3P Group Capture Line Project

TaerTaer Member Posts: 95 Adept
I've started a project where I'm collecting 3P lines to add to our systems so that we might be better equipped in a group setting. Ultimately, the idea is that we will end up with an importable XML that will contain all possible skillset flavour messages with an option to do things like display a highlight or perform a certain action. Not sure on the latter as yet, so feedback would be most welcomed.

I've setup a public Github repository where anybody can clone the project. This will certainly have to be a concerted effort on the part of those interested, so please, clone the repository then fork it, create your branch and contact me with pull requests so that I might easily merge all our changes.

https://github.com/taernae/3p_pvp_lines will find the project homepage.

If you wish to contribute to the project but are unsure on how to use Git, please don't hesitate to request guidance on this thread and I'm sure somebody will be willing to help.

Thanks and best wishes!

email: [email protected]
Discord: Pharanyx#4357
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