Lord Crys Returns to the Collective

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After much musical persuasion the Voice finally returns to where He should be, taking from Xeii her memories of events transpired.

After a secluded and prolonged sleep in the care of the Welkin and Aesthete...

Nelras tells you, "Am I dreaming?"

Nelras tells you, "Is this some form of insanity from spending too long upon the Astral, or are you truly here?"

You tell Nelras Shevat, "No, my husband...you are not dreaming, nor are you insane, and neither am I."

*A tranquil solar.

A choking sort of sound escapes Xeii's lips as she sees Nelras, though speech does not come yet.

You tell Nelras Shevat, "Nelras..."

Nelras simply stares as you arrive, unable to find the words to express the multitudes of emotions which can be seen upon his face.

Nelras Shevat whispers, "Xeii...?"

Weakly, Xeii smiles, holding up a claymore.

You tell Nelras Shevat, "You forgot yours."

You give a steel claymore to Nelras Shevat.

Nelras gives a slight grin, saying "Yes, I suppose I did. There was no real need for it though."

You tell Nelras Shevat, "Of course, this was not what I had made for you."

Xeii stands, gazing at you with dewy eyes and a sunset glow.

You tell Nelras Shevat, "You are here, and all of a sudden I forget all I was planning to say..."

Shyly, you give a painting of cloudborne dancers to Nelras Shevat.

Nelras looks at the painting with a soft smile on his face before placing it to one side. Hesitantly, he says, "I...do not wish to ask this, but..." He pauses, taking a moment to gather his thoughts. When he continues, his voice is quiet and full of concern. "Is everything...alright?"

Xeii smiles softly at you as her skin glows a faint amber.

Gently, Nelras Shevat says, "You need not say it, but I need to know."

You tell Nelras Shevat, "Thought is here, but speech is not. Just the same as when I first awoke to Lusternia. But the Lord sleeps...He sleeps."

Nelras steps closer to you, wrapping his wings around you in a feathered embrace as he softly whispers "Oh, Xeii...I do not know what to say to you. I wish I could say it will return once more, but..." He exhales softly.

Nelras Shevat says to you, "No, it must return to you. It must."

You tell Nelras Shevat, "With time. As it did the last this happened. With time...and perhaps with song."

Xeii gazes at you hopefully, asking.

You tell Nelras Shevat, "Any...any song you remember? If you would..."

Nelras tells you, "I am...sorry. I did compose something, but it would be of no use. I did not fully understand Him, and I was too focused upon reaching you."

You tell Nelras Shevat, "I did not ask for a song so that He would leave me now, my love."

You smile softly at Nelras.

You tell Nelras Shevat, "Only to draw comfort, and perhaps my spoken words."

Nelras whispers, "Then I shall sing, for you, my love. I shall sing."

You sit yourself down on a tasselled love seat couch for two and make yourself comfortable.

Nelras smiles softly at you. 

Xeii settles into her seat, returning his smile as she prepares to listen.

Nelras raises an aesthetic viola of aurora borealis crystal, playing notes full of longing and regret in equal measure as he begins his song. "I walked beneath the painted skies and dreamed of a city," he sings, his voice so quiet as to be barely heard above the sound of the music.

His voice rising above the music now, Nelras Shevat sings, "Of crystal spires all arrayed, in perfect harmony."

Nelras slows his playing, allowing each note to linger for a moment before moving on to the next.

Nelras Shevat sings, "I listened to the songs they played, each note in perfect tune,"

Nelras suddenly stops playing his viola, allowing the last notes he played to fade almost into nothingness as he sings, "Yet now each note falls silent."

Xeii closes her eyes, listening, listening.

Taking up the tune on his viola once more, Nelras Shevat sings, "I dreamed I met somebody there, in that place I would call home."

Nelras Shevat sings, "Someone to teach and guide me there, show me what lies inside."

Nelras lifts his eyes from his viola, gazing at you with a soft smile on his face. The smile fades as quickly as it appeared as he sings, "I stayed with them and listened, learned more than I could say."

