Reincarnated nods her head emphatically.

You wave goodbye at Foehn.

Wodewose Foehn, Druidess of the Branch says, "Hunt well, friends."
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