Scouting for the Goon Squad's Fortress!

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(Gaudiguch): Commander Ziamu Firetail says, "Hey boys and girls, why are things so quiet?"

(Gaudiguch): Ansakta says, "Because I haven't been hired."

(Gaudiguch): Malarious says, "Since when do we need to hire you."

(Gaudiguch): Commander Ziamu Firetail says, "So, I meant to say that elsewhere, my bad boys and girls."

(Goonsquad): Commander Ziamu Firetail says, "Well, you fellows probably say my dumb mistake, where everyone at?"

(Gaudiguch): Ansakta says, "It depends on what you're looking for, Malarious."

(Goonsquad): You say, "Who told you I said that?! We're close by for you, Commander!"

The house's best seats.
Throughout the location, small dancing flames flicker and spark. A chair of freedom sits here, free and unencumbered by its surroundings. Shimotabi Xiim, the Keeper of the Illuminati is here, shrouded beneath voluminous robes. Surveying his surroundings with a mischievous grin, Akungi Saim is here. A laughing, riotous presence lingers here, bursts of bawdy music marking its presence. Beloch Baruwski swaggers about here, gripping an enormous stein and singing bawdy songs. Resplendent in gold and crimson armour, Hardari Ghan towers here. Alertly scanning his surroundings, Commander Ziamu Firetail paces grooves into the floor here.
You see exits leading north, northeast, east, southeast, and south.

You curtsey gracefully before Commander Ziamu Firetail.
Calmly polishing a pyrocannon larger than himself, Commander Ziamu Firetail says, "Welcome to the Goon Squad, Chirbi. You be good to us and we'll be good to you, eh? Don't be good to us and you'll get to know my darling Drucha here quite well."

Commander Ziamu Firetail looks over you for a few moments.

(Gaudiguch): Malarious says, "It's too late! We are onto you!"

Chirbi stands extra tall, puffing her chest out.

Commander Ziamu Firetail says, "Where's the rest of the squad?"

You suck thoughtfully on your teeth.

Grasping for optimism, you say, "They're, erm, around I'm sure. Drunk and sucked in a little pocket of unreality or something important."

Commander Ziamu Firetail says, "No idea eh?"

You shake your head.

Commander Ziamu Firetail says, "Alright, we got to rile up the squad, I'm thinking we need a base of operations you know?"

Chirbi rubs her hands together excitedly, barely containing herself she blurts out, "I think you're talking my language!"

Commander Ziamu Firetail says, "Get the squad together, and start looking for good places where we can plan and stuff."

Commander Ziamu Firetail says, "Can you let the squad know? Maybe next month we can find us a place to plot."

You give a vial to Commander Ziamu Firetail.

You say, "A potion to help us clear the mind!"

You wink knowingly.

You exclaim, "I'm honoured to spread the word, Commander!"

You ask, "Any special requests?"

Commander Ziamu Firetail says, "Nah, nothing special, we just need to find a good place to strategize."

You nod your head sagely.

Commander Ziamu Firetail exclaims, "Maybe we can reconvene next month and work together!"

Your eyes sparkle with amusement.

You exclaim, "I look forward to that. We'll do ya proud!"

You look about yourself, rubbing your chin thoughtfully.

You match Commander Ziamu Firetail's smirk as you casually bump your fist against his knuckles.

Commander Ziamu Firetail exclaims, "Sounds good!"

Chirbi raises a "potion" to the air with a smile.

You take a long draught of whiskey, hoping to quench your thirst.

You curtsey gracefully.

Commander Ziamu Firetail raises a glass in acknowledgement, throwing the brew back.

So pumped for some actual Goon Squad action! Be around, y'all! This was around 11pm EST, so a month from then is probably morning after next? <3
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