His voice growing quiet even as he allows the music to fade away as it did before, Nelras Shevat sings, "Yet now that voice falls silent."

Nelras coaxes the now familiar notes from his viola, the emotions held within mirrored perfectly in his expression as he glances up at you once more.

Nelras Shevat sings, "I lived among the crystal spires, found order and beauty."

His eyes remaining focused on you now, Nelras Shevat sings, "And yet I always longed for more, to never have to wake."

Nelras's voice grows softer, almost fading into the melody as he sings, "I waited there within the dream, sung of peaceful harmony,"

Sorrow clear in his voice as the haunting notes linger in the air, Nelras Shevat sings, "Yet now my song falls silent."

His voice dropping to almost a whisper, yet still possessing a mellifluous quality, Nelras Shevat sings, "I remember now it was no dream, but our very lives."

Nelras looks down at his viola, singing "That I see before me now, as I sing our song again." 

Xeii slowly opens her eyes again, looking at Nelras as if for the last time.

Nelras continues to avoid looking at you. His voice takes on an almost pleading tone as he sings, "Will you remember too, stand by us one more time."

Nelras lowers his viola, glancing up at you once more as the final notes of the piece are allowed to fade away.

Nelras Shevat sings, "Or will the song fall silent?"

You get up off a tasselled love seat couch for two.

Nelras takes a hesitant step towards you, his voice barely above a whisper as he asks "Will you remember who you are, before the song falls silent?"

Xeii takes your hand. Her grip is firm, and her eyes are as expressive as her lips are silent. An agonizing moment passes, and at last a soft gasp leaves her throat, music first finding its way back into the air before her words do.

The same melody is repeated, though in a different and slighty rustier voice. Xeii follows through to the end of the first stanza, where the notes fade into silence, and she too lapses into it as she struggles to speak once more.

Nelras does not flinch away from the firmness of your grip. Instead, he meets your eyes, his expression at first one of concern, although this is soon replaced by relief and adoration as he hears those first sounds from you.

Her voice somewhat raspy yet still her own, you say, "The veil of silence will be breached, the one you sing to will be reached."

You whisper, "Though yet with Him, she sees you still, your song she hears and she is filled - her eyes you have opened, and her heart you will always touch."

His voice taking on a strange musicality, Nelras Shevat whispers, "Then I am glad that I sing to you. To my love, not to that Lord."

Tears finally making their way down her cheeks, you say, "My Nelras, my key."

Nelras Shevat whispers, "His touch upon her, it makes the crystals cold. The song a thing of perfection, but I would be left without a reason to sing. She has always sought to offer warmth, after all."

Nelras closes his eyes, squeezing your hand gently as he murmurs, "My Xeii, my beloved. Know that I will never leave you."

Although the song was not enough to draw out the Voice of Crys on the spot, it would prove to be a cornerstone for the events to come.

A lovely, mute swan lifts her head and looks to you, eyes bright and pleased to see you.

You smile softly at a lovely, mute swan.
A lovely, mute swan lazily draws her wings to and fro through the air, fanning them slowly.

You say to a lovely, mute swan, "I have missed you."

A lovely, mute swan looks up into the Symphony of Echoes then back to you, tilting her head quizzically.

Nelras tells you, "Hello, love."

You tell Nelras Shevat, "How does the day find you, Nelras?"

Xeii glows a faint amber as she gazes at a lovely, mute swan.

Nelras tells you, "Well, and better for your presence as always. Yours?"

You whisper to a lovely, mute swan, "He is safe. Safe..."

You tell Nelras Shevat, "Pensive, somewhat nervous...I shall be practicing where we first danced. I usually do, to calm myself."

A lovely, mute swan sits down heavily as her eye tears slightly, looking at you with concern.

Nelras tells you, "Shall I come and join you there?"

You whisper to a lovely, mute swan, "I am sorry...there is something I wish to do. I...I feel lost, and must find something to banish that...Goodbye."

*The Grand Collectivist Ballroom.

You curtsey gracefully before Conductor Fre'zik zi'Prouep.
Conductor Fre'zik zi'Prouep clears his throat in an attempt to gain everyone's attention.

Conductor Fre'zik zi'Prouep says, "Greetings, once-Libretto, ah and here comes the last-Opus as well."

A slight muttering preceds the appearance of Nelras, stepping out of a glowing circle of energy and slowly becoming clearly visible.

You say to Conductor Fre'zik zi'Prouep, "Greetings, Conductor zi'Prouep...Forgive an unorthodox request, but - "

Comprehension dawns on you as you look upon Nelras, your body aglow with blushing hues of pink and topaz.

You smile softly at Nelras.

Nelras smiles softly at you.

Conductor Fre'zik zi'Prouep tilts his head and listens intently.

Returning her attention to Conductor Fre'zik zi'Prouep, Xeii asks, "Would it be all right for me to use the piano here, for a while?" Her voice is calm and composed, though the amber tint has not receded from her skin.

Considering the words carefully, Conductor Fre'zik zi'Prouep says, "For the former-Libretto it is a small favour to ask. I suppose the State Symphony Orchestra is not needed at this time, we might take a recess. If I might inquire as to the reason? Simply curiosity, mind you."

A smile tugging at the corners of her lips, you say to Conductor Fre'zik zi'Prouep, "Practice calms the mind, usually - which is helped along by excellent acoustics. Best-sounding piano I have ever heard, this."

Cordially inclining his head in gratitude, Conductor Fre'zik zi'Prouep says, "Of course, quite so. We could ask for none better for our State Symphony Orchestra."

Xeii inclines her head deeply in thanks before taking a seat at the piano. her hands finding their position above the keys as if at home.

As if to herself, you whisper, "There are many things I remember, during the time the Lord Conductor was awake. Among all these, there was one I could never forget."

Quietly, Nelras Shevat says to you, "Is everything all right, my love? You seem rather nervous today."

Xeii's eyes are closed, but she turns slightly toward Nelras as she speaks. "All will be set to rights, I know...should this experiment fail, there is always time for another." She raises a hand, and an illusion unfolds - crystal clear water, falling down, down. Sliding across a leaf with nary a drop out of line. They fall into the waters below with a gentle susurrance, creating an atmosphere of harmony - made more precious because of its fragility.

You whisper, "This I remember best, and from this I have tried to create something that would be enough to please Him. Perhaps, the music might...placate Him somehow."

(For reference, this is "Xeii's" piece:
https://youtu.be/jnKFIp7CahY )

Xeii's right hand begins to play quick, light arpeggios that cannot be described as anything but crystalline. Her movements are sure and steady, and composure overtakes her expression as she settles into her playing.

The same theme is repeated for a moment before Xeii's lips quirk and a playful twist enters the music. Suggestive of a mischievous water spirit, the melody is ironic yet somehow in harmony with the first few bars.

The same theme returns, though Xeii's left hand travels farther down the keys. Deep chords entwine with high and steely notes, like a drop of ink spreading across stilling waters.

You feel more than hear two commingled voices, a baritone and soprano, humming along to the harmonies produced from the piano.

Echoing eerily, a sound commingled between a baritone and soprano, hum through the Ballroom to the beat of Xeii's pulsing heart.

The music escalates and accelarates, painting a scene of crashing waters - forceful, yet graceful in its foce. Her playing is given power through the intertwined voices of the Lord and Lady.

Nelras stands perfectly still, captivated by the music as his eyes follow your hands darting across the keys of the piano.

The music alternates between motion and tranquility, its seeming changeability forming harmony in itself. Yet, for all the air of relaxation Xeii projets during calm moments such as now, her fingers move in a complicated dance, the technicality demanded of the piece clear in their movements.

Xeii's left hand slows somewhat, calling up the image of a secluded fountain brushed by sunlight, or perhaps a stilled lake. Every note is heard clearly, every sound linked by her playing. It feels as though a watercolour scene is being painted in sound - all emotions geared towards beauty and wonder, passion coming into play where the scene calls for it, all in its proper place.

Xeii's body shakes slightly, the waters beginning to rise once more. Despite the embellishments, the simple and familiar motif shines clearly in her playing as her hands bring her to the piece's climax. Stormy skies roil in her music, energy building and building until suddenly the heavens open, the volume dies down, and gentle notes fall like a smattering of healing rain.

The theme from the beginning is heard once more, though Xeii clearly is not in the same state as she was then. Her breathing is slightly audible as she plays, and beads of sweat continue to run down her brow. None of her fatigue shows in her playing, however, and the image of deep and still waters surface in the mind once more.

You feel the foreign presence relax comfortably into your heart, enjoying the harmonies around Him.

Xeii's right hand labours to play the last bars of the piece. Rippling notes carry with them the warmth of sunlight,  the beauty of crystalline waters, and the dreamy lull of a lake. Almost unnoticeably, the piece slows, clearly reaching its end.

With cold intention, you whisper, "We have chosen well, My Instruments please Me. Does this one not play well, My Jilai?"

Head bowed, you whisper, "I am hardly the best musician, my Lord. Somewhere out there are people, Fate-marked or otherwise, whose talents can outshine mine - with training."

Nelras starts to move towards you as he sees the difficulty with which you play the final bars on the piano. When he hears the Voice speak, he hurries, standing just behind you.

Quietly, you say, "With Your knowledge, Lord."

Quietly, but firmly, Nelras Shevat says to you, "Play once more, my love, for the Lord Conductor. There is something more He should hear, I believe."

Nelras raises an aesthetic viola of aurora borealis crystal,  clearly ready to play it alongside you.

Quietly, with just a hint of a smile on his face, Nelras Shevat says, "I do hope your fatigue is not too great, from the piece you have just played."

Xeii thinks for a moment before selecting a waltz. Clearly in the minor key yet energetic, the image of a grand ball unfolds as she plays with renewed strength at the keys.

Nelras takes up the same tune on the viola, singing "We walked beneath the crystal spires, listened to the music play."

Nelras Shevat sings,  "We listened to it every day, then we heard a greater song."

Raising her head slightly, Xeii leads the music into a brighter key slowly, making sure the melodies remain consistent.

Nelras allows you to play, the sounds of the viola sinking below the piano before rising again as he continues to sing. "Each day we marveled at beauty, and at perfect harmony."

Nelras Shevat sings, "And then we heard a greater song. "

Xeii remains subtly alert, the grandeur of her piece returning yet small adjustments being made as Nelras sings. An interlude follows the repeat, majestic and harmonious.

Providing an accompaniment on the viola as he sings, Nelras Shevat sings, "We thought that they must never tire, for we listened day and night."

As you continue playing, Lord Crys and Jilai hum even more, enjoying the thrumming rhythm from your performance. They whisper in unison, "Nowhere else we'd rather be, than this living vessel of Harmony..."

Nelras Shevat sings, "As we listened we understood, for we heard a greater song."

Xeii begins to play somewhat more sparsely, allowing the clear timbre of Nelras's voice to shine.

As your playing quiets, the whisper-soft voice of Jilai breaks from the humming, "Do you hear that, Lord Conductor? So beautiful... out... out there?"

The cold harsh voice of Lord Crys cuts through, "No, Jilai. This Instrument still plays, focus on her, she is as you. Near perfection for My Song."

Near inaudible as to be heard only by the Voices, you whisper, "With the Collective lies greater harmony."

Nelras raises his viola once more, the notes he plays resonating with the crystals within it. Yet despite that echoing resonant sound, his voice cuts clear even above that. "We thought it was but one tireless bard, who played that greatest of songs. How could we have ever thought it, that it could be instead. The harmony of the Collective, of Hallifax as one, the song we heard was many voices, combined into one perfect song."

Nelras Shevat sings,  "One alone would surely falter, yet many would stand together. There could be no greater song, than one we sing as one."

Xeii does not cease her playing, infusing beauty even in her role as accompaniment now, gearing all her abilities toward a greater harmony.

As you continue playing, Lord Crys and Jilai return to the enjoyment of your song and the Harmony inherent to your music.

The bond between the two Symphonists only strengthen the effect, and the Higher Emotions soon resound within Xeii and Nelras's music.

Nelras Shevat sings, "One instrument is beautiful, yet alone the strings would break."

A strict and rigid baritone echoes in your mind, "See Jilai? She honours Us and brings Harmony to Us. Yes, We are home. Living within one of crystal, perfection."

Nelras glances at Xeii, a smile coming to his face even as he sings the next words, "Set aside what will not endure, Your orchestra does await."

Jilai hums in agreement, relaxing into the song once more as instructed by her Lord Conductor.

Xeii strikes a note and holds it, allowing her playing to dim into silence so as to let Nelras's words be heard clearly.

Directing the words to Xeii, Nelras Shevat sings, "Set aside the instrument, let that which is mortal rest. For Hallifax will prove stronger, the spires will never fall."

Nelras Shevat sings, "Harmony and beauty, perfect order held within. Far more than mortal passions, for mortal lives grow thin."

As the silence drags on, the soprano voice of Jilai interrupts the Lord's anger at the release of the Harmony, "No, Lord Conductor, listen... there is... more. Beyond. Beyond Us?"

The music slows, losing the urgent energy it had held. Nelras plays much slower now, each note resonating once more with the crystals within the viola. They linger in the air, echoing around the ballroom as he sings "So abandon that which falters, in its place find harmony.

"No, that cannot be anything. Flies buzzing perhaps." "No, my Lord, it is beautiful... can You not hear?" The presence of Lord Crys defies and denies her proposition though a sense of curiosity washes over you through Him.

Nelras Shevat sings, "Do not remain imprisoned, hiding in fear of war. The war has long since ended, and with it Your misery. Walk beneath the crystal spires once more, take up the perfect instrument, and sing that greater song."

Xeii plays one chord only with each stanza, determined to have Him listen. She gives Nelras a glowing smile, encouraging him to sing as he has, with Beauty and Truth.

"Is the war over? We heard so much... they wanted Our Song! Everything in ruin... can We be safe?"

Xeii places a hand over her heart as she rises from the piano.

Nelras does not dare stop playing the viola even as you stand, repeating those resonant notes, developing them into chords which echo harmoniously around the room.

You whisper, "My Lord and Lady, the war is won. What was lost we have once more begun."

Xeii shudders and almost lurches forward towards Nelras, a sudden feeling of fulfillment in her heart.

Your heart surges with Lord Crys's passion and desire for perfection, it is an uncommonly intense feeling, emotions He has never shown though they beat beneath His icy exterior.

Her voice gaining strength, you sing, "Perfection we strive for, beauty we crave, all this we need You for, none can help - save..."

You sing, "The Lord of Crystalline Song, Lord of Beauty, hear our pleas, return to us, where You belong. Teach us Your song, elevate us all..."

The tugging feeling of Lord Crys and Jilai's potential departure pauses, momentarily conflicted and torn between two directions of perfection to follow.

You sing, "Without You, we fall, perfection falls."

Nelras slows in the playing of the viola even as you gain strength, a clear example of the frailty of mortals. His voice grows quiet, barely above a whisper, yet it still holds a mellifluous quality which harmonizes with the echoing notes. "Cast aside that which never can be perfect, that which is alone. Return to the orchestra, the Conductor at the fore. Raise us up into perfection, make us all worthy of Your Song, for mortals are not worthy, yet together we are strong."

(Hallifax): You say, "We are safe, but perfection must prevail. Who is truly worthy of My Song?"

(Hallifax): Nelras says, "Together, we are worthy. Together, the Collective is strong. One Will, One Collective, in perfect harmony."

Xeii jerks towards Nelras again, a strange and powerful convulsion that forces her to her knees.

You drop to one knee, demonstrating your humility and respect. 

You stand up and stretch your arms out wide. 

Closing her eyes, you whisper, " The Collective......"

Falaeron, riding a companionable cube, enters from the southwest, emanating an aura of immense power. 

Falaeron nods briskly at Nelras and Fre'zik as he enters, but his attention quickly turns to you. Deep concern is apparent in his expression, but he remains silent.

Her voice growing strong with her conviction, you say, " The Collective awaits You, Lord of the Crystalline Song, we stand ready!"

Nelras once again raises his viola, playing with renewed vigor as his voice rises in a crescendo. "The Collective awaits You, ready we stand. Ready and waiting,  awaiting Your command. Raise us to perfection, for already there is harmony. For we are the Collective, and together we will stand."

Xeii collapses from the stresses as a foreign presence bursts from her chest and flees high into the sky.

A clarion baritone strikes a harmonious chord that echoes throughout the City of Hallifax as a bright light bursts from the Grand Collectivist Ballroom and descends upon the Stage, blinding as its luminescence refracts against every crystalline surface.

Your heart constricts and pulses erratically, your throat burning as you feel Lord Crys and Jilai abandon your form with a forceful fleeing from your soul.

The Voice of Crys falls gracefully back to the ground here within the Ballroom, passing through the structure with the ease of the noncorporeal.

Tirah enters from the northwest, emanating an aura of immense power. 

Physician Tirah Mzithrei says, "Is everyone alright?"

Nelras does not respond as Tirah enters, his attention fixed upon you.

Following the Voice of Crys's movements for just a moment, Falaeron hurries over to your side, attempting to support your weakened body

Two voices overlapping at once, the Voice of Crys says, "We are safe, We are returned, to seek the Perfection from the outside."

As if that were all the cue he needed, Nelras rushes forward to be by your side. Concerned, he whispers, "Are you alright?"

A crimson pulsing traces along Xeii's heart and throat, tiny striations of magical injury.

Xalfiin arrives from the northwest.

With a flourish of his arm, Xalfiin bows deeply.

As if noticing her presence for the first time, Nelras turns to Tirah. "You are a healer, yes," he asks. "Then you may be of use. Come here."

Tirah rushes towards you as well now that the situation becomes close to her and bends over the lucidian, holding her hand inches away fron her forehead, sending healing energies into her aura.

Ino arrives from the northwest.
Preceded by fluttering pink streamers, a bright red paradise parrot with bluish-green wings arrives from the northwest in a graceful descent.

The Voiceof Crys says, "Jilai, the music has stopped, but We are back where We once were. A promise, did We make one?"

Ino leaves to the northwest.
Raising his neck with regal hauteur, a bright red paradise parrot flaps bluish-green wings and soars elegantly off to the northwest, fluttering pink streamers chasing his form.

The Voice of Crys says, "Yes, Lord Conductor. To teach their bards about Opera and the Loralaria. We should continue Our promise."

As the wind whistles through the location, two soft voices rise to sing a breathtaking duet before echoing out of the scope of hearing again.

As the voices echo beyond what can be heard, Nelras turns to Tirah once more, asking "Did it work? Whatever you did, it worked, yes?"

As if also trying to reassure himself, Nelras Shevat whispers, "She is going to be alright."

Tirah stares at you for a short while. "It is weirdly hard to tell. It should have."

The Voice of Crys says, "Are they still worthy to learn Our Song, My Instrument? Perhaps the Sublime Opus will remind Us."

Xeii closes her eyes, exhausted from the ordeal.

You close your eyes, curl up in a ball, and fall asleep.

The Voice of Crys says, "That one there looks like him?"

In the soprano voice of Jilai, the Voice of Crys says to Nelras, "Sublime Opus, what happened to Us?"

Nelras Shevat says to the Voice of Crys, "What happened to You? Do You refer to events since taking Xeii as an instrument, or events far in the past? After all, I an sure many things have happened, dependig on when you speak of."

The Voice of Crys says, "He knows nothing. We are as We have been. But, this is not where We were... teaching them."

The Voice of Crys circles breezily through the space, inspecting His surroundings for the first time.

In Jilai's tone again despite the Voice's movements, the Voice of Crys says, "We remember... pain? Discordance?"

Nelras Shevat says, "No, this is not where You once taught us. If You wish to return there, the place still exists. Yet the discordance brought with it great changes, that place is now open to any. To any who would learn, if You would still be willing to teach us."

The Voice of Crys says, "Are they still worthy? What changes? Did they change to become less Perfect, I wonder?"

Nelras Shevat says, "To become more perfect, more harmonious. That which was once known as the Symphonium is no more, yet with that loss we come closer to the perfection You seek. The guilds served to divide us, that division led to the discordance of which You spoke. That is gone now."

Kialkarkea arrives from the northwest. 

The Voice of Crys says, "Jilai, should We? More perfect and the discordance is gone."

The Voice of Crys says, "We did make such a promise before, Lord Conductor. Perhaps it is time to renew it?"

The Voice of Crys says, "But if the Symphonium is no more, this is not the Sublime Opus. Who do We promise now?"

Physician Tirah Mzithrei says, "The Collective as a whole?"

Nelras Shevat says, "Promise the Collective as a whole."

Nelras nods his head at Tirah.

The Voice of Crys says, "Who can speak for the Collective as a whole? Is the Collective a whole to speak with?"

Xalfiin says, "We are all of One Will. Promising any of us is like promising all of us, right?"

Falaeron nods his head at Xalfiin. 

Nelras Shevat says, "Indeed. Yet if You wished for all to be able to bear witness to this promise, then we surely have ways of recording it so that it may be viewed in the future."

Using Jilai's soprano in reply, the Voice of Crys says, "If We promise, it should be binding. We desire safety from those who would use Us, particularly safeguard from the Soulless. In return, We will teach."

In a cold, clarion baritone, the Voice of Crys says, "I only teach the best, make that binding, bring Me only the best for My Song."

Falaeron Shevat asks, "In Your time here, has Hallifax brought You anyone but the best?"

The Voice of Crys spins in place, swirling in thought as the two voices whisper in soft susurrants, consulting one another upon the question.

Coldly with rigid logic, the Voice of Crys says, "No."

Equally cold in its exacting personality, the Voice of Crys says, "...not yet."

Unconvinced, Falaeron Shevat asks, "Why do You doubt Hallifax now when You were willing all those years ago?"

Nelras Shevat says to the Voice of Crys, "While there is no Symphonium, those who came to the Symphonium to learn from You were as uncut gemstones. Until they were polished, we would not know how they would shine. Yet, with your teaching, they would all be the best. Nothing has changed in that regard. If You are willing to accept that they were the best, then that will not have changed."

With Jilai's feminine voice, the Voice of Crys says to Falaeron, "We pledged to refounding what I created long ago. We do not know what has changed. I knew the Symphonium of old, before yours, and I came to know the modern. With no Symphonium to gauge a student's talent beforehand, how will We know if they should flourish?"

Continuing in the lilting soprano, the Voice of Crys says, "The Sublime Opus and Grand Libretto were not mere titles, they were keepers. As we are. Do the changes account for new keepers in kind?"

Tirah leaves to the northwest, emanating an aura of immense power. 

Falaeron Shevat says, "Each of the new guilds we have formed is led by the one each guild believes to be the best candidate among them. Collectively, can they, and those they place their trust in, not be the keepers of Your Song?"

Nelras Shevat says, "They do not, yet they must. Until new keepers can be found, we remain. Already, they call us the last Opus and the last Libretto. While we no longer have any true authority within the city, the city had only the authority over the titles. New keepers must be found, until then..."

Resounding in a cold baritone, the Voice of Crys says, "It is and is not?"

Nelras Shevat says to Falaeron, "The keepers must surely be students of the Loralaria, would you not agree? It would be separated from the political power the Opus and the Libretto once held, so that would not cause the same problems as the guilds of old."

Doman enters from the northwest, emanating an aura of immense power. 

Nelras Shevat says to the Voice of Crys, "I do not know if their positions will be formally recognised or not, that is no longer in my hands. But so long as the Loralaria is taught in this city, there shall be keepers."

Falaeron Shevat says to Nelras, "I actually believe the opposite to be true. If those who possess the Loralaria act as the sole keepers then we will return to the potential future we have set out to prevent. Effectively, we would have created a modern Symphonium. If we instead split this power between all of the guilds then no one group can control the Loralaria. Unity among all the guilds will need to be preserved if they wished to retain the Loralaria."

Nelras Shevat says to the Voice of Crys, "The details will need to be worked out, of course, but what is necessary shall come to pass."

The Voice of Crys spins in place, swirling in thought as the two voices whisper in soft susurrants, consulting one another in a blending of baritone and soprano.

The Voice of Crys says, "We are agreed. Shall We return to the Symphony of Echoes?"

Nelras Shevat says to Falaeron, "If this solely regarded the responsibility for the knowledge of the Loralaria,  you would be right. I am not certain that one who does not know the Loralaria wpuld be able to carry out the duties of keeper. For example, while everyone was running around the city, we knew that we needed to be elsewhere. Would another have done the same?"

Xeii wakes slowly, a hand at her neck.

Turning his attention immediately, Nelras Shevat says, "Xeii. You are awake."

You murmur, "I... what has happened? Lord Conductor..."

The Voice of Crys says, "Yes, Jilai?"

The Voice of Crys says, "That was not me, Lord Conductor. "

Nelras Shevat says to the Voice of Crys, "No, she is not Jilai."

The Voice of Crys says, "Apologies, my Lord Conductor."

You say, "You are not at the Symphony of...? This... this is strange indeed."

A vibrant song slowly builds, filling the location with a palpable sensation of yearning for love.

Nelras Shevat says to you, "I believe He has just stated His intentions to return there."

Xeii's bemused laughter is cut short by a gasp of pain, but she nods, getting to her feet.

Falaeron, riding a companionable cube, leaves to the northwest, emanating an aura of immense power. 

You stand up and stretch your arms out wide. 

Arix doffs the hood of gold-edged, pale green robes of the philosopher cordially.

Hesitantly, you say to the Voice of Crys, "Lord, shall we proceed?"

Bluntly and ready to be returned, the Voice of Crys says, "Yes."

The Voice of Crys begins to follow you.

Xeii pauses for a moment, eyes sweeping those gathered quizzically.

*The Symphony of Echoes. 

You move about quickly and lose the Voice of Crys. 

You whisper, "Your home, Lord Conductor. Where the crystals sing Your harmonies."

The Voice of Crys says, "Excellent. We shall return to Our promised duties."

Nelras Shevat says to the Voice of Crys,  "As shall the Collective."

Nelras Shevat says to the Voice of Crys, "New keepers shall be found, new students will be brought to You and the Loralaria will be continued."

The Voice of Crys says, "I suspect the whole of the Collective shall be keepers in their own way. Such is promised."

Xeii nods in the direction of the Voice of Crys, hiding her remaining confusion behind solemn composure.

Nelras Shevat says, "Such is promised."

You say, "One Will, One Collective."

Nelras Shevat says, "One Will, One Collective."

Turning to Xeii, Nelras Shevat says,  "For now, shall we leave this place and return to the manse?"

Suddenly appearing weary, Xeii nods.

*Within a geode-like space.

Unable to hide his own weariness any longer, Nelras Shevat says, "At last, we are alone here once more."

Nelras folds his wings around your body, wrapping you in a feathered embrace. 

Nelras Shevat whispers to you, "Thank you, for being so strong. I love you."

You brush your fingertips gently across Nelras's cheek, gazing softly into his eyes.

You whisper, "I will be fine, will you be?"

Nelras Shevat whispers to you, "Now that you are back, I will be."

Nelras brushes a hand against your cheek, a sudden warmth suffusing you as the radiance of the aurora heightens your senses.

You say, "Sleep, my love... Sleep, and let us wake to see each other again soon."


Again, so much thanks to everyone involved, thanks for filling in the blanks when I was trapped in class. Also paging @Aramel, your e-daughter has been exorcised vigorously.
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    "May this be the first of many new experiences for you, Heart of the Crescendo," Czixi says, smile quirking. "The future is an exciting place."

